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    • Mar 14, 2019
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    Hum by Verizon

    Verizon Hum

    I received the Verizon Hum in October of 2018. Less than three weeks later, my car died in the middle of a very busy intersection in 5:00 traffic. I was able to get it started and made it home. I called my mechanic who was nice enough to tow it from my garage to his shop. He tried several things and after quite a bit of money, was able to come to the conclusion that the primary computer for my Lexus RX 330 had been shorted out. He asked me more than once if I had tried to jump-start another vehicle, which I had not. The new computer had to be ordered; of course!

    Two and a half weeks and $1600.00 later, my truck is running again. The first week of December on my way to work, the Hum keeps beeping. When I arrived at work, I called Hum. They informed me that "that just happens sometimes" and they would get back to me. In mid-January, I was at work and went to leave for lunch, the truck would not start...again! DRAT!

    I called my mechanic who is about as far away from my work as he could be. He came and towed it. This time, he took it to Lexus. They spent over six hours looking for the problem. Yes, it was the Hum again. They removed the Hum and again replaced the computer which had been shorted out...again! I am now out over $3200.00 and had to borrow a car so I could get to work to pay for the repairs.

    Fast forward a few weeks, it is now the second week of March, and they just called me to tell me there is a problem with my Hum and it has not been recording anything since December 10th when I called to tell them it kept beeping. They would like me to take it to Verizon and get a different one! They are nuts!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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