What Is ThermaWeight?

By Derek Lakin
HighYa Staff
Published on: May 17, 2019

ThermaWeight by Calming Comfort is a neck and shoulder wrap that’s filled with weighted clay beads to replicate the feeling of being hugged, while also adding penetrating heat for deep tissue stimulation.

Together with its luxurious, breathable, non-slip fabric that's designed to be used year-round, the manufacturer tells us you can use it to promote calmness and experience relief from sore, aching muscles whenever you need.

But, even if ThermaWeight really can help you “take relaxation to the next level,” as advertised on the website, how does it stack up against other weighted and heated wraps? And will it deliver the most value for your money?

Let’s kick things off by taking a closer look at its underlying functionality.

How Does ThermaWeight by Calming Comfort Work?

Based on what we learned from the website, the ThermaWeight wrap measures 22 inches long and 14 inches wide, with a contoured shape that comfortably drapes around the neck.

It features an extra-long 9-foot power cord, a 2-hour automatic shut-off mechanism that helps conserve energy and prevent burns. It also comes with a convenient storage bag to protect your wrap when it’s not being used. When the time comes, it’s also machine-washable for long-lasting usability.

However, there are many details not provided by the manufacturer for ThermaWeight, including:

  • What’s the wrap’s thickness?
  • How much does it weigh? Does it come in only one weight?
  • Is the temperature adjustable between different settings? If so, what are the maximum and minimum temperatures it can reach?
  • Outside of the auto shut-off feature, is there a timer? If so, what are the timing increments?

We reached out to customer support but they couldn’t locate the product in their system (this is common with new products like ThermaWeight). Consequently, they couldn’t provide additional insight.

Putting these specifications aside, though, let’s zoom out and answer the question: Can the pressure and heat delivered by ThermaWeight provide real-world benefits?

Can Weight & Heat Therapy Relieve Sore Muscles & Promote Calmness?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, heat therapy can help ease chronically stiff joints, relax tight muscles and painful neck spasms, and ease post-inflammation stiffness by widening blood vessels and increasing circulation to specific areas.

You can apply this heat using any method you like, including heated blankets and wraps like ThermaWeight, rubber hot water bottles, or damp towels or washcloths. However, they warn that you shouldn’t apply heat to acute injuries since it “increases inflammation and can delay healing.”

As for using weighted blankets to help with muscles, Dr. Gaby Badre said in an interview with Psychology Today that they can “provide firm, deep pressure stimulation.”

Movements are also amplified underneath these blankets, which could, “stimulate the release of neurotransmitters and affect nervous system activity in ways that decrease overarousal and anxiety,” Badre said.

As such, the article goes on to explain there’s limited clinical evidence indicating these blankets might help individuals with insomnia sleep better, as well as children with ADHD or autism. To accomplish these benefits, professionals typically recommend purchasing a blanket that’s at least 10% of your body weight.

However, the article doesn’t indicate that weighted blankets or wraps could help further boost relief from sore muscles, outside of what’s provided by heat.

Even among the 24 clinical studies listed on the National Institutes of Health’s PubMed related to weighted blankets, nearly all referenced sleep and anxiety.

How Much Does ThermaWeight?

Two ThermaWeight wraps and two storage bags cost $49.98, plus $9.99 shipping, bringing your total to $59.97. You can upgrade to the Deluxe Massaging model for an additional $10 per unit during checkout.

All ThermaWeight orders come with a 30-day money back guarantee, less original and return shipping. You can call Allstar Products Group customer support at 914-347-7827.

Are There Other Weighted & Heated Wraps Like ThermaWeight?

While ThermaWeight’s website might make the wrap seem revolutionary, the fact of the matter is there are many other heated shoulder wraps in the marketplace, including options with:

  • Similarly long cords
  • Comfortable poly-fleece exteriors
  • Contoured shapes specifically designed for your neck and shoulder area

Here are some top-rated options on sites like Amazon and Google Shopping:

Product Price Weight Dimensions Features
ThermaWeight by Calming Comfort $49.98 Unknown 14” x 22” Receive two wraps for the price, auto shut-off, filled with clay beads
NatraCure Warming Shoulder & Body Wrap with Clay Bead Filling $19.99 Unknown 23” x 17” x 1” Must heat in the microwave – no electrical connection, filled with clay beads
Sunbeam XL Renu Weighted Heating Pad $49.99 (massaging version $5 more) 2.16 lbs. 25” x 25” Available in 4 colors, magnetic clasp in front, moist heat option, digital LED controller, 4 heat settings, 2-year warranty
Tech Love XL Electric Shoulder Heating Pad $49.99 2.4 lbs 24” x 25” Weighted edges only, includes chest fixation straps, auto shut-off, moist heat option

Like most consumer purchases, the right option will primarily depend on which factors you prioritize.

For example, ThermaWeight and NatraCare are both filled with clay beads, but the former features electric operation while the latter is only microwavable. This could potentially make NatraCare more time-consuming and less convenient to use, especially if you require heat relief for extended periods. Neither option lists their weight.

Compared to these fully filled models, Tech Love’s weighted edges might sit a little lighter on your shoulders, depending on your needs and preferences.

Size-wise, the Sunbeam XL is the largest model in our table. It’s available in different colors and comes with multiple heat settings. The Tech Love is just one inch smaller, though, and also features a chest strap if you’d like something more secure while you’re relaxing.

When it comes to price, Sunbeam and Tech Love are the most expensive among the close competitors above, followed closely by ThermaWeight.

However, you’ll receive two ThermaWeight wraps with your order, but you’ll have to pay an additional $20 if you want the massaging function—something that only costs $5 more with the Sunbeam XL, which also comes with a two-year limited warranty and four heat settings.

Even though there isn’t anything else designed exactly like ThermaWeight by Calming Comfort, the wrap comes with one of the highest prices among close competitors above.

Granted, you’ll receive two with your order, although the manufacturer reveals few essential details about it, so it’s difficult to fully understand what you’ll get for the money.

Bottom Line on ThermaWeight

ThermaWeight’s specific combination of electric heat, weighted clay beads, size, two-for-one pricing—and potential massaging action if you decide to upgrade at checkout—is something you won’t currently find elsewhere. So, if these are your must-haves, then it’s the only game in town.

Still, ThermaWeight’s website and commercial provide few details about its specifications, and the product is so new that customer support doesn’t even have it in their system yet.

Combined with the fact that you’ll have to pay an extra $20 to upgrade to the Deluxe massaging model and return shipping fees are high, we think weighted heating wraps from the companies listed in our chart represent better overall values and less of a risk to your hard-earned money than ThermaWeight by Calming Comfort.

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