What is The Toester?

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jan 17, 2018

The Toester is a foot-warming solution that claims to be able to heat your extremities, keeping them toasty whether you’re at work or at home. The device claims to be able to warm your feet without needing to run the heater in your home all day, thus saving money monthly on your electricity bill.

The commercial shows it being used while working at a desk, relaxing at the breakfast table, and while in bed watching TV, claiming that unlike socks or slippers, the device’s fleece interior comforts the feet from heel to toe without making them sweaty in the process.

Customer service told us that the product is powered by a built-in cord, as shown in the commercial. They were unable to tell us how long this cord is, however, which is important to keep in mind if you’d like to use the device somewhere further away from an outlet.

It features nine different heat settings so that you can always dial in the right amount of warmth you need at any given moment, and also has an automatic shutoff for convenience, though customer service wasn’t able to elaborate on whether it had any timer options. In addition, the 30in x 20in x 1in cover has a non-slip base, and can be cleaned in the washing machine whenever needed.

If you find yourself constantly dealing with cold feet at home, the Toester may be looking like your saving grace, but is all really as it seems? In order to help you decide whether it’s right for you or not, let’s drill down closer and explore its design in the section below.

Will the Toester Really Keep Your Feet Warm?

According to the manufacturer, the Toester utilizes something called “power pocket” technology, which they say continually circulates gentle heat throughout the product’s pouch. Meanwhile, the all-fleece interior is meant to keep your feet warm and comfortable on the inside.

Though we spoke with multiple agents, none were able to elaborate on the nine different heat settings, including the actual temperature range that the product operates in. According to one study, the average foot temperature of 39 individuals in a temperate climate was 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Several medical conditions that can cause cold feet and toes exist, and though we won’t go into much depth about them here (as the product is not positioned as a treatment or aide for any specific condition), things like diabetes, arteriosclerosis, peripheral vascular disease, Raynaud's phenomenon, and neuropathy of any cause can contribute to the issue.

Pro Tip: If you feel you may be experiencing any of these conditions, it may be best to speak with your doctor before purchasing any specific product.

Taken at face value, it still appears that the product could help you keep yourself comfortable, especially if you live in a colder climate and are just struggling to keep your otherwise healthy feet warm. After all, warming your feet can actually make you feel warmer overall, in some cases.

That said, one of the main claims made in the commercial is that it won’t cause your feet to get sweaty, which is a common issue with thick socks.

While it’s clear that it may potentially be less vulnerable to the issue (because, unlike socks, the Toester doesn’t wrap tightly around the foot), we could still reasonably imagine that you may experience some sweaty feet if you dial in a really warm setting and leave it for a bit too long. You are still sticking your toes into a nearly-enclosed space, so the potential for perspiration will always be there. The fact that the inside is covered in fleece, an insulating material, contributes to this concern.

Of course, it’s crucial to note that we haven’t tested the Toester out for ourselves, and without doing so, we can’t say for certain how much of an issue (or non-issue) this would be in practice. It’s also very difficult to predict just how warm the product gets, and how scalable the nine settings are. It stands to reason that different toes might need different amounts of warmth, so this is an important factor to consider.

Optimistically, however, just the fact that it includes so many settings is a good sign that one will work well for you. Finally, if you’re concerned about hygiene, it looks as though the Toester can be used shoes-on or shoes-off, and as mentioned above, the cover can be washed periodically whenever needed.

Now that we better understand how the product may work for you, let’s ask the next big question…

How Much Will the Toester Cost You?

As of this writing, it looked as though the Toester was exclusively available online through the manufacturer’s main website. The device is sold in two different packages:

  • Single Offer: $39.99 + $5.99 P&H
  • Double Offer: $39.99 + $5.99 P&H + $19.99 fee

Regardless of which option you choose, every purchase made on the website is subject to the company’s 30-day return policy, except for any P&H fees incurred. To initiate a return, you’ll need to reach out to customer support at 800-510-8702. You’ll be responsible for any additional shipping fees needed to get the product back to the manufacturer.

The Toester vs. Alternative Foot-Heating Options

As we mentioned earlier on, it seems as though the Toester could represent an effective way to keep your feet warm throughout the day, but are there any other heating solutions worth taking a look at? In short, the answer is yes; in fact, there are many different options, and choosing the best one for you likely comes down to how you envision yourself using the ideal product.

During our research, we came across three main types of devices geared toward warming up your toes; heated insoles, slippers, and mats. Because of their similarities, let’s take a closer look at the latter to help you decide which may be ideal for you.

We encountered a number of different designs online, but the vast majority operated very similarly to each other. The bulk of these products were wired, using an electrical outlet to power them, and many included a controller like the Toester to adjust various temperature controls and additional features, such as the massaging function present with devices like the Gideon Quilted Shiatsu Foot Massager + Cozy Heated Foot and Toe Warmer.

These extra features come at an added cost, however, and in fact, the Toester seemed to be firmly on the more affordable end of the spectrum of products we encountered during our research, which largely ranged from $45 to $83 and up.

In short, try to imagine yourself using a product like this. Would you find extra functionality like a massaging mode or a larger surface area to be useful? If so, then these types of devices may be worth the added expense, but if you’re just searching for a simple solution to cold feet, the Toester certainly seems to be affordable, comparative to the competition.

The Bottom Line: Is the Toester the Real Deal?

If you’ve made it all the way to this point, you’re likely at least moderately interested in giving the Toester a shot based on what we’ve learned about the product. That said, is it going to be the right product for you, at the end of the day?

Again, without having given it a test run ourselves, we have no way of knowing just how powerful the device is, and we also can’t predict how much of an issue overheating and sweating may be with it, regardless of what the makers imply.

Having said that, the only real way to find out for sure if it’s right for you or not is to purchase it and give it a spin yourself. If you decide to do so and find that it isn’t what you were looking for in the end, you’ll be able to return them for a refund, as long as you’re okay with losing out on a few bucks in P&H fees in the process.

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