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    • Mar 27, 2016
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    Metromile Insurance

    Just switched from USAA

    Overall Experience:

    USAA is a great company, but their monthly premiums are really high. I consolidated all our cars in the home and was able to save a projected $400 dollars year. I will be putting this money aside to cover my deductibles and as a cushion.

    I compared the drive by the mile programs from Progressive and Allstate.

    Progressive does not offer service in California as of March 2016.

    Allstate drive wise did not look like it lowered your premiums but rewarded you with merchandise, but to cover all the car, they monitor other aspects of your driving habit. Kind of like a big brother, which I understand. They also did not cover California as of this date.

    I like their website and how friendly it is on both the mobile version and the computer versions.

    My reasons for switching:

    • I plan on taking public transportation more to school because the commute there is pretty bad and I did not want to pay the high monthly premiums for driving less.
    • I wanted a lower premium.
    • Built-in GPS and car diagnostics are great because now I can see if my car moved if I'm not there and I can maintain my car better.
    • I like trying new things.

    My base plan for the coverage I picked is 66.24 dollars a month plus:

    • $0.02 a mile for my Civic
    • $0.053 a mile for my Prius
    • $0.025 for my Windstar

    I will try to keep my experience with them updated as I deal with them.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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