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By HighYa Staff

If you suffer from herpes, the Ultimate Herpes Protocol claims to be a step-by-step blueprint that can help you vanish the virus and restore your health quickly, naturally, and without any side effects.

But is the Ultimate Herpes Protocol a real cure, or is it just empty promises? Let’s see what the facts have to say.

All About the Ultimate Herpes Protocol

If we’re to believe its claims, the Ultimate Herpes Protocol is an e-book that reveals a state of the art treatment protocol that can help you “end the herpes madness.” It accomplishes this by attacking herpes from three angles at the same time, thereby guaranteeing its complete destruction:

  1. Uses vital nutrients to kick your immune system into high gear.
  2. Dissolves the protective protein coat surrounding the herpes virus, which then leaves it vulnerable to an attack from your boosted immune system.
  3. Prevents the herpes virus from making copies of itself.

The intro video on the Ultimate Herpes Protocol website claims to be hosted by Melanie Addington, who suffered from painful herpes outbreaks for years, as well as the shame and embarrassment it caused. That is until her father, a “famous” doctor in Britain who “shuns the limelight” and “just wants to help people,” gave her the cure using easy to obtain ingredients.

In fact, Melanie claims that these ingredients have been scientifically proven (including an NYU Medical School study) to wipe out the root cause of herpes, and to have been used since the time of the Romans. However, they’ve been hidden by “big pharma” for decades, because the natural ingredients can’t be patented, and they don’t want to lose money.

In addition, the Ultimate Herpes Protocol is claimed to help you avoid expensive herpes medications such as Zaovirax, Famvir, or Valtrex, as well as their associated side effects such as hair loss, and moderate to severe stomach pains. On top of all this, the Ultimate Herpes Protocol is claimed to work in as little as one treatment, without side effects. In fact, the intro video claims that the Protocol has already worked for more than 7,500 people.

Ultimate Herpes Protocol Pricing & Refund Policy

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is priced at $37, which they claim is a 62% reduction. Immediately after your payment has been processed, you’ll be emailed a download link from Clickbank (see next section for additional details).

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol comes with a 60-day, 100% risk free money back guarantee, which is something that all Clickbank offers provide. In other words, if you don’t experience results within 60 days, you’ll be entitled to a full refund. However, all correspondence with customer service during the process will have to be handled via email, as there is no phone number listed.

What Does the Ultimate Herpes Protocol Have to Do with Clickbank?

Unlike a product sold directly through a manufacturer, Clickbank provides a direct connection between digital information producers (e.g. e-book authors and publishers) and affiliate marketers who can promote their products (note: for a detailed explanation of this topic, see our Affiliate Marketing article).

In other words, if you’ve just written an e-book and need to have it promoted, Clickbank may offer an easy way to accomplish this. You’ll gain immediate visibility, and each affiliate that sells a copy of your e-book will earn a commission.

In addition to promotion through their affiliates, Clickbank also includes a built-in payment systems, which take the hassle out of doing it yourself.

What Do Other Consumers Have to Say About the Ultimate Herpes Protocol?

Because the Ultimate Herpes Protocol is a Clickbank product, it is not listed with the Better Business Bureau. On the other hand, Clickbank holds an A+ rating with the BBB, despite having nearly 250 closed complaints over the past three years. Most of these appear to reference difficulty obtaining a refund and poor customer service.

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol URL was registered March 2014, and online customer reviews were non-existent at the time of our research. This is due to a combination of the product’s relative newness, and the abundance of affiliate websites.

What’s the Bottom Line About the Ultimate Herpes Protocol?

Should you spend $37 of your hard-earned money on the Ultimate Herpes Protocol? Probably not, and here’s why:

First, right off the bat, we found that the basic premise of “Melanie Addington’s” story doesn’t make sense. After all, if her father won’t accept money from “big pharma” and just wants to help as many people as possible, why does he continue to charge $500 for a patient consultation? Why doesn’t he just give the information away for free, and help millions of people around the world (similar to what Alexander Fleming did with penicillin)? At the very least, if he really wanted to get the word out, why doesn’t he publish his findings in a peer-reviewed scientific journal? It just doesn’t add up.

Next, the herpes virus resides in nerve cells within your body, which aren’t accessible to your body’s immune system. This means that even if the Ultimate Herpes Protocol did boost your immune system and dissolve the protective protein coat surrounding the herpes virus, it ultimately won’t do any good.

Finally, ask yourself this: Do I really think I can access one of the biggest medical breakthroughs in recent years through a Clickbank offer? Sure it’s possible, but extraordinarily unlikely. Also, products that work don’t need a long story or lots of marketing hype to sell them. In fact, it’s the exact opposite: they sell so well because they provide proven results. And unfortunately, the Ultimate Herpes Protocol has not done this.

What’s your experience with the Ultimate Herpes Protocol? Did it provide the same results it claims to? Tell the world by writing a review today!

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  • 33 out 39 people found this review helpful

    Doesn't work after all

    I had written that the ultimate Herpes protocol worked, and it did, for a few months. Then I had a breakout. The best preventative remedy I've found is Cold Sore RX. I was hoping the virus would leave my system so i wouldn't have to worry about "shedding" when I didn't have a breakout, but apparently that will never go away.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Jul 9, 2016

      Maddison fabella

      Is it still worth it to try? Does it help relieve the stress herpes causes?

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  • 64 out 79 people found this review helpful

    It worked

    I tried this, paid the $40, and it actually worked. I did increase the drops and kept them at 12 drops for a few weeks instead of reducing to 3 drops, because I felt a breakout coming on half way through. Post any questions. I'm a real person and want to share this with anyone who has it. Just got my test results today.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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    • Jun 22, 2016


      Did increasing the drops stop the outbreak? Did you have type 1 or 2?

    • Jun 27, 2016


      Thanks for the post. Did you actually get tested and the result was negative? How long did the treatment take in total? How long did you have the virus for? I just got diagnosed 3 months ago and begging for a solution. So any help would be must appreciated.

    • Jun 28, 2016


      When you felt a breakout coming on, what did you do? What did the increase do (drops) was it H1 or H2?

    • Jul 2, 2016

      Susan Newman

      Yes, I had a blood test at my doctor's office and it was negative. Then a couple months later I had an outbreak. I don't want to go through the whole process again so I took Valtrex to get rid of the outbreak and I take cold sore RX to prevent outbreaks. It tells how much to take on the bottle. It's expensive but worth it. I really wanted to eliminate it so I wouldn't have to worry about "shedding" or giving it to someone even when I'm not having an outbreak. So now I'm still afraid of giving it to someone even with a condom, because mine is a little on the outside of the v and I don't think a condom will cover that part. Big bummer. Men, I've read, aren't contagious unless they are having an outbreak.

    • Mar 11, 2017


      I need something to take mine away, and I don't have one or type two. My doctor told me I was just exposed, and it doesn't look like my medicine is working. I found out last month, on the 21st, that I ended up getting it. I need something real that will make it go away because I don't want to spend money if this is a scam.

    • Apr 30, 2017


      Caitlin, have you made a purchase yet?

    • Jun 11, 2018

      Alexis M.

      I agree with Caitlin, I really wish I could get this madness cured. I hate men that know they have it and won't tell you. I caught it at 22 and feel like my life is over with. I'm 25 now and believe I had an outbreak due to someone else not telling me until I observed their downstairs area after the fact. I went "loco," people are evil, they feel since they have it you should too. Someone, please help me.

    • Jul 15, 2018

      Samantha M.

      Does it really work? I'm 22 and I feel as though my life has come to a disturbing halt. I don't want this to be scammed and I really need this to change my life again for the better. It's my senior year in college! Please someone tell me the truth on this product.

    • Sep 11, 2018

      C D.

      I'd like to hear if it works or not also. I'd like to see percentages. I take L-Lysine which takes the painful edge off and helps it heal quicker. I'd rather not take any medication because I also have Lymes disease with co-infections. My poor body is hating life and I’m getting weaker and feeling lethargic. I'm disabled with a low income, and on my own with all these health problems. I am still hoping and searching for good news. I would love feedback from more people.

    • Sep 16, 2018

      Alexis T.

      Can you send me information on how to get rid of it, please?

    • Jan 16, 2019

      Martin D.

      If you have answers please let me know. Life is too real right now.

    • Feb 3, 2019

      Meabh T.

      Did this get rid of it?

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