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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: May 27, 2016

UltraGrow by UltrActiv claims to be a sleek, easy to use laser hair follicle stimulator that uses infrared technology and vibration to instantly boost hair growth, increase hair volume, and block DHT to reverse hair loss. The manufacturer even promises that UltraGrow will give you “hair so perfect you’ll look 10 years younger”!

According to the company, UltraGrow is the result of decades of research and development by “a team of esteemed quantum physicists and laser technology experts,” so it’s clinically proven and backed by “science audited certified results.”

Using its micro laser technology, UltraGrow works in conjunction with all other hair loss products, and is guaranteed to work on all hair types over the course of 3 steps:

  1. Comb your hair and scalp normally as you would with any other comb. UltraGrow’s lasers will penetrate hair follicles.
  2. Oxygen is boosted in the scalp, which stimulates ATP production and increases blood flow by 200%.
  3. Your follicles will grow “full, beautiful, youthful” hair. The manufacturer claims you’ll be able to boost your hair growth by 98%!

Despite its effectiveness, UltrActiv claims UltraGrow is 100% safe and effective.

It’s tough looking in the mirror each day and seeing a little less hair on your scalp. But are UltraGrow’s lasers the answer to providing you with a full, luxurious mane? Is it worth the price? Are there better options? Sit back and relax as we answer all your important questions.

How Does UltraGrow by UltrActiv Work?

Also commonly known as cold laser and low power laser, UltraGrow is an at-home device that uses a type of technology known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT). These devices emit light that falls between 600 and 1,000 nanometers, which, when applied to the scalp, “reduces oxidative stress and increases ATP. This improves cell metabolism and reduce inflammation.”

In layman’s terms, similar to how photosynthesis in plants turns light into energy, LLLT devices like UltraGrow are claimed to stimulate the mitochondria in your cells and improve cellular function, leading to a healthier scalp and fuller, thicker hair.

Is there any clinical evidence showing that LLLT can realistically address hair loss?

Is UltraGrow Effective?

As we’ve discussed on numerous occasions, there are may different causes of hair loss, including genetics, disease, poor grooming and beauty habits, certain medications, too much stress, and more. The most common cause, however, is something called male and female pattern baldness.

Here, hair follicles in the scalp become especially sensitive to a chemical known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Then, as these hairs go through their normal growth cycle and fall out, they regrow increasingly thin, until the follicle goes dormant and stops producing hair altogether.

Although it’s thought to be genetic, the problem is that it’s not clear why follicles suddenly become sensitive to DHT. There are some medications on the market, such as minoxidil (over the counter) and Propecia (prescription-only), that can temporarily halt this DHT onslaught, although they generally lose their effectiveness over time.

What about LLLT? These devices have become increasingly popular over the last few years (more in a moment), but there remains insufficient clinical evidence showing that they can stop DHT from shrinking follicles or improve hair quality in any other way.

Nonetheless, is UltraGrow expensive?

How Much Does UltraGrow Cost?

In short, we’re not told. Instead, at the time of our research, the ordering page only indicated a “special offer today.” As a result, we reached out to customer service at support@ultragrowbyultractiv.com for additional information. We’ll update this review as soon as we receive a response.

UltraGrow by UltrActiv PricingThere wasn’t any pricing or refund information on the UltraGrow website, so we sent an email to customer service looking to learn more.

Are There Other LLLT Devices Like UltraGrow by UltrActiv?

LLLT devices are used for everything from addressing thinning hair to relieving pain, and come as at-home products like UltraGrow, as well as professional models that cost tens of thousands of dollars and are only used in a doctor’s office.

There are several models that function in much the same way as UltraGrow though, especially HairMax’s Lasercombs (which appear to be the original). Outside of combs, there are several LLLT helmet-based designs that remain in one place for several minutes, including iGrow and Theradome.

Pro tip: UltraGrow claims to work by combing your hair and scalp “normally as you would with any other comb.” However, the light emitted by these devices needs to reach as much of the scalp as possible, meaning they need to be left in one place for a moment before moving on to the next section. As such, it’s not recommend that you use UltraGrow like you would a traditional comb.

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If the prices for the competition are any indication, you can probably expect to pay several hundred dollars for UltraGrow (again, we’ll update as soon as we know more).

From a performance perspective, UltraGrow doesn’t seem to feature the patented parting system found in HairMax Lasercombs, although it vibrates, which seems to be unique among these types of devices. However, exactly how much benefit this vibration will provide remains to be seen.

Will UltraGrow by UltrActiv Give You “Full, Luxurious, Youthful Hair”?

Will LLLT devices like UltraGrow work to stop everyone’s hair loss in its tracks and provide them with full, luxurious hair? Definitely not. But then again, even prescription options like Propecia won’t work for every patient that takes them, either.

The big difference is that prescription (and even OTC counter) medications often have reams of clinical data to support their efficacy, while devices like UltraGrow (and LLLT technology in general) come with limited, mixed clinical results.

On top of this, from a company perspective, UltrActiv seems to be very new to the scene, with no online customer reviews and no business reputation to speak of. Their only other product, UltrActiv Hair, seems to be largely ineffective based on the clinical support for each of their ingredients.

So, should you go ahead and place your order for UltrActiv’s UltraGrow device? Until we hear back from the company about pricing and refund information, we’d recommend holding off. After all, you wouldn’t write a complete stranger a blank check, right? Even then, we’d definitely recommend speaking with your doctor about whether or not an at-home LLLT device represents the best use of your money.

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