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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jun 6, 2016

You want a killer body, but with your busy life, how can you ever expect to get one? The 21 Day MetaShred promises a solution.

The company claims this “revolutionary” fitness system was specifically designed to make every minute of your workout more effective, and to deliver heart pumping, lung busting, and muscle sculpting results. You’ll feel better, move better, have more energy, and be “way more” confident.

Each 21 Day MetaShred workout takes only 30 minutes, three times per week, which uses “high intensity metabolic cycling” (more about this in a second) to deliver “microbursts” that destroy your fat cells. This way, 21 Day MetaShred promises to provide killer results, and even a “total body transformation”.

Bottom line? You’re ready to get in shape—but you’re unsure if all this is marketing hype, or if 21 Day MetaShred is the real deal. Here, we’ll discuss what we learned during our research, so you can spend your hard-earned money where it’ll do your the most good.

How Does 21 Day MetaShred Work?

In the 21 Day MetaShred commercial, host BJ Gaddour tells us that the program works by combining high-intensity periods with short rest periods. While you’re working out, you’ll vary exercise type, order, and tempo, which leads to an oxygen debt, or calorie burn, that lasts up to 48 hours post workout.

In order to use the MetaShred system, we’re also told you’ll only need a couple pairs of dumbbells, a sturdy step or bench, six feet of open space, and a desire to “get in the best shape of your life.”

What BJ’s talking about here is something called high-intensity interval training, or HIIT for short. Here, participants will go through intense workout periods that last between five and eight minutes, followed by recovery periods lasting about as long, where less strenuous exercises occur. This process generally lasts about an hour.

Specifically, 21 Day MetaShred is formatted around Tabata HIIT. Here’s how BodyBuilding.com explains it:

“Tabata training is one of the most popular forms of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It consists of eight rounds of ultra-high-intensity exercises in a specific 20-seconds-on, 10-seconds-off interval. It may only take four minutes to complete a Tabata circuit, but those four minutes may well push your body to its absolute limit.”

During the active phases of most HIIT sessions (Tabata or otherwise), you’ll top out somewhere around 95% of your max heart rate. So, while HIIT comes with dozens of benefits—including that it can burn calories and build lean muscle better than aerobic exercise and lifting weights alone—it’s definitely not ideal if you have existing injuries or aren’t already in moderate shape.

For more details about the ins and outs of HIIT, be sure to read our Comprehensive Guide to High-Impact Interval Training.

Is the 21 Day MetaShred Program Clinically Proven?

Here are a handful of claims taken from the MetaShred website:

  • “Every MetaShred workout is the equivalent of going for a 5-mile run at a gut-busting pace, based on findings from the University of Southern Maine.
  • “You’ll do as many reps in one 30-minute MetaShred workout as most people do in 60 minutes, suggests a study from California State University.”
  • “Each time you do a MetaShred workout, you can burn up to an extra 100 calories the next day — while you do nothing! — suggests new research from Louisiana State University.”

At first, we thought the company was referencing HIIT in general. However, each of these claims specifically references MetaShred, which is why we found it interesting they didn’t provide any studies to back them up. After all, it would go a long way toward validating the program’s effectiveness.

Nonetheless, suffice it to say that there are hundreds of clinical studies validating the effectiveness of HIIT. Whether or not you’ll experience the same with 21 Day MetaShred though, remains to be seen.

How Much Does 21 Day MetaShred Cost?

The 21 Day MetaShred is available in two packages:

  • Standard Package – Includes 9 workouts, Ultimate Hydration Bottle, and Fitness Guide and Results Tracker: $89.99 billed over the course of three installments.
  • Ultimate Package – Includes everything in the Standard package, in addition to a Power Protein Shaker, 1 pound of Isopure Creamy Vanilla Protein Powder, and the Meal Plan: $129.99 billed over the course of three installments.

Each purchase comes with a 1-year refund policy, less S&H charges. In order to request one, you’ll need to call Rodale Inc. (the same company who publishes Men’s Health magazine) customer service at (866) 387-0509.

Are customers finding the program’s price in line with its results?

Are There Any Reviews for the 21 Day MetaShred Program?

While it isn’t technically a review, Men’s Health (obviously) included an article about their fitness program. Here, you’ll find a more in-depth look at some of the techniques used in the series, as well as images outlining how to perform each of the exercises.

TheBestPracticeLife claims they tried out 21 Day MetaShred with a few of their local clients and walked away with the following:

  • The sessions are intense.
  • After one 21-day cycle, one of their clients had dropped 4 pounds. However, if you’re expecting results like those shown in the program’s commercial, you’ll need to undergo at least three full rounds (a total of 63 days).
  • If you have trouble sticking to a routine, then it won’t be any easier convincing yourself to work out in front of your TV, alone, again.

Comparatively, 2Lazy4Gym provided an in-depth look at their experience with the 21 Day MetaShred program. They noted that there are modified, intermediate, and advanced versions of each of the exercises, depending on your fitness level. Still, the reviewer found them challenging.

Overall, they noted that MetaShred focuses more on metabolic weight training, so if you’re looking for strength work, this probably isn’t the program for you.

Let’s talk about 21 Day MetaShred’s host before wrapping up.

Who Is BJ Gaddour?

BJ Gaddour is the Fitness Director for Men’s Health magazine, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, creator of the DeltaFit Speed Shred and 10-Minute Torchers fitness programs, as well as author of Your Body Is Your Barbell.

Prior to achieving the chiseled body he has today, BJ claims he weighed 225 pounds and wore a 44-inch waist. To help others achieve his same results, he claims to have combined everything he’s learned over the past 15 years into the MetaShred program.

Should You Invest In the 21 Day MetaShred Program?

Can 21 Day MetaShred really help you get in the best shape of your life? As long as you’re able to withstand intense periods of exercise at least three times per week, we don’t have any reason to think otherwise. However, there are a couple of important points:

First, we can’t emphasize enough how intense HIIT is, so it can be very easy for beginners to overdo it. Instead, take things slow and work up to your maximal effort. Also, your body’s going to need time to recover from any HIIT workout, so we don’t recommend doing these workouts more than the standard 3X per week.

Second, although you’ll be busting your booty in the 21 Day MetaShred program, what you do when you’re not working out often has the biggest impact on your results. Namely, diet. The good news is that MetaShred’s Ultimate package includes a Meal Plan to help you along.

However, we can’t be sure how thorough the plan is, if you can substitute items (otherwise, it’ll quickly become boring, especially if you go through multiple cycles back-to-back), or if it’s suitable for non-traditional diets (e.g. vegetarian/vegan, gluten free, etc.).

Finally, although BJ claims the program will “eliminate excuses,” in our experience, there isn’t a program around that can actually accomplish this. So, if you’re not fully dedicated to sticking to your workout schedule and an appropriate diet, you’re not going to be successful with 21 Day MetaShred—or any other fitness program, for that matter.

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