About Tesla’s Off-Grid Generator

Ever heard of a Tesla coil? Wondered if it could power your entire home?

Well, with Dr. David Ranko’s program called Tesla’s Off-Grid Generator, he’ll show you how to use Tesla’s patented “free power device” to power your home, slash your electric bill almost overnight, and save you hundreds each month. You can even use it to “power up a remote cabin in the wilderness.”

In fact, Dr. Ranko claims that this small, portable, and versatile generator will fuel any electric device and save you up to 87% (or more) on your power bill every month. It might even help you sell power back to the energy company!

Despite all of these wildly amazing benefits, Tesla’s Off-Grid Generator is so easy that a “12 year old could build [it] during a lunch break,” costs less than $108 to build, and features a low-friction design that’s so silent you won't even hear it running.

We’ve reviewed more than one of these “Tesla coil power-your-home” systems here at HighYa, so we’ll come right out and say that, in our opinion, we don’t think it will work as advertised, and we don’t think it’s worth your money. But to fully explain why, let’s start by talking about what a Tesla coil is.

What Is a Tesla Coil?

Developed by Nikola Tesla in 1891, the Tesla coil is a device that features two coils, usually made of copper, along with two capacitors. Each of these coils and capacitors are separated by a spark gap, which reduces the electrical resistance.

After powering one of the coils, the electrical energy “sloshes” back and forth between each several hundred times per second. Eventually, “the charge in the secondary capacitor gets so high that it breaks free in a spectacular burst of electric current. The resulting high-frequency voltage can illuminate fluorescent bulbs several feet away with no electrical wire connection.”

Now, the specifics behind a Tesla coil are far outside the scope of this review, but suffice it to say that they can create massive amounts of energy that can travel several feet away. In fact, according to the LiveScience article above, “Employing copper wire and glass bottles, an amateur electrician can build a Tesla coil that can produce a quarter of a million volts.”

Pretty cool, right? But does this mean that you can power your home using a Tesla coil? Even a “remote cabin in the woods”?

Can You Build a Tesla Coil That Powers Your Entire Home?

Although the Tesla coil is certainly a fun way to experiment with electricity, and can even power light bulbs several feet away (click here for a video example of this), there are two main problems you’ll run into when trying to create a “generator,” as claimed in the Tesla’s Off-Grid video.

First, a Tesla coil requires an outside power source to work. Yes, Nikola Tesla imagined that his device could power anything, anywhere, without wires. But it just doesn’t work that way. Again, referencing the Live Science article above:

“In a perfectly designed Tesla coil, when the secondary coil reaches its maximum charge, the whole process should start over again and the device should become self-sustaining. In practice, however, this does not happen. The heated air in the spark gap pulls some of the electricity away from the secondary coil and back into the gap, so eventually the Tesla coil will run out of energy. This is why the coil must be hooked up to an outside power supply.”

Second, Tesla coils can be extremely dangerous. Why? Again, too much detail here won’t necessarily help you make a better purchasing decision, but suffice it to say it carries enough voltage to stop your heart (who would have thought that electricity flying around in the air could be dangerous?).

So, not only will the information contained in Tesla’s Off-Grid Generator not give you a way to power a cabin in the woods, if you built one large enough to power any home, it’d be extremely dangerous.

Alright, even if we were to put aside these two huge concerns, what would you pay for Tesla’s system?

Will You Be Shocked By Tesla’s Off-Grid Generator’s Price?

You’ll pay $49 for an electronic copy of Tesla’s Off-Grid Generator, which is available for instant download as soon as your payment is processed.

Didn’t like Tesla’s Off-Grid Generator? It comes with a 60-day refund policy, which you can request by calling Software Projects Inc. (Off-Grid Generator’s distributor) customer service at 800-218-1525.

Up to this point, we’ve talked about what a Tesla coil is, who invented it, and what type of power you could reasonably expect from one. But should you buy the e-book? That’s what we’ll wrap up with next.

Will You Benefit from Tesla’s Off-Grid Generator?

Based on what we learned above, it’s pretty clear that a Tesla coil 1) won’t provide you with free energy or meaningfully reduce your electricity bill, or 2) actually work as a “generator” to provide power in a remote location. In other words, we don’t think it’ll provide anything claimed by “Dr. David Ranko.”

In fact, some of the information contained in the Off-Grid Generator video is complete nonsense. Take the following for example:

“About a hundred million miles away in the solar system, the Earth is charged with negative electricity – acting like a huge “sponge” that creates a virtual expressway for almost  48.115 megawatt hours of electrical energy!

Now get this: before Tesla, it was impossible to use even a small fraction of this almost infinite source. That’s because most of this energy “bounces” off the Earth’s ionosphere… and is lost forever into space.

But with his device - and a few simple 21st century adjustments – you too can grab a slice of this unlimited resource that doesn’t cost any money… doesn’t pollute… and will erase your electricity bill forever! What is he talking about?

There is no scientific basis for this statement. And even if there was, it has absolutely nothing to do with a Tesla coil.

Because of these big concerns, we’d recommend avoiding Tesla’s Off-Grid Generator—not to mention other e-products just like it, such as Power Innovator and Home Reliable Energy.

Sure, they might help you learn how to build a Tesla coil, which could be a lot of fun (especially for any little ones in your household). But in reality, there are hundreds of online videos and tutorials that can show you how, without charging you a penny.

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