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Working directly with expert chefs and sourcing products from local producers in dozens of countries, Try The World’s subscription service enables customers to discover—and shop for—some of the best foods from around the world.

Each Try The World Signature Box includes 7-8 authentic international gourmet items (e.g. cooking ingredients, snacks, drinks, and more), along with a unique Culture Guide featuring stories behind each product and easy-to-follow recipes. In addition, each of the company’s Snack Boxes includes 5 snacks from 5 countries, along with a card describing each product.

Want to purchase more of a specific product? You’ll be able to do just that on Try The World’s website, where you’ll also find additional recipes and exclusive content.

Since writing our original Try The World review, 100+ HighYa readers have chimed in about their experiences, which provided some on-the-ground feedback (we’ll talk more about this shortly). We were also pleased to speak with the company’s co-founders recently, where we learned more about their vision for Try The World, as well as their responses to some of the most common customer feedback.

We’ll cover all this (and more!) here, so you can decide if Try The World is the right choice for you.

How Try The World Works

Similar to Beauty Box 5, Birchbox, and other discovery commerce websites, Try The World ships different products directly to your door at regular intervals. Unlike these other companies though, Try The World currently focuses only on gourmet foods and cultural items from around the world, which are hand-picked by Try The World’s staff of highly selective team of travelers, curated by celebrity chefs, and produced by artisanal, family-owned companies from around the world.

After signing up for a Try The World Signature subscription (more about this in the Pricing section below), you will receive the current box of the month, which is featured on Try The World’s Our Boxes page. Your first box will ship within 10 days of purchase.

After opening your box, you’ll find that it features 7-8 local gourmet items for you to enjoy (or, 5 snacks if you choose the Snack Box option). In addition to these foods, the included Culture Guide will provide a brief history about the products and how they should be used, as well as recipes that feature the special products included in your box.

Love the products you received? If so, you can buy them individually through Try The World’s online Shop. And as a subscriber, you’ll receive 20% off!

As we mentioned previously, Try The World’s website also features a regularly updated e-magazine that highlights many of the foods they offer, as well as tips and advice.

Every 2 months you’ll receive a new Try the World box (beginning with the Paris Box), which features USFDA approved products from various cities throughout the world, but ones that are otherwise difficult to find in the U.S. These include:

  • Paris – Jams, traditional hot chocolate powder, snacks, and more.
  • Tokyo – Red bean jelly yokan, Morinaga milk caramels, traditional bamboo chopsticks, and more.
  • Rio – Jabuticaba jam, senhor de bonfim wish ribbons, passion fruit tea, and more.
  • Rome – Orange pastille candies, spaghettata mix, Cantuccini biscotti, and more.

How Much Does a Try The World Signature Subscription Cost?

Try The World customers can choose to receive their boxes once per month or once every other month, which are priced as follows:

Receive Boxes Every Month:

  • Pay every month: $19/box, auto-renews every month
  • Pay every 3 months: $54 ($18/box), auto-renews every 3 months (Save 5%)
  • Pay every 6 months: $102 ($17/box), auto-renews every 6 months (Save 11%)
  • Pay every 12 months: $180 ($15/box), auto-renews every 12 months (Save 21%)

Receive Boxes Every 2 Months:

  • Pay every other month: $39/box, auto-renews every other month
  • Pay every 6 months: $105 ($35/box), auto-renews every 6 months (Save 10%)
  • Pay every 12 months: $198 ($33/box), auto-renews every 12 months (Save 15%)

All boxes come with free shipping. However, keep in mind that your subscription will automatically renew when the time comes, although you can cancel, pause, or skip a box any time by logging into your account and clicking the “Manage Subscription” tab. Although this might be the easiest option, you can also speak to a live representative by calling customer service at (855) 841-0303.

Are Customers Happy With Their Try The World Boxes?

To date, many HighYa readers have talked about their experiences with Try The World.

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In the past, most negative feedback seemed to revolve around long shipping times (more than one customer claimed their shipment was skipped altogether) along with customer service issues. However, the company has made a tremendous effort to resolve these issues (we’ll go into more detail in the next section), and the reality is that even the largest, most reputable companies will accrue reviews like these at some point. Based on our dealings with the company, we’d have no problem recommending Try The World to others.

In addition, while many customers claimed to have been pleased with the selection and quality of the products in their boxes, others claimed they were “boring” and “not exceptional.”

Our Conversation With Try The World’s Founders

Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking with Try The World’s co-founders, Kat Vorotova, who is originally from Russia, and David Foult, originally from France. The two met several years ago at grad school in NYC, where they learned that they shared a love for food, but also wished they could travel and discover more products.

As a result, Try The World was born to help others in the same position. To fill the niche, Kat and David focused on affordable, enjoyable, delicious, and authentic products from artisanal producers all around the world (which they’re constantly updating), and the idea caught on like wildfire.

In fact, Try The World was such a hit that the budding company went from 1,000 subscribers to 50,000 in the past year alone, leading to some admitted hiccups in the process. However, Kat and David refocused on implementing numerous internal improvements, all aimed at providing ultra-important customer service.

Because of this, Try The World now has a large in-house customer service team at their offices in New York City, who are intimately focused on customer feedback and are constantly improving their model. This includes a 5-hour response time (3 hours for social media), which has skyrocketed the company’s approval rating to 96%.

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In the end, Kat and David told us that Try The World is completely focused on customer satisfaction, and will gladly bend over backwards to ensure an excellent customer experience.

What’s the Bottom Line About Try The World?

Whether you’re new to discovery commerce or are a veteran of the subscription box industry, should you sign up for Try The World? By all indications, the company appears to offer unique products that can help you explore different parts of the world without ever leaving your home. However, consider the following before finalizing your subscription:

Unlike many other discovery commerce companies, Try The World doesn’t allow you to customize the products in your box (e.g. vegetarian, gluten free, etc.), or the order in which you’ll receive them. However, if you’d like to purchase products individually, you can easily search through their online Shop by category, such as “All-Natural”, “Dairy Free”, “Gluten-Free”, “Vegan”, and “Vegetarian”. Many of these products seem to be difficult to find in the United States

Finally, although most of Try The World’s customers appear pleased with their products, keep in mind that they’re not the only foodie subscription service in town. Don’t believe us? Try typing “subscription food boxes” into your favorite search engine and watch how many options pop up.

Granted, none of these will offer the same products and services exactly like Try The World, but the point is that you have options.

Bottom line: Although Try The World experienced a couple big speed bumps due to rapid growth (mostly related to customer service), our phone call with Try The World’s founders really helped put the situation into perspective, and went a very long way toward showing us that they’re a legitimate business with a single-minded focus on providing a top-notch customer experience.

Given this, if you’re a foodie, we think it’d be hard to go wrong with Try The World. However, you might want to start with a month-to-month description and try out a few boxes before committing to a longer—and more expensive—plan. After all, if you love it, you can always upgrade later and save on your subscription.

What’d you experience with Try The World? The products? The customer service? Whatever it is, be sure to tell the world about it by writing a review below!

Editor's Disclosure: The Try The World Paris box as shown in the video was sent to HighYa by Try The World free of charge. There was no money/goods exchanged in return for this review and there is no material relationship between HighYa and Try The World. The review in the video reflects the honest opinion of the subject. Click here to learn more.

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  • Unresponsive

    • By Daniel Garcia,
    • New York,
    • Dec 23, 2014
    Overall Experience:

    Heard good things about the box, but the service is unreliable. I ordered a box as a gift, and the deadline was missed by well over a week. There is no easy place on the site to get a tracking number or any information about your order on their site. Calls and emails go unanswered.

    You’ll have better luck calling a random stock-boy in Paris and having him ship you the stuff.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • WOW, The Worst Customer Service Ever

    • By Candy,
    • California,
    • Jun 1, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    I didn't know how bad this company is until I have an issue with my account. They charged me without my agreement, and when I tried to contact them, there ISN'T even a phone number on their website. WOW.

    When I did email them for cancelation, it took them more than a week to get back to me, still asking me IF I want to cancel. DUH? Why did I email you? Please read my email. I said I want to CANCEL. They can't read and they have super SLOW service.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Jun 5, 2015

      Company Response from Try The World

      Dear Candy,

      We’re so sorry for the confusion you experienced upon subscribing. Customer service is our top priority, so we have since updated our website to improve the customer's experience and make it clear that subscriptions automatically renew.

      As our subscriber base continues to grow, we are expanding our customer service department and implementing new procedures to shorten response times for customer inquiries and improve the overall customer experience. Email inquiries should now receive a response within 24 hours (excluding weekends). For immediate assistance during regular business hours, please message us using the live chat found at the bottom of www.trytheworld.com.

      We hope that your concerns have since been resolved. Our customers are our top priority, and we welcome your feedback for ways we can improve our service. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email us directly at sayhello@trytheworld.com and we’ll be sure to respond as soon as possible.

      The Try The World Team

  • Avoid - too difficult to cancel subscription

    • By Anonymous,
    • Dallas, TX,
    • Jun 20, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    Avoid this company! Four attempts to cancel subscription, each time a new hoop to jump through that was not mentioned earlier. I think it's a big scam.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Beware of this company

    • By Stacie,
    • Fort Worth, Texas,
    • Jun 26, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    Boxes come late, with ruined items inside. They continue to charge you after cancelation and their customer service is a joke. Simply put, this company will swindle you.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Great Idea, Bad Follow Through

    • By Judy Manning,
    • Durham NC,
    • Jun 30, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    Kudos for the extraordinary idea of traveling the world via Epicurean delights. However, with up to 60 day delay from the time you pay and delivery, it seems this company has severe cash flow issues, with virtually no customer service.

    They do not send notice when package is sent. No tracking information. So hopefully your package of food won't arrive at your door when you are on vacation for 2 weeks.

    There is no telephone number for contact nor is it easy to receive a response to your email. I have been waiting since June 8, today is June 26, with a where's my package. Charged my account over 30 days ago, so I guess the 60 day delay like the first delivery is in the works. Thumbs down.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • The company and its employees are the only ones posting positive reveiws here

    • By Andy H,
    • Jul 24, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    Did some deep analysis of the 3, 4 and 5 star reviews and it has become obvious that the company and its employees and friends are posting these comments to make it seem like "real" people are leaving reviews (if they left all 5 stars, it'd seem fake!).

    The product is not worth the money, not even close (I tried it for 4 months / 2 shipments, got expired food, really bad value).

    Look back and see the past couple weeks, and keep watching for a ton of good and semi-good feedback coming on here and Yelp etc. It's all fake. We're onto you, Try the World.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Stay Far Away

    • By Vicki Andrew,
    • Santa Monica, CA,
    • Jul 31, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    If you have a Cost Plus or World Market close by, you can pick up these same products way cheaper. There is no phone number to speak to anyone. If you call the phone number on the credit card statement you get a recording to email them. It takes over 48 hours to get a canned response from the email. I have been trying to cancel but they charged my credit card again anyway after I emailed to cancel, and then 10 days later sent out another box. Had to go through my credit card company to cancel.

  • Extremely disappointed

    • By Chanda,
    • Port St Lucie,
    • Aug 1, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    I thought this would be a great birthday surprise for my wife when I first came across their ad on Facebook in late June. I was happy to find something that fit our lifestyle so well & was something that she would never get for herself.

    I went on their website & subscribed. I got the confirmation email immediately after subscribing. Well 2 weeks later I still had not gotten a tracking number so I emailed them. A few days later I get a response that my shipping address is undeliverable. This was the first time I had heard this, I had never gotten an email from them telling me that my address on file was bad. So I log on & correct my address (my fault, not theirs). I send them an email letting them know the address was corrected. A few days later I get a tracking number for the free box. It has now been 2 weeks & the package is suck in limbo somewhere. I tried emailing them to have them retrieve the package and reship it, but now I'm not getting any response from them.

    It's now a few days till my wife's birthday and I am out $40 with nothing to show for it but some emails.

    If you want to try new foods just go to the international section of the grocery store & save yourself the frustration.

  • Absolute Frustration

    • By Jim,
    • Dallas, Texas,
    • Aug 11, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    This company doesn't have any way to contact them by phone which means there is no way to cancel a subscription. (\The phone number in the review above does not work.Every email I sent has come back with the same message saying, “because of high email volume please be patient.” This has been going on for months. Even the phone number on my credit card charge is not a working number. This company is a complete scam, steer clear!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • NOT a Paris Box and charged again after cancellation

    • By Dot Fontaine,
    • Austin, TX,
    • Aug 12, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer
    Overall Experience:

    I ordered the $5 Paris Box on their Trial Box plan. Weeks passed and it never came, so I emailed them wondering what's going on. They said they'd send a Japan box right out. When I expressed disappointment that it wasn't French as advertised, they said they'd send that right out instead. The "Parisian Box" included products from Thailand, England and a Canadian knock-off of a Dutch product, plus a couple of tiny things from France. It was like they took odds and ends and thought that would pass for a Parisian Box.

    Very disappointing. And then they didn't process my cancellation and charged me the $39 for another box. NOT HAPPY.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Difficult to use separate components

    • By Murray Melbin,
    • Cambridge, MA,
    • Nov 30, 2015
    Overall Experience:

    I received a three-box subscription as a gift. Each is composed of items that are mostly parts of separate recipes. So you have to shop for the other ingredients for most dishes. The recipes are a mixture of metric and U.S. measurements (for example, grams and teaspoons), and the recipe instructions are hard to follow because steps are omitted and translations are inexact (for example, "mix" instead of "whisk"). The excitement upon opening the box is followed by puzzlement.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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