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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Sep 28, 2016

Thrivous Clarity is a nootropic supplement that promises to use natural vegan-friendly ingredients to improve cognition, memory, and mood. The company also claims it can help promote relaxed energy, support healthy cognitive aging, and maintain long-term brain health.

In order to accomplish this, Thrivous recommends taking one serving (two capsules) of Clarity once daily with a meal, preferably in the morning. If you need an extra boost, we’re told you can take more than the recommended amount.

From there, Clarity claims to provide a “notable but not strong” and a “neither distracting nor overwhelming” boost. On top of this, Thrivous tells us that their suppliers test each ingredient for potency, heavy metals, and more, so they’re completely safe.

But you want to know: safe or not, can you expect to achieve any meaningful, real-world benefits by using Clarity, or will you basically be throwing money out the window? We’ll spend this entire article investigating this very question.

The Quick Story Behind Nootropics

Back in the 1970s, a chemical known as piracetam was the first nootropic supplement, which, although it lacks a universally agreed upon definition, typically references a substance that improves some aspects of thinking, memory, and mood—or all three.

Despite all the studies Dr. Corneliu Giurgea performed on piracetam those decades ago, it’s still largely not understand exactly how this chemical influences neuronal and vascular function.

In fact, although there are dozens of more ingredients commonly found in nootropic supplements today, it’s still not widely understood exactly how they act on the brain in order to provide their benefits.

However, one common theory is that some of these substances boost the production of acetylcholine, a key neurotransmitter that’s largely responsible for motor function and muscle movement.

What Ingredients Does Thrivous Clarity Contain?

According to the product label listed on the Thrivous website, Clarity contains the following ingredients:

What does WebMD have to say about the clinical evidence for each of these?

They list zinc as “possibly effective” for improving symptoms related to ADHD and depression, and bacopa for improving some measure of memory in otherwise healthy individuals.

Similarly, ginkgo is listed as possibly effective for slightly improving mental function, as well as for improving symptoms related to Alzheimer’s and some other forms of dementia.

Finally, Panax (Asian) ginseng may help improve mental function in those with Alzheimer’s disease, as well as some aspects of mental function in otherwise healthy individuals.

Outside of this, however, WebMD indicates there isn’t sufficient clinical evidence showing any relationship between l-theanine or rhodiola and boost mental function or improved energy. What about side effects, though?

Will Thrivous Clarity’s Ingredients Cause Any Possible Side Effects?

As always, it’s a good idea to speak with your doctor before taking any new supplement, as there could be rare instances of severe side effects based on your specific diagnosis. However, WebMD notes that Clarity’s ingredients probably won’t cause anything worse than mild digestive upset.

Specifically, the company recommends that women who are pregnant or nursing avoid using Clarity. For some ingredients, such as l-theanine and rhodiola, it appears there isn’t enough known to fully understand long-term safety.

How Much Does Thrivous Clarity Cost?

One bottle (60 capsules) of the Clarity supplement will cost you:

  • One-Time Purchase: $32 plus free US shipping
  • Subscription Plan: $24 plus free US shipping

If you choose the subscription plan, this means you’ll continue receiving a fresh bottle of Thrivous Clarity once per month and charged $24 each time.

All Clarity purchases come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, less S&H, even if the bottle is empty. In order to request one, you’ll need to reach out to customer service at support@thrivous.com.

What Can We Learn from Customer Reviews for Thrivous Clarity?

On the Thrivous website, Clarity had 11 reviews at the time of our research and an average 5-star rating. There, common compliments referenced improved concentration, boosted memory and energy, and quality ingredients. In fact, there wasn’t a single complaint listed.

However, outside of these reviews, we didn’t come across any Clarity feedback on third-party websites.

From a company perspective, Thrivous was founded by Dorothée and Lincoln Cannon in 2016, are based out of Orem, UT. According to the bio on their website, the company is focused on combining “sustainable business, consensus science, and emerging technology into products and services that you'll love.”

Prior to founding Thrivous, Lincoln tells us he spent years researching and creating his own nootropic supplements. And when he finally found consistent, pleasant results, he decided to release the formulation under the name Clarity.

Are There Other Nootropics Like Thrivous Clarity?

Type the phrase “nootropic supplement” into your favorite search engine and you’re sure to encounter hundreds of different options that feature many of the same ingredients as Clarity. We’ve even researched many of Clarity’s most popular competitors.

While these products (and others in the niche) admittedly come from different manufacturers and feature different ingredients blends, most come with 2-star or lower average ratings here on HighYa.

Most common complaints reference less-than-stellar business practices (e.g. difficulty obtaining refunds or canceling autoship enrollment, rude personnel, etc.), many also claim these supplements don’t deliver on their promises.

To reiterate, we’re certainly not saying you’ll experience the same with Clarity, as we didn’t test the supplement ourselves. But given the commonality of these complaints across the board, we think it’s important that you have a full-picture view of the situation.

Our Bottom Line on Thrivous Clarity?

Compared to the vast majority of other nootropic supplements we’ve researched over the years, we think it’s positive that we know exactly who manufactures Clarity (as well as the individuals behind the company), the exact ingredients (and amounts) it contains, the fact that it contains the recommended dosing for each of its ingredients, and the straightforward pricing, without any kind of free trials.

We also think it speaks volumes about a company’s business practices when they offer full refunds, even if the bottle is empty. Given this, if you feel like giving Thrivous Clarity a try, you probably won’t be out much more than a few dollars in S&H if you’re dissatisfied and decide to process a return.

In the end, it’s not often that we see all of these positive aspects in a single nutritional supplement. However, it seems WebMD’s summarization of the clinical evidence indicates that you might not experience as pronounced benefits as Clarity’s manufacturer might make it seem.

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