What Is Ultra Pure Turmeric?

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Apr 6, 2017

Alexander Dumont, Chief Medical Researcher at Direct Naturals, tells us that their Ultra Pure Turmeric supplement features an ultra-grade formulation that can help support healthy cardiovascular and joint health, as well as inflammatory response.

This way, their long-form landing page informs us that Ultra Pure Turmeric can “fight the root cause of virtually every condition and disease known to modern medicine,” including cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease.

Their website also tells us that Ultra Pure Turmeric has been clinically shown to help individuals lose 10+ pounds of body fat in the next month, eliminate joint aches, arthritis, and chronic pain; turn back the clock on the aging process, and experience healthier looking skin than they’ve had in years.

Just take one veggie capsule twice per day with 8oz of water, preferably 20-30 minutes before a meal, and Direct Naturals claims you’ll be protected from major threats to your health. As a result, they report that you could save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars each month in healthcare costs!

But based on the available clinical evidence, is Ultra Pure Turmeric the real deal? Will it deliver on all these lofty claims? Is it really a “holy grail” for your health, as claimed on the Direct Naturals website?

We investigated the company’s claims about Ultra Pure Turmeric. Here, we’ll discuss what we learned and focus on helping you come to a bottom line conclusion about whether or not it’s worth your hard-earned money.

Is There a Link Between Chronic Inflammation & Ill Health?

Writing for the Cleveland Clinic, Paul DiCorleto, Ph.D., tells us that inflammation is a healthy, natural process in many instances since it helps your body defend against toxins, infections, and injuries.

However, when you experience chronic (or ongoing) inflammation, it leads to a “prolonged state of emergency” that can “cause lasting damage to your heart, brain and other organs,” and may even play a significant role in the development Alzheimer’s disease, insulin (although not necessarily leptin) resistance, and obesity.

Speaking of which, obesity can also be a cause of chronic inflammation, as can smoking, chronic stress, and excessive alcohol consumption. So, if you’re looking to reduce chronic inflammation, the article recommends addressing lifestyle factors like quitting smoking, reducing stress, and moderating alcohol consumption.

What about the turmeric contained in Ultra Pure? Will it provide any meaningful benefits?

Are the Ingredients In Ultra Pure Turmeric Clinically Proven?

Based on the label listed on Direct Naturals’ website, Ultra Pure Turmeric only contains two ingredients:

  • Turmeric (Curcuma Longa)(root) 600mg
  • Turmeric 95% Curcuminoids 50mg

The website also mentions Bioperine (a black pepper extract that promises to boost absorption), although it wasn’t listed on the label at the time of our research.

According to authoritative websites like WebMD and Examine.com, there is a meaningful amount of clinical evidence indicating that turmeric (or more accurately, the curcumin it contains) may help reduce cholesterol, reduce pain and improve function in those suffering from osteoarthritis, as well as reduce itching in those with long-term kidney disease.

They also report a high level of clinical evidence related to inflammation and blood pressure benefits.

For addressing these conditions, they recommend dosing anywhere between 500mg and 1,500mg of turmeric daily, which puts Ultra Pure’s formulation at the lower end of this spectrum.

However, they didn’t report a lot of evidence related to weight loss, a reduction in blood sugar, any anti-aging effect on the skin, or cancer-related benefits.

What about potential side effects?

Will the Curcumin In Ultra Pure Turmeric Cause Any Side Effects?

Direct Naturals’ FAQ tells us that, “To date, thousands of people have tried Ultra Pure Turmeric and we have never had a serious side effect reported. That being said, we always recommend consulting with a doctor before starting any new supplement.”

WebMD notes that turmeric is likely safe when taken by mouth for up to eight months, although some may experience temporary, mild side effects like “stomach upset, nausea, dizziness, or diarrhea.”

How Much Does Ultra Pure Turmeric From Direct Naturals Cost?

Ultra Pure Turmeric is available in the following quantities, including free S&H:

  • 1-Month Supply (60 veggie capsules): $69
  • 2-Month Supply: $111
  • 4-Month Supply: $176

Regardless of the amount you order, Direct Naturals will also send you an e-guide titled 16 Turmeric Recipes That Stop Inflammation & Boost Fat Loss.

Ultra Pure Turmeric comes with a 6-month money back guarantee; you don’t even have to return your order. To request one, Direct Naturals’ customer support department can be reached at 844-211-1942 or support@directnaturals.com.

Based on these prices, are Ultra Pure Turmeric’s customers reporting solid results?

Are There Any Online Ultra Pure Turmeric Customer Reviews?

Direct Naturals seems to be a relatively new company, although other than the fact that their other supplement is called 5-in-1 Weight Loss and that they’re based out of Englewood, CO, we didn’t find a lot of information about them elsewhere online. No Better Business Bureau listing existed at the time of our research.

Similarly, we didn’t find any additional information about their Chief Medical Researcher, Alexander Dumont.

Based on this relative anonymity, we’d have to wonder (after all, we’re consumers, too!) if they really qualify as a “leading health research group,” as claimed on their website.

Direct Naturals Ultra Pure Turmeric vs. the Competition

Search online for the phrase “turmeric with Bioperine,” and you’ll quickly encounter dozens of supplements competing directly with Ultra Pure’s formulation, including popular options like Nature Made Turmeric & Curcumin, Vitacost Turmeric Extract, The Vitamin Shoppe Triple Strength Turmeric with Curcumin, and Doctor’s Best High Absorption Curcumin, to name just a few.

While we didn’t test any of these formulas ourselves for first-hand feedback, we can tell you that some of these competing options could be purchased for as little as $9 for 60 capsules—making Direct Naturals’ formulation more than 7X the cost, in some instances.

Furthermore, some of the options provide 1,000mg or more of turmeric per dose, although we didn’t encounter any reported clinical evidence that taking more will necessarily lead to greater benefits.

From a buying guide perspective, ConsumerLab’s Turmeric and Curcumin Supplements and Spices report (note: full access to this report may require a subscription) tested 17 products from different companies and broke them down by cost per dose, other notable features, and whether or not they contained the advertised amount of each ingredient.

What’s the Bottom Line About Ultra Pure Turmeric?

Based on what we learned from websites like WebMD, Examine.com, and ConsumerLab, it appears that turmeric (and the curcumin it contains) does have clinical support for addressing cholesterol, reducing pain and improving function in those suffering from osteoarthritis, reducing itching in those with long-term kidney disease, decreasing blood pressure, and addressing inflammation.

However, these sites didn’t report any correlation between turmeric supplementation and boosted weight loss, reduced blood sugar or improved diabetes, or addressing any aspect of Alzheimer’s.

See Also: How to Detect and Naturally Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Given these facts, we think it casts doubt on Direct Naturals’ claims that Ultra Pure Turmeric is, per their website, “one of the best fat-burning ingredients in existence” or that “more positive research behind these ingredients than virtually any other natural food in existence.”

Further, as one of the most expensive turmeric supplements we encountered during our research, we’re not sure that Ultra Pure necessarily provides the most amount of value for your money, either.

While it might come with a higher price, Direct Naturals seems to stand behind Ultra Pure Turmeric with a lengthy 180-day refund policy, and you won’t even have to ship it back to the company.

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