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    • Aug 24, 2019
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    Extremely unsatisfied with an exception.

    Before I explain my dissatisfaction, I want to make it clear that my review will concern TruGreen's lawn service and not their mosquito and tick prevention plan. I have only positive experiences regarding their mosquito and tick spraying.

    My main problem with TruGreen involves their lawn care plan. The first person I met with was excellent. He explained everything he was going to accomplish and he spent quite a bit of time looking around the property and treating the lawn and spraying. The next visit was largely the same. After that things started to go downhill pretty quickly. My lawn was increasingly taken over by weeds. I watched the man walk around the yard, ignoring weeds and just spraying here and there. The front lawn was completely untouched and was taken over by nut grass entirely. I left the lawn long for the next appointment so they could clearly observe the weeds. The man did spray the front but ignored the back. I was billed the normal fee. I had planned to cut the lawn over the weekend and was not expecting them to return so quickly with seeding and aeration none the less.

    I was going to call and have them come out again to review the problem the following week when all of a sudden two days after we'd spraying they are performing an aeration and seeding service. It is the middle of August and the temperatures are above 90. It is far too early for this service. Further, they never called to indicate that this appointment was scheduled. I complained because the service was far too early and I wasn't notified. The lawn wasn't prepared for seeding. The lawn was too long. There are areas where the soil needs to be turned over and filler should be added. This service costs over $200 and if I am going to pay for it then I want to be prepared. I wasn't because they didn't notify me. They always called before, maybe not as early as I like, but they called. I am 100% certain they did not call. I have the call log, the caller ID log and I was home during the time they claim to have called.

    They were argumentative about the failure to call. Interestingly, they didn't argue that this service was far too early. I found that amusing, it makes me question why they would schedule something that needs planning and entirely different weather and temperature. It comes across as unprofessional and questionable. There is zero chance the seed will take. Everyone's lawn and yard are drying out due to extreme heat and lack of sufficient hydration even when watering daily. To seed now is pointless...and they know it. Early autumn seeding...not mid-summer seeding.

    I will never use them again. I will never recommend their lawn service. Mosquito, sure, that was great.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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