About UJoy

UJoy is a handheld U-shaped massager that says it gives you “control” at your fingertips. Point at the targeted area and gently press – they claim UJoy will stimulate skin and dissolve tension.

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There is no information about who is behind UJoy; its website was built by Digital Target Marketing, a company anyone can hire to sell their inventions to the masses.

How UJoy Works

UJoy consists of a U-shaped holder and 2 vibrating removable “pods” that fit on either end. To use UJoy, they say to press the button, point at the area of the skin you feel tension, and gently push the pods into it. They add you can use the pods one at a time with or without the holder allow you to target 1 or 2 areas at the same time. They claim this will “stimulate” skin, “release” anxiety, and “dissolve” tension.

Some of the ways and areas they suggest you can use UJoy include pushing into the shoulders, hooking the “U” around your neck, and even placing the pods against the bridge of the nose.

They don’t mention a certain use, even though it is the not-so-subtle selling point of this vibrating device. They playfully allude to this in the infomercial, where a group of four women discuss and enjoy UJoy while having lunch. One woman moans with pleasure as she secretly uses Ujoy under the table... against her ankle.

There is no battery information about UJoy, as to type or if they are included with purchase. There also is no mention of its size. The U seems to be quite small and is unlikely it would hook around the back of your neck as indicated. (At the time of this writing, the product was so new the customer service department was unaware of UJoy’s existence and could provide no further details.)

UJoy includes:

• UJoy Massager
• Zippered pouch
• Additional UJoy (extra S&H)

UJoy Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

UJoy costs $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping for a total of $27.94. At time of order, if you would like another UJoy, they will charge you an additional $7.99 in handling. UJoy has a 60 money back policy, minus S&H and what it costs for you to send back.

Bottom Line: Is UJoy a Scam?

Let’s be honest about who they are trying to reach with this product – women who need a little “stimulation” in their lives. However, there is so little information about the company or the product, including battery size, we suggest you wait until it’s available from big box retailers with a better track record before doling out any dough. 

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