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    • Dec 13, 2016
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    Severe Scoliosis and Kyphosis Relief

    Twelve years ago our oldest daughter was born with mental and physical disabilities and proceeded to light up our life in ways we could never have imagined. She's been a pretty happy kid with minimal complaints about life and she managed to beat most of her physical disabilities to become fairly mobile. We enjoyed a very stress free routine with her until the fall of 2015. Suddenly our easy going kid who was the easy sleeper of the family, stopped sleeping and started hours upon hours of fussing, moaning and frustration at night. She then book ended things by waking up super early and continuing with her grievances. She also can't speak so we had no way of simply figuring out what was up. She went from being enjoyable during the day to difficult, grumpy and generally unpleasant. Her siblings paid the price of her new grumpy nature. We were concerned with no explanation for the sudden change, which also meant no resolve and no relief for anyone.

    Early in 2016 (as soon as she turned 12) we discovered she had rapidly developed severe scoliosis, kyphosis, and lordosis. Altogether a complicated condition with unsavory and often unsuccessful 'treatment' options that consist primarily of major back surgery to fuse one's spine with rods, hooks, and screws. After scrounging together everything we had to travel across the country to two different provinces with her to see specialists about alternative options, she was turned down due to underlying conditions worsening with treatment.

    We regrouped and realized that her pain was isolated only to when she was in bed despite foam toppers and an expensive brand name traditional mattress. It was obvious she needed a new kind of bed. Naturally, we gravitated to the department store to their mattresses, but couldn't stomach the prices for memory foam there. We were already stretched pretty thin from traveling out of province for medical help. It didn't seem fair that we would need to go "toes-up" financially just to find a glimmer of relief for this wee kid.

    So, we let Google help us out and uncovered a world of online memory foam stores and a review site or two. All of which have prices that are in line with the reality of the average family financial situation. Attainable relief! In no time we narrowed our selection of several excellent brands with excellent guarantees down to a couple, but Novosbed really seemed to stand out for their extra step in the commitment to quality. They must really believe in their product to back it up with such hefty guarantees. If they were so confident (backed with nearly 5 star reviews) then it might just turn out ok.

    We liked that it was in Canada and the product is largely sourced in Canada with free shipping! We live in a very remote area of a somewhat remote province without access to retail options. Their Comfort+ really helped us take the leap into a new mattress for our complicated, twisted kid. Being able to adjust the firmness without having to return the whole mattress was gold. We haven't had to use the option because the Medium was perfect for her needs right now.

    She immediately felt better from day one on the Novosbed (medium). We forgot that she was actually very sweet and happy. The grumpy, irritable, intolerant 12 year old is gone and the well rested, pain-free, joy-filled kid is back. She wanders off to bed early every night, she can hardly wait to get into it. We don't hear a peep out of her after lights out anymore and most of the time she's content to lay in bed until the morning chaos is over before calling for help getting up. There was no off-gassing from the mattress either, which was just a pleasant side note. Other family members are putting in their requests for a Novosbed also, but in the meantime we frequently find them nestled in her bed.

    Turns out with the Novosbed she's actually pain-free 100% of the time even with severe scoliosis. We aren't sure what the future holds for her back health and we are prepared that we may one day have to make tough choices with regards to surgery, but Novosbed makes it so we can take our time to make right choices for her situation and avoid fusion surgery for now (or ever) and focus on other non-invasive treatment.

    Novosbed customer service was really excellent as well. They were warm, friendly, and professional. They seem eager to work with their customers when its needed.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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