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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Nov 7, 2017

Advertised as the natural way to help improve the quality of your sleep, Tranquil Lavender Pillow promises to deliver all night comfort by combining the contoured orthopedic support and pressure relief of memory foam with the calming properties of real lavender oil.

Regardless of your preferred sleeping style (i.e., back, stomach, or side), the website tells us this pillow also contours to your head, and its aerated sides maximize breathability and airflow, thereby providing all the essentials you need to achieve a restful, rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Bottom line: Will the Tranquil Lavender Pillow really help you sleep better than ever? That's why you're here, and that's exactly what we'll help you decide over the next few minutes.

What’s the Relationship Between Lavender & Improved Sleep?

Lavender (formally known as Lavandula) is a genus of flowering plants within the mint family that grows in many areas throughout the world.

While there are 47 known species, the most commonly cultivated form is English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), which is frequently used to make essential oil for fragrances, as well as for its inherent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

When taken orally, WebMD indicates lavender might also work to address areata alopecia (hair loss), reduce anxiety, and even improve canker sore healing. Specifically related to insomnia or agitation, the University of Maryland Medical Center also reports:

“In folklore, pillows were filled with lavender flowers to help restless people fall sleep. Scientific evidence suggests that aromatherapy with lavender may slow the activity of the nervous system, improve sleep quality, promote relaxation, and lift mood in people suffering from sleep disorders.”

The Tranquil Lavender Pillow website also references a 2005 study conducted at Wesleyan University that found “lavender serves as a mild sedative and has practical applications as a novel, nonphotic method for promoting deep sleep in young men and women and for producing gender‐dependent sleep effects.” However, it doesn’t specify that the lavender was delivered via a pillow.

Nonetheless, there certainly seems to be clinical support that the inhalation of lavender can help calm the nervous system, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep, as claimed on the Tranquil Pillow’s website.

Does this necessarily mean it’s right for you, though? Let’s continue exploring other important factors before drawing a conclusion.

Could Tranquil Lavender Pillow Cause Side Effects?

The UMM link above emphasizes that you should talk with your doctor before inhaling any essential oils, since for some (no specifics provided), they can cause lung and /or eye irritation.

Furthermore, they note: “Some people may develop an allergic reaction to lavender. Nausea, vomiting, headache, and chills have also been reported in some people after inhaling or absorbing lavender through the skin.” And if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you also should avoid using lavender.

While many of these same sites report that lavender is well-tolerated by most individuals, be sure to talk with your doctor in order to avoid any potential side effects—as well as to discern if its aroma will deliver meaningful value for the money.

How Much Does the Tranquil Lavender Pillow Cost?

One queen size Tranquil Lavender Pillow is priced at three monthly payments of $19.95, plus free shipping, bringing your total to $59.85.

All orders come with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, less S&H, which you can request by contacting Sleep Country customer support at 888-206-6133 or customerservice@pillowoffer.com.

Note: We also found the pillow sold directly through Sleep Country Canada’s website for a single payment of $139.99.

What Do We Know About Tranquil Lavender Pillow’s Manufacturer?

Sleep Country Canada has been in business since 1994, when the company launched three stores in Vancouver, BC. Today, however, the company is reported to have more than 185 locations across Canada and—with the acquisition of Arizona-based Sleep America Inc. in 2006—the United States.

While the company wasn’t listed with the Better Business Bureau at the time of our research, they were a publically traded company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the stock ticker ZZZ.

Are There Other Lavender-Infused Pillows Competing With Tranquil?

If you search online for variations of terms like “lavender pillow” and “lavender oil memory foam,” you’ll quickly find several meaningfully similar options competing for your business:

Brand Price Available Sizes
Tranquil Lavender Pillow $59.85 Queen
Malouf Z Zoned Dough Lavender-Infused Memory Foam Pillow $120-$140 Queen, King (both mid-loft)
Home Locomotion Lavender Memory Foam Pillow $65 Queen
Comfort Revolution Lavender-Scented Memory Pillow $58-$66 (also includes coconut scent) Queen

How to purchase the right one for you?

The right pillow for you largely starts with your preferred sleeping position. For example, if you’re a back sleeper, a pillow with a fluffy-yet-squishy feel and high loft might be ideal, while side sleepers are more likely to prefer one with thickness, maximum firmness, and a ‘center cavity’ design that cradles their head.

Finally, doctors often recommend that stomach sleeper use very thin pillows (or none at all) that offer softness and malleability.

From a materials standpoint, we also discussed in the article that memory foam (whether found in the Tranquil pillow or one from a third-party manufacturer) is known for offering springy resilience that conforms to your body shape and movements throughout the night.

However, it’s also known to retain body heat, so it might not be an ideal material if you tend to sleep hot. Also, memory foam that isn’t certified by a third-party like Oeko-Tex could contain potentially volatile chemicals that off-gas soon after being removed from their packaging. Not only could this smell unpleasant, but it could also cause health concerns for especially sensitive individuals.

Let’s bring together everything we’ve discussed so we can come to a final conclusion about whether or not the Tranquil Lavender Pillow deserves a spot in your home.

Our Bottom Line About Tranquil Lavender Pillow

Based on what we learned earlier from authoritative sites like WebMD and organizations like the University of Maryland Medical Center, there seems to be a good deal of clinical evidence supporting the relationship between lavender aromatherapy and a calmer nervous system, reduced anxiety, and improved sleep.

But is Tranquil Lavender Pillow necessarily the best delivery method to help you achieve these potential benefits? Because sleep is such a personal process and can be impacted by hundreds of important factors (preferred sleeping position as just one example), there’s no way to know without giving it a try.

And since Sleep Country seems to stand behind their lavender pillow with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, this means you'll have nearly two months to sleep on it and see if it meets your needs. And if it doesn't, you won't be out much more than a few dollars for return shipping and handling charges (which will obviously vary depending on your location).

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