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    • Oct 9, 2016
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    Elite Test 360

    Don't trust this company!

    I entered an order for the free trial of this and they charged me an extra 1.99 for insurance which I never authorized. I tried calling the customer service desk to cancel my order. It took 40 minutes on hold for them to answer my calls and the CS had such a heavy accent I could hardly understand anything she said.

    Since it took so long to get through (tried twice after holding on forever) I decided to cancel the order because I figured if I wanted to cancel in two weeks to stop them from billing me monthly I might never get through to cancel that (likely their plan). The CS ignored me when I told her 9 times to cancel my order, every time, continually, trying to offer me a lower price on the monthly plan if I don't cancel the order, reading the same words from a script over and over while talking over me. I told her I was recording the call and would send it to the FTC and post it on the internet if she doesn't give me her supervisor. She continued trying to sell me, finally she put me on hold while she got the supervisor (so she said) and came back saying she is canceling my order.

    This free offer is a scam! Based on reviews I've read there is no way you can see results in two weeks other than a placebo effect, it is just to sucker you into forgetting to cancel and getting billed monthly an amount that I discovered you can get reduced if you ask to cancel. You're a sucker if you don't ask to cancel and get a $20 cheaper monthly charge. This company is banking on the placebo effect to suck you into a monthly payment you can't cancel because they make it so hard to reach them. Further research by me showed you can get the same ingredients in this product for far less expense, BUYER BEWARE.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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