About Toilet Spear

Toilet Spear is a cleaning tool that claims to feature a longer handle and a revolutionary new flex design that allows you to get into deep, curvy places better than traditional brushes, along with a rubber triangle-shaped “head” that works like a squeegee to clean your toilet.

On top of this, Toilet Spear’s non-stick surface is claimed to not pick up any debris while you’re cleaning, and its silver-infused surface is claimed to prevent the buildup of bacteria. And when you’re finished, the Toilet Spear is claimed to come with its own container for mess-free storage.

Let’s face it: cleaning toilets is disgusting, but it has to be done. So can Toilet Spear help you clean your commode better than traditional brushes, and will it result in less of a mess during the process? Consider the following:

Are There Any Options Other than Toilet Spear?

After searching online, while there are certainly rubber cleaning brushes widely available from numerous retailers, it appears that the triangle-shaped head is unique to Toilet Spear. As such, if you want something that works in this manner, Toilet Spear is your only option.

Can the Silver Contained in Toilet Spear Really Prevent Bacteria Buildup?

Silver is widely used in a variety of applications as a denaturing and/or oxidizing agent that destroys bacteria by penetrating cell walls. In other words, assuming that Toilet Spear’s surface really does contain silver, it has been shown to reliably act as an anti-bacterial agent, so you could reasonably expect it to do the same in your home.

How Well Does Toilet Spear Work?

Toilet Spear was a very new product at the time of our research, so there were no online customer reviews that could be used to gauge overall satisfaction levels, or how well the product actually performs. After watching the Toilet Spear commercial though, our first thought was that the rubber head would need to be flexible enough to get into tight, curvy areas, but also rigid enough to adequately clean once it gets there. And while anything can be made to look good on TV, we’d have to wonder how well Toilet Spear’s head works in the real world.

With this said, Toilet Spear is manufactured by Telebrands, who also makes a variety of popular As Seen on TV products, including Ankle Genie, Grassology, Trusty Cane, and many others. Among more than 200 HighYa reader reviews for these products, they appear to have an average rating of slightly more than 1 star, with some of the most common complaints citing poor quality products that don’t work as advertised, and poor customer service (e.g. unknowledgeable agents, numerous upsells during calls, difficulty processing refunds, etc.). While this certainly doesn’t mean you’ll experience the same with Toilet Spear, it’s something to keep in mind nonetheless.

Toilet Spear Pricing and Refund Policy

2 Toilet Spears (buy one, get one “free”) are priced at $10 plus $13.98 S&H, bringing your total to $23.98.

Important note: When attempting to check out, there is a checkbox located above the ordering field that adds a Toilet Spear light for an additional $12.99 fee. However, there isn’t any information on the Toilet Spear website or in its commercial indicating exactly what this is. As such, you might want to uncheck this box before processing your order.

Toilet Spear comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. This means if you decide to return your Toilet Spears, you’ll immediately be out nearly $14 in S&H fees, before including what it’ll cost you to ship them back to the manufacturer. In the end, this means you could spend twice as much in S&H fees as you’ll receive as a refund.

With this said, in order to request a refund, you’ll need to contact customer service at 855-668-1655.

The Bottom Line

Although Toilet Spear is a very new product without any customer reviews, we have to admit that its design is unique and intriguing, and could represent a better way to clean your toilets. However, keep in mind that you might lose upward of $20 in S&H fees just for giving it a try.

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