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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Feb 20, 2014

TestoNuke is a relatively new nutritional supplement that claims to help your body produce more testosterone, which can aid in reducing body fat, increasing lean muscle and energy levels, and more. In addition, the company also claims that TestoNuke has been extensively researched and tested, though we were unable to find any references on their website.

TestoNuke is manufactured by Wellbeing Global Ltd based out of Glasgow, Scotland, and as such, does not hold a Better Business Bureau rating. Online customer reviews regarding the product are limited, though it appears to be a fairly new product, which could offer some explanation as to why. On top of this, the company does offer an affiliate program, which certainly helps new companies to get the word out about their products, but which also makes obtaining legitimate customer reviews more difficult.

How TestoNuke Works

Similar to Ageless Male Testosterone Booster, LJ Ultra, and TestoFuel, TestoNuke is a nutritional supplement that, at its most basic, is claimed to help free up your natural testosterone. Though they seem to operate on similar principals, TestoNuke is not intended to replace lost testosterone due to age, but instead to increase testosterone production for athletes and bodybuilders.

With this in mind, TestoNuke is claimed to help you get ripped fast, build lean muscle, reduce body fat, supercharge your libido, boost your energy levels, and quickly gain strength. TestoNuke is manufactured in the UK in an FDA and EPA-registered facility, and is claimed to have undergone “extensive” research and trials. However, none of this research is made available on the product’s website.

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According to the company, TestoNuke is scientifically formulated using high quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients, including:

  • Vitamin D3 200IU
  • Vitamin B-6 2mg
  • Vitamin B-12 10mcg
  • Magnesium Aspartate 80mg
  • Testosterone Enhancement Matrix 700mg
    • Pure Creatine Ethyl Ester – A proprietary formula that is claimed to increase lean muscle mass, and boost strength and athletic performance.
    • 5-Methyl 7-Methoxy Isoflavone – Is claimed to help build muscle while reducing fat.
    • Chrysin – An isoflavone that has been shown to increase testosterone by up to 30%.
    • Siberian Ginseng – This ingredient (as well as the other ginsengs below) is claimed to increase testosterone production, while also boosting libido.
    • Panax Ginseng
    • Rhodiola Leaf

TestoNuke dosage is as follows:

  • Workout Days: 1 capsule with breakfast, and 1 capsule 30 minutes prior to working out.
  • Non-Workout Days: 1 capsule with breakfast, and 1 capsule with lunch.

The manufacturer claims that you’ll begin experiencing benefits immediately after using TestoNuke, and that there are no harmful side effects. For best results, the company states that TestoNuke should be taken for at least 60 days.

TestoNuke Pricing & Refund Policy

Since TestoNuke is based out of the UK, all prices on the website are displayed in pounds:

  • 1 Bottle: £34.95
  • Buy 2 Bottles, Get 1 Free: £79.80
  • Buy 3 Bottles, Get 3 Free: £119.85

Regardless of which option you choose, all TestoNuke orders include free worldwide shipping.

The TestoNuke website claims that their product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, though the details on their FAQ page are somewhat confusing. It reads, “We do not provide refunds on single bottle purchases as they contain only 30 days supply and the product must be taken for 60 days or more to be effective.” Does this mean that you have to take the supplement for 60 days before returning? This wouldn’t make sense, given that the refund period is only 30 days. As such, we would recommend contacting the company at ct@testonuke.com for clarification before placing your order.


  • Claims to help free up your natural testosterone, resulting in increased lean muscle mass, reduced fat, boosted libido, and more.
  • Claims to have undergone extensive research and trials.
  • Manufactured in an FDA and EPA-registered facility.
  • 30-day refund policy.


  • Newer product and extensive affiliate program, so legitimate online reviews are limited.
  • No clinical trials cited on the product’s website.
  • 30-day refund policy is unclear.

Bottom Line – Is TestoNuke a Scam?

With the increasing prevalence of additional nutritional supplements on the market, one of the major factors you should consider before purchasing is company reputation. Unfortunately for TestoNuke, the product appears very new, and as such has very few legitimate online customer reviews. In addition, none of the research or clinical trials referenced on the product’s website are made available, which makes it even more difficult to gauge it’s efficacy.

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