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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Sep 19, 2016

Your feet are constantly on display during warmer weather, but all that exposure can lead to unsightly dry and rough patches that prove difficult to slough away.

The Ultimate Pedi from Dermawand claims to smooth dry heels and calluses, leaving you with feet that look like they’ve just been treated to a professional pedicure—at a fraction of the cost. With a single device, the Ultimate Pedi promises you can easily click-and-spin your way to beautiful feet.

How Does The Ultimate Pedi Work?

The Ultimate Pedi is a battery-powered foot file, meaning that you don’t have to work up a sweat when filing your feet. It works right out of the box—just switch the device on and apply the file of your choice to areas you’d like to smooth.

Ready for a finer file to polish after the heavy duty work is done? Unlike other personal pedicure devices, including the Personal Pedi, Precise Pedi, and the Emjoi Micro Pedi, the Ultimate Pedi uses a system of two separate files:

  • The micro-diamond mineral roller is designed to gently remove tough, dry patches and calluses.
  • The ultra-fine buffing roller promises to polish your feet to a professional pedicure finish.

To switch between the two files, all you have to do is “click and spin.” An advertisement for the Ultimate Pedi says that’s just one way that this system saves you time and beats out other personal pedi devices on the market since there’s “no fumbling with other rollers.”

Additionally, the Ultimate Pedi operates at 2,500 rotations-per-minute, which it claims is faster than most competing foot pedicure products. (We checked their claim and found that Emjoi Micro Pedi runs at 1,800, Personal Pedi is conflicted, claiming 1,800 in a video and 2,500 on their website, and Precise Pedi hits a whopping 3,000.)

Finally, the Ultimate Pedi is equipped with a built-in LED light that lets you see exactly where you’re filing in case the lights go out mid-pedicure.

How to clean your Ultimate Pedi? Just rinse the files under water to wash away residue, then allow it to dry before reuse.

Who’s Behind The Ultimate Pedi?

Smoothing summer-hardened heels and calluses take a lot of elbow grease. Is the Ultimate Pedi up to the task? Consumers are told that this As Seen On TV product is made and sold by the same company who’s behind DermaWand, “so you know it’s quality,” says the infomercial.

The name behind Ultimate Pedi and DermaWand is International Commercial Television Inc.—a health and beauty retailer that is accredited and given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (as of 7/31/16).

The DermaWand is a device meant to improve the tone and texture of your facial skin, which isn’t exactly in the same ballpark as a foot file. However, devoted users of DermaWand do attest that the product delivers on its claims after months of use, from which we can infer that it won’t break after just a few rounds of treatment.

Where International Commercial Television Inc. is the name behind the Ultimate Pedi, actress Aerica D’Amaro lends her face (and name) to endorse the product. Best known for the early-2000 Tom Green and Breckin Meyer movie, Road Trip, we’re not sure what makes D’Maro a trusted authority on pedicures—perhaps it’s her years of hitting the proverbial pavement in between short stints on television shows.

How Does The Ultimate Pedi Stand Up To Salon Pedicures?

The Ultimate Pedi claims to buff your feet to beautiful faster and easier than anything else on the market by providing:

  • Two built-in rollers that save you the frustration of changing files
  • A LED light to better see the area you’re filing
  • Spa pedicure results at a fraction of the cost—and without leaving your home

If you watch the above infomercial for the Ultimate Pedi, you’ll notice a heavy emphasis on promising that you’ll never have to pay for a pedicure again. They even interview “real” nail technicians who attest to the Ultimate Pedi’s durability and usefulness—again, claiming that the Ultimate Pedi is the secret to their great services.

However, this claim completely ignores several reasons that salon customers pay for professional pedicure services: polish application and pampering.

In fact, there’s a lot more to your standard salon pedicure than just filing feet and polishing toes. According to Hooked On Nails, an educational website for nail technicians, a salon pedicure should follow these steps:

  1. Remove old polish from toenails
  2. File toenails straight across, while rounding the corners slightly for a more attractive shape. Carefully use clippers to cut the corners of nails so that they won’t dig into flesh, then file.
  3. Place feet in a bath of warm water for at least five minutes, then alternate soaking as each is massaged.
  4. If desired, apply cuticle remover. Then, use an orangewood stick to gently push back the transparent section of the cuticle.
  5. Scrub toenails with a brush, being sure to cleanse under the free edge.
  6. Calloused skin can be smoothed with an 80-grit foot paddle. The website cautions, “Do not attempt to remove all of the calloused skin in one session. Depending on the depth of the callous, it can take several months or more for the healthy skin to show.”
  7. Massage feet again with lotion, then dry with a soft towel.
  8. Wipe toenails with polish remover to be sure that they’re free of oil
  9. Apply basecoat, two coats of polish, and topcoat, waiting for each to dry in between applications.

Doesn’t that sound relaxing? Note that the steps above are for a basic pedicure which, depending on where you live, can often be found for $20 a pop (plus tip).

Here’s the thing: Even if the Ultimate Pedi buffs out your heels and dry patches as well as claimed, the device isn’t going to ask you if you’d like a glass of iced tea, deliver a massage, or expertly apply your favorite shade of nail polish.

Another potential discrepancy? A salon visit demands nothing more of customers than sitting in a (usually massaging) chair while a technician works on your feet—and cleans up the mess.

Depending on your flexibility, some potential Ultimate Pedi customers might not be able to hunch over or angle their feet for the duration required to use the Ultimate Pedi to their satisfaction. There’s also the issue of all that sloughed-off debris, and the fact that filing your feet at home means you’re left tidying up after.

The Ultimate Pedi Pricing and Return Policy

The Ultimate Pedi is available for $29.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling (totaling $37.90). You can order online, paying with either your preferred credit card or PayPal, which offers increased buyer protection (but requires that you create an account.)

No return policy is listed on the Ultimate Pedi’s website, so we contacted their customer service at 888-907-9066 (you can also email at customerservice@ictvbrands.com) to see if unsatisfied customers could return their product.

Unfortunately, the phone number is either permanently busy or disconnected, which isn’t a great sign. We’ve reached out to the Ultimate Pedi customer service email and will update you with more information as soon as possible.

The Bottom Line On Ultimate Pedi

Whether or not you’re satisfied with the Ultimate Pedi depends on the condition of your feet and your expectations for the final results.

Reviews of the similar (albeit single-file) products that we listed up top don’t fill us with confidence that the Ultimate Pedi, or any battery-operated foot file, can achieve salon-quality results. That’s likely because filing down rough patches and calluses requires both a gritty surface and pressure.

However, it’s our experience that the motors in similar devices aren’t strong enough to keep spinning when pressed against your heel with the amount of pressure required to buff through a summer’s worth of hardened skin.

Even if the Ultimate Pedi can power through the driest of heels, keep in mind it’s still not going to soak your feet, massage toes, or apply polish like a salon pedicure.

With those two factors in mind, we’d normally advise that the Ultimate Pedi could be a good product for consumers who require mild to moderate buffing to keep their feet beautiful, and don’t mind missing out on salon extras.

However, the inability to reach the Ultimate Pedi customer service or read any information on their return policy leaves us with no choice other than to suggest you hold off on purchasing this product—or, at least, proceed with the knowledge that you might be left without any way to get your money back if it doesn’t work as promised.

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