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    • Feb 27, 2020
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    Power AirFryer 360

    Do not buy! Cheap and sorry return policy!

    Overall Experience:

    I was so disappointed with this product, that Emeril puts his name on his is a Big Negative. I will never buy another Emeril product.

    I am an older person, who had trouble because of arthritis taking anything out of the oven because of the weight, so I purchased this product thinking I could bake, roast, fry, etc. on it since it would be eye level. First thing that happened is I couldn't see the writing on the LED panel, I had to have my cell phone flashlight on very close just to see the cooking settings on the blue side. Then once I did the settings, I had to use the flashlight just to see the minutes, etc. on the orange side. I used several of the recipes for 2 weeks, 2 times a day, and my food NEVER came out looking like the pictures in the book or on the infomercial. The food tasted ok or good, but it looked awful.

    I attempted to make fried chicken a couple of times, the batter didn't stick. I tried broiling small steaks, steaks were gray looking. The french fries were droopy. The cake never cooked right. Tried to make rice, was soggy, even though I followed the recipe faithfully. Even though the LED panel light didn't work I would have kept it if it had worked, it didn't and even though it had cheap aluminum drip tray that stained really bad; baking tray. The only saving grace was the basket. Really nice and sturdy.

    When I called customer service, the lady immediately offered me $30.00 off to keep the unit. Really, trying to give me a discount for a machine that didn't work properly? The second and third lady had to go through the whole explanation again. The last one, I asked her why she needed the information since I had already given it 3 other times. She said it was to verify my story and make sure nothing had changed. Really, like I am going to make up a story about a faulty product? As soon as my social security check came in I put it on my rolling walker and took it to the UPS and FedEx store, but they wanted over $100.00 to ship it "slow boat to a faraway land", so I took it to USPS and thank goodness a young man was coming out and offered to take into the post office for me. The first amount I was quoted was $75.86 going by the dimensions; told her that was too much - so she tried using the weight of 19 lbs. 14.4 oz. I was able to pay "only" $62.50. I returned it on 02/19/2020 and it is expected to be delivered to them on 02/25/2020. Six days to get to them because I returned it back the cheapest way possible. It was half of my grocery money for the month! I am so upset with this experience that I will never anything Tristar Products is selling.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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