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Ideal for use under beds, bathroom cabinets, doorways, steps, kitchens, decks, patios, and more, Underlight Accent Lighting is a high-quality battery operated LED light bar that claims to feature exclusive motion sensor technology that lasts “thousands” of hours under regular use. Underlight Accent Lighting claims to be easy to install anywhere, without the need for tools, plugs, or electrical professionals. In fact, the manufacturer claims it’s so easy that a child could install it in 3 easy steps:

  1. Add 3 AA batteries.
  2. Peel off the backing from the adhesive strip and attach anywhere you like.
  3. Connect multiple Underlight strips for a designer look.

Once the Underlight is triggered, you can determine how long it remains on, and  can also choose the sensitivity and distance simply by swiveling the motion sensor. In addition, the manufacturer claims that Underlight can be connected together, making them expandable to accommodate any space or project idea, even around corners using the included 90-degree connector.

Underlight Accent Lighting Pricing & Refund Policy

Underlight Accent Lighting is priced at $19.99 plus $6.99 S&H. You’ll also receive a free bonus Underlight expansion strip with your order, giving you a total of:

  • 2 Underlight strips
  • 1 Power base

Underlight come with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. In order to initiate the process, you’ll need to contact customer service at 855-721-3347.

Can Underlight Accent Lighting Really Provide You with Light Wherever You Need?

With all of this in mind, can you really expect Underlight to work as well as advertised and to easily provide light wherever you need? Perhaps, but consider the following:

Where, Oh Where Could My Power Base Be?

First, unless you’re installing Underlight Accent Lighting in a very discreet area, such as under a kickplate or in a closet, keep in mind that you’ll have at least one power base that needs to be hidden from view.

For example, the Underlight promo video shows them installed under the front lip of stairs, as well as under kitchen cabinets. In instances like these, the power base would need to be hidden from view, or else you’ll have a very cheap-looking plastic box hanging out, which could be unsightly.

For the Low, Low Price Of…

Next, consider that even the most basic LED light bars from popular retailers typically cost more than Underlight Accent Lighting, and they’ll need to be plugged in to a power source. This brings into question the overall quality and durability of Underlight, and how long they’ll ultimately last.

It’s also important to remember that you’ll only receive 2 Underlight with your order, which means if you want to achieve some of the custom looks shown in the product’s promo video, you’ll have to purchase multiple sets, which could greatly increase your overall cost.

New Product means No Customer Feedback

Underlight are a very new product (URL registered September 2014) and as such, they haven’t had adequate time to garner any online customer reviews.

With this said, Underlight are manufactured by Spark Innovators based out of Fairfield, NJ, a relative newcomer to the “As Seen on TV” industry. The company also manufacturers several other popular ASOTV products, including One Pan, Rocky Mountain Knife, Wow Cakes, and many more. Among these, most have an overall rating of 2 stars or less, often due to complaints of poor quality.

In fact, many ASOTV products in general tend to have lower customer satisfaction ratings than similar mainstream products, often due to complaints not just poor quality, but also for failing to perform as advertised, and for poor customer service (numerous upsells during calls, difficulty processing returns, unhelpful representatives, etc.).

Admittedly, while this may not necessarily be the case with Underlight Accent Lighting, it’s something that should remain at the back of your mind.

Your Information Will Be Shared

Finally, ASOTV manufacturers tend to share your information with other companies for marketing purposes, and Underlight appears to be no different. According to the product’s Privacy Policy, “From time to time, we make our customer e-mail list available to other reputable organizations whose products or services we think you might find interesting.”

Bottom line:

While it’s unique that Underlight Accent Lighting doesn’t need to be plugged in, effectively giving you the ability to place them anywhere, it may be the case that they don’t perform as well as the promo video makes them seem, and they may be of poor quality. As a result, you may want to visit you local home and garden store first, in order to see if they offer something similar that could meet your needs.

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  • Great product

    • Rockford, IL,
    • Feb 7, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I purchased two units for under the kitchen cabinets. One unit works very well, but the other goes on and turns off after a few seconds, then it turns on and stays on for a few more seconds, and then stays on all the time.

    I have emailed regarding this problem three times to the company and have not heard anything in response. All I want to do is send it back for a replacement, with them paying for the shipping. I have not heard a thing. Too bad, it is a great product.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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  • 3 out 3 people found this review helpful


    • St. Augustine, FL,
    • Jan 10, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I placed a strip under the bed facing out. Used the two strips at first, but now only use one since the light is bright enough to use only one. And there is no need to attach the double sided tape as it just lies on the floor.

    Very nice. I only wish it came with two battery packs instead of one, or that a battery pack could be purchased separately.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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  • 5 out 5 people found this review helpful

    Works as described

    • Bradenton, FL,
    • Sep 25, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer

    I installed four sets under the kitchen cabinets and have been very satisfied with them. The ability to interlock the strips and make U-turns with the included bends makes it easy to customize the installation depending on the cabinet width. The 3M peel-and-stick backing seems secure as the strips are very lightweight. They give sufficient light to find one's way in a dark room at night. The motion sensor is sensitive enough and the units come on quickly and stay on so long as there is activity in the proximity. The lights shut off once there is no movement in the area. The instructions say that with average use, those 3 AA batteries should last for many months (we'll see) possibly depending on whether one chooses the 1 or 5 minute operation time (I chose 1). I've been satisfied so far with the clear instructions, placement flexibility and slim profile which allows them to be placed under my cabinet lips without showing.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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    • Mar 11, 2017


      What the is the "proximity?" I'd like them for a very dark hallway to a bathroom. I'm wondering, how close do you need to be for the lights to detect, and turn on?

    • Mar 23, 2017

      Mike Herring

      I'd say about four feet. As the batteries get weaker, that diminishes somewhat, but I think your application would be a good one.

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