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    • Jun 25, 2015
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    Vitalie Skin Care

    Sketchy but Sort of Fair

    I tried the free sample. The eye cream burned and puffed the skin around my eyes. The face cream peeled my skin. To be fair, I have sensitive skin - sometimes shaving with the wrong product damages my skin. So, it might work for you. I received another order from them that I did not order. When I tried calling the three numbers on the packings slips, the first number was for an entirely different company. The second number was not a valid number, "not in service". The third number, someone answered, then when I tried to give them my information it was disconnected. I called back several times and the message said that the phone number was no longer in service. I panicked, thinking I was going to be charged upwards of $180 monthly from here on out, and initiated a dispute against the charges with my credit card company. As I did more research, I found this site.

    The phone number given on this site is the same as one other number on the packing slip. I thought I would try it one more time, and this time the call went through. I'm not sure how it can not be in service for ten times that I call, and then the call goes through on the eleventh time I call? Anyway, I told them the problem I was having with the products, and they said they would stop the subscription. Then I asked for a refund on the products I received, that I was returning to them. They said, at first, no refund. We went round and round about it - why can't I return a product that burns my face, etc.. Then I told them I was disputing the charge. They got more aggressive, saying they were going to take legal action and that they win 99% of their disputes (this was an immediate and "canned" response, so this was not the first time they encountered this problem). I told them they wouldn't bother with one person for $180. He told me he would give me a 50% refund, and I said I wanted a full refund. Then he offered 75% for both the eye and face cream after he spoke with his manager. I was going to have to wait 3 months to process the disputed charge with my credit card company, or get 75% back in a week. The 75% seemed like a better deal to me. After all the problems with the disconnected phone numbers, I didn't trust that I would receive the refund, so we made another deal that I would postpone the credit dispute for a week, and would proceed with the dispute if I didn't see a refund during that time. He agreed that was fair.

    I called my credit card company and stopped the credit dispute. Hence the title for this review "Sketchy but Sort of Fair". We will see what will come of it. Summary: if you have sensitive skin, this product might harm your skin. Would not suggest buying a skin care product that is on a subscription basis over the internet. Call the company, search reviews of the company online before you give them your credit card information, and call the company directly to make sure they have a legitimate phone number. If you can't find an actually website for them, take a pass. I should have know better, though it turned out OK in the end (that is, if I receive my refund). There are plenty of skin care products you can get on Amazon or your local stores.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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