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    • Oct 7, 2019
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    Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

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    Overall Experience:

    There’s an old saying which states you can bring a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. I think the position of the one who brings the horse to the water sometimes gets undermined. We typically consider the saying and directly connect it to the will of the horse. Of course, the horse has to want to drink the water, but we must consider the journey and path the one who led the horse took. Nick Vertucci's Academy takes its students through a path and journey in which we avoid pitfalls and traps; the real estate industry is so overwhelmingly infested with. The lack of integrity you can run into daily can be destructive and devastating to those who are trying to climb up the latter, they teach us how to do things the right way. How to build long-lasting business relationships with those you need; in order to grow your business. Because of Nick’s experience of being done wrong in the business, he implements a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to doing others wrong in the industry. I say you have to convince the horse, that it’s a fine horse, you have to protect the horse while you lead it to the water, you have to build the confidence in the horse, to push all the way to the water, and lastly, you have to be there and see the horse drink the water, because you care.

    Nick Vertucci’s Academy does all the above. It’s an amazing vision that Nick was able to put into reality, even while he walked through the fire of being stabbed in the back. A guide can walk you down a path he has walked down before, but a leader can equip you with the confidence and tools to walk down that path yourself. Nick Vertucci is our leader! He has used his vision to empower me to be my own leader and create a path for myself. I thank you a million times over Nick! Without any second thoughts would I recommend Nick and our academy to anyone who dares to drink the water.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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