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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: May 26, 2016

UltrActiv Hair is a new spray-on supplement that claims to beautify, restore, and regrow dull, thinning hair into locks that are long, thick, and shiny.

To do this, UltrActiv contains a proprietary formula that promises to counteract (and even stop) damage caused by DHT. All you have to do is spray UltrActiv onto your hair once per day (morning or night), and you’ll begin experiencing its benefits—without any smell or mess.

Taken together, the company claims this is why UltrActiv was voted the #1 hair growth product by consumers.

Is any of this based in reality? Will UltrActiv work remotely as well as it claims? Are stylists “buzzing about this fabulous hair-restorer”? In this review, we’ll take a look at UltrActiv’s claims one-by-one, in order to help you make a more informed buying decision.

First up? The root cause of hair loss.

What Causes Hair Loss? Is There a Cure?

Hair loss is a complicated problem that can be traced to many different causes, including poor diet, excessive stress, hormone imbalances, certain diseases and medications, poor beauty habits, and more.

The number one cause, though, of hair loss is called androgenetic alopecia, more commonly known as male and female pattern baldness. Here, a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) “attacks” hair follicles, which causes them to produce increasingly fine hair. Eventually, after enough exposure to DHT, the follicle will stop producing hair altogether.

The problem is, although the medical community has a decent understanding of how pattern baldness works, there currently isn’t a cure. Sure, there are some medications (such as minoxidil and finasteride) that can temporarily reduce the balding process, but they often only work on specific areas (e.g. minoxidil for thinning on the crown) and may not work in areas where follicles have gone completely dormant.

Has UltrActiv’s manufacturer finally cracked the code and found a cure for thin and balding hair? Let’s take a look.

What Ingredients Does UltrActiv Contain? Are They Effective?

While there wasn’t a label listed on the UltrActiv website (so no dosages are known), we’re told it contains the following:

The problem is that none of these ingredients have sufficient clinical evidence showing them to be effective for hair growth or any of UltrActiv’s other claims. When taken orally, Panax ginseng might improve mental function and provide other benefits, but nothing related to hair growth or health.

The short answer? Based on what we just learned, it almost seems like UltrActiv’s manufacturer simply threw together a bunch of random ingredients and called it a day.

Even though this seems to be the case, if you’re still thinking about trying UltrActiv, how much will you pay?

How Much Does UltrActiv Cost?

UltrActiv is available through the following options:

  • 10-day trial: $4 S&H (*see below for more details)
  • Started Pack (1-Month Supply): $159.99
  • Major Regrowth Pack (3-Month Supply): $229.99, plus free S&H
  • Total Revitalization Pack (5-Month Supply): $309.99, plus free S&H

*Here are the details surrounding UltrActiv’s trial (don’t worry, we’ll do some math in a second):

“Order now and we will ship you two units each containing 30 days supply of UltrActiv Hair. Simply pay for 20 days of the first unit and pay for the second unit in 30 days at a 33% discount after you have tried the product. Thereafter we will continue to ship you a 30 day supply at a 33% discount and free shipping every 30 days.”

The full retail price for one unit (30 Day Supply) of UltrActiv Hair is €159.99 in Europe, $159.99 in the United States, $219.99 in Australia, $219.99 in Canada, £143.99 in the United Kingdom and $249.99 in New Zealand.”

Wow! Could that possibly be any more confusing? We’ve reviewed dozens of hair loss products and supplements over the years (more in a moment), and this is undoubtedly the most convoluted autoship program pricing structure we’ve ever seen. Let’s see if we can work through their math.

Trying to Make Sense of UltrActiv’s Autoship Pricing

The first speed bump is that the company claims they’ll bill you for “20 days of the first unit.” What does this amount to? According to the ordering page, this amounts to $106.66 (how they came up with this number, we’re not sure).

However, they go on to mention that the second unit is normally priced at $219.99 (US residents), but you’ll get a 33% discount, dropping the cost to $147.20.

Taken together, although there’s no total listed on the ordering screen, this means you’ll pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $253 for your “risk free” UltrActiv Hair trial. You’ll also continue receiving a new bottle once per month and charged $147.20 each time.

What’s more, although UltrActive comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H, this only applies if the product is defective or damaged. On top of this, you’d have to return the product to the Netherlands, which could cost a ton in shipping charges.

If you’d like to request a refund, cancel your trial, or put an end to your recurring shipments, you’ll need to contact customer support at support@ultractivhair.com or via their Quick Cancel feature.

Are There Any UltrActiv Hair Product Reviews?

Other than the standard affiliate sites posing as customer reviews, the only legitimate online review we found for UltrActiv Hair was on the PrettyBaldOnline blog, who enlisted professional help in their assessment:

“I pinged it straight to my friendly, neighbourhood Trichologist Mark Blake, with the title 'Heard of this...?' asking Mark about his opinion on 'UltrActiv' and requesting his expert assessment. His response was, as expected, quite dismissive, and his first sentence said it all. "Pure Fantasy" he called it! According to Mark, apart from the fact that a product achieving these results would have countless medical research assessments, not to mention a patent and the backing of a pharmaceutical company…

Mark's expert opinion is that these claims are preposterous and unfounded, but he also makes one additional valid point: "The company you sent me are making outrageous claims & playing on people's emotions to purely sell products."

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Although UltrActiv is the first spray-on supplement we’ve reviewed to date, we’ve looked at many other traditional hair health supplements like Silk Advanced Biotin Complex, TLS Hair, and Viviscal Hair Growth, to name just a few. Invariably, these supplements come with ultra-low average ratings (usually 2 stars or less), based on common complaints like failure to work and difficulty canceling trials and autoship programs.

Will you experience the same with UltrActiv? Let’s wrap things up and find out.

Is UltrActiv Hair a Scam?

While we didn’t try UltrActiv firsthand, and we’re always very careful about using the word scam, based on its almost wholly ineffective ingredients list and ultra-high price (in fact, this is by far the most expensive hair supplement we’ve reviewed to date), we’d say your money would be better spent on just about anything other than UltrActiv.

Instead, we’d recommend getting an up-close and personal look at this industry in Everything You Need to Know About Hair Supplements. Then, if you’re looking to try out more effective measures, read through How to Choose a Hair Loss Product!

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