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    • May 30, 2019
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    Horrible product

    Had Egglettes containers for 2 months now. First time used, Egglettes worked pretty well (sprayed inside of each one with non-stick cooking spray). Now it seems that no matter how tight I screw on the orange lid, the lid comes off in the boiling water, and runny egg goes everywhere in the pan. Also, Egglettes act top-heavy (even though an entire egg is cracked into the single Egglette) and flips upside down, then the lid will pop off, with egg white and yoke floating all over the pan. I tried the complimentary microwave egg sandwich cooker, but the lid almost always blows off while in the microwave (even though using Egglette's instructions for the cooker), ending in blown up egg all over the microwave.

    Bad product, and they won't take it back once it's been used. How do you know how the product actually works unless you use it? Very unhappy with this purchase. Called their customer service, and rep said they would send us a replacement, but then call got dropped and Egglette rep never called me back. Why would I want a "replacement" anyway as how much could their product have changed in two months? Not just one Egglette container misbehaves, but every one of them turns upside down, lid comes off, etc., now. I tried to look up my order number online so I could include it with this review, but the Egglette company is careful to not have an order history tab you can click on. Horrible product! Poor customer service!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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