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By J.R. Duren
HighYa Staff
Published on: May 4, 2017

The U.S. Bank Business Edge Cash Rewards World Elite Mastercard is a business rewards credit card offering varying levels of cash back rewards depending on what kind of purchases you make.

The card also offers a few business-related benefits, but, generally speaking, our research has shown that this card falls in line with the types of benefits and perks you’d get with other business credit cards.

With that in mind, we’ve crafted this review to cover the main benefits of the U.S. Bank Business Edge as well as its rates, fees and opinions of other experts and your fellow consumers.

The goal is not only to inform you about what you can expect with this card, but to give you a sense of how it compares to other business credit cards’ rewards, rates and fees.

After we cover the most important features of this U.S. Bank business card, we’ll wrap up the review with some general thoughts about the strengths and weaknesses of the card.

The Rewards Benefits of the U.S. Bank Business Edge Cash Rewards World Elite Mastercard

Cash rewards are a simple concept. You earn money nearly every time you use your credit card to buy something, and, depending on what you buy, you can get bonus rewards rates.

For consumer cards, those bonus rates usually have to do with travel, groceries, restaurants and gas. Business cards take a different approach: They reward you for making business-related purchases.

The U.S. Bank card gives you 3% cash back on cell phones, gas and office supply stores. The gas rewards only apply to purchases of less than $200, U.S. Bank’s fine print says, because anything over that is probably not a gas purchase for a car.

All other purchases will get a 1% rewards rate and you’ll get up to a 25% bonus every year up to $250 on your cash accrual from the previous year.

To give you an idea of how that rewards rate stacks up against other business cards we’ve reviewed, we created the following rewards chart:

Reward Rates U.S. Bank Biz Edge Capital One Spark Cash Chase Ink Biz Preferred Wells Fargo Biz Plat AmEx Biz Gold AmEx Biz Plat
5:1 None None None None None Flights/hotels
3:1 Cell phones/gas/office supply stores None Travel/shipping/internet/cable/phone/social media & search engine ads up to $150K None One of the following: ads/airlines/gas shipping/computer & software None
2:1 None Everything None 1:5 on everything Four categories not 3:1 1.5 on purchases of $5K or more
1:1 Everything Else None Everything Else None Everything Else Everything Else
Fee None $0 first year, $59 after $95 None $0 first year, $175 after $450

The U.S. Bank’s rewards rate is very impressive to us considering the card doesn’t charge an annual fee. The Chase Ink Business Preferred offers more 3x reward categories than the U.S. Bank card, but the rewards have a cap of $150,000, which means you’ll earn 3x cash back on bonus purchases up to $150K.

The real benefit of these purchase bonuses has a lot to do with how your business spends its money. Take a moment to think about your monthly expenditures.

Do you drive a lot for work? Do you make regular purchases from an office supply store? The U.S. Bank Business Edge card may be good for you.

If your spending is centered on travel, shipping and online ads, then the Chase Ink Business Preferred may be the better choice, especially if you spend tens of thousands of dollars in those categories each year.

If you can max out your spending in these categories, you can earn $4,500 in cash back.

U.S. Bank says your cash rewards will be paid out once you hit $25 and will be automatically credited to your statement in $25 increments after that.

Other Benefits

Aside from cash back, the business benefits of this card are pretty thin.

U.S. Bank offers you a few different ways to manage your accounts through their website and provide free cards to your employees. Those cards will accrue rewards for your account, a standard practice among business credit cards.

The Rates & Fees of the U.S. Bank Business Edge Cash Rewards World Elite Mastercard

Depending on your reasoning for getting a business card, different rates and fees will mean different things to you.

We’re going to look at the U.S. Bank Business Edge’s rates and fees and then discuss the advantages and disadvantages we see:

  • APR for purchases & balance transfers: 12.74%-18.74%
  • Annual fee: None
  • Penalty APR: 28.99%
  • Late fee: Up to $39
  • Overlimit fee: Up to $39
  • Foreign transaction fee: 3% for foreign currency, 2% for U.S. currency

The key number here is the penalty APR. U.S. Bank says this interest rate will kick in if you pay late, a payment is returned or you “exceed your credit limit 2 times in 12 consecutive months.”

This APR will be applied to all your credit-card transactions and will stay in place “until you make 6 consecutive minimum payments when due and do not exceed your credit limit,” the card’s fine print says.

As far as the card’s purchase/balance transfer APR goes, it’s among the best you can find. The Wells Fargo Business Platinum offers a prime + 7.99% on the low end, which, at the time of publishing, put the card at 11.99%.

The Spark Cash for Business from Capital One has a single APR of 17.74% and the Chase Ink Business Preferred has an APR of 16.49%.

American Express’s Gold and Platinum cards are charge cards, which means you’re responsible to pay your entire balance every month. If you don’t you have to set up what amounts to a 18.99% APR payment plan with AmEx.

What Other People Are Saying About the U.S. Bank Business Edge Cash Rewards World Elite Mastercard

The U.S. Bank Business Edge gets a decent amount of reviews from experts other than HighYa.


Reviewer Andy Shuman gave this card a 3.8 out of 5, praising the card’s APR and rewards and knocking it down a notch because of its lack of a sign-up bonus.

He brings up a good point – the Capital One Spark Cash for Business offers new cardholders a $500 cash bonus if they spend $4,500 in the first three months.

Shuman concluded that “business owners will appreciate the generous earning scheme of this no-annual-fee World Elite credit card, as well as the simplicity of earning and redeeming cash back.”


Reviews.com split up their review of the card into the good and the bad. On the good side, their praise echoed what we found on CreditCards.com: good rewards and no annual fee.

Criticisms of the card focused on the cards $25 disbursements of rewards and its foreign transaction fee. The review also knocked the U.S. Bank Business Edge for not having any travel benefits.

We agree with the observations about the small disbursements, but we take issue with the travel-benefits observation.

There are other cards that provide some solid travel benefits – the American Express Platinum for Business is the prime example – but that card comes with an annual fee of more than $400.

In our opinion, how you view the absence of travel benefits has a lot to do with what you want from your business credit card.

As we mentioned earlier, if you travel a lot, then Chase Ink Business Preferred is a great card because not only do you get triple rewards on travel purchases, but you also get 80,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points if you spend $5,000 in the first three months.

However, if travel isn’t a part of your business’ operations, then you may not need the travel benefits.


WalletHub’s review is pretty even-handed, pointing out many of the same things other sites and our review has mentioned.

One of the important points of the review is that you’ll have to think about whether you want to use this card as a substitute for financing.

As we mentioned earlier, the nine months of 0% APR on purchases means you can leverage the zero interest to buy seasonal product, new office furniture or pay for a short-term freelancer.

However, WalletHub’s reviewer pointed out, there are plenty of credit cards out there that offer intro interest promotions for a lot longer than nine months.

For example, the Chase Freedom Unlimited has 0% interest for 15 months, while the Citi Diamond Preferred has no interest for 21 months.

Our Final Thoughts About the U.S. Bank Business Edge Cash Rewards World Elite Mastercard

A good business card is the one that meets your needs and provides benefits that you can actually use. We’ve mentioned a few times in this review that travel tends to be a line of demarcation – either you want a travel rewards card or you don’t.

If it’s travel benefits you’re looking for, then the U.S. Bank Business Edge isn’t going to be a good fit for you, especially if you travel overseas.

You don’t get any travel-specific rewards like you do with the Chase Ink Business Preferred (Chase Ultimate Reward points) or the American Express Business Gold (Membership Rewards points). You also don’t get any travel perks like you would with the American Express Business Platinum (free entrance to airport lounges).

In our opinion, each of these cards are excellent choices. Based on our research, we think the Chase Ink Business Preferred’s bonus points (80K) can get you more flights than the Membership Rewards points bonuses of the AmEx cards.

However, if you want free hotel stays from your business credit card, then you may want to consider the AmEx Business Gold or Platinum. Both cards allow you to transfer your points to the Starwood Preferred Guest program, which gives you great rewards rates on luxury hotels.

To learn more about what luxury-focused cards like the AmEx card can offer your business, read our recent post on inDinero titled “4 Secrets to Using a Premium Credit Card to Get the Most Out of Business Spending”.

However, if you want a simple business credit card that gives you cash back, the U.S. Bank Business Edge is a great choice if you make big purchases on cell phone plans, gas and office supplies/furniture. We say this because each of those categories gets you the coveted 3x cash back rate.

A great way to figure out how this card will work out for you is to take a look at your monthly spending habits. How much do you spend on gas, cell plans and office items?

We think that this card is a great fit if you’re already a U.S. Bank business customer, as we see the integration of checking, savings and credit card accounts as a benefit to the business owner. You only have to go to one website to keep tabs on your finances.

If you aren’t convinced that credit cards are the best way to fund your business, take a look at a business funding article we wrote for StartupNation.

There you’ll learn about alternate funding through non-bank lenders. Many of these lenders charge you extremely high fees, but you’ll usually able to be approved for far more money than what you’d get with a credit card.

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