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    • Aug 30, 2017
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    Roto Sweep


    I purchased from the TV ad that ran a while ago. I thought the Fuller Brush name was safe, so I did not worry.

    My wife and I noticed that the cat hair and human hair had stuck to the brushes and it was difficult for me to unravel it and clean it for her. When the brushes were dean, the unit seemed to work as well as can be expected for what it is.

    DANGEROUS. My wife called me today while I was at work and she said she nearly cut off a toe using the machine and blood was pouring out of what was left of her toe. As I understand her story, she was sweeping it back and forth in the kitchen and the handle came out of the sweeper at the end of the backstroke, and her immediate forward stroke with the handle hit her toe in open toe shoes.

    I asked her to bring me the handle and explain how it happened. I am an aerospace engineer and wanted to examine how the end of the handle could possibly this severe an injury. Examining the end of the handle told the whole story. They used very thin wall tuning which is bad enough, but the end of the shaft was cut off and left a very sharp edge. Anyone familiar with a machine punch can imagine an end cut at a bevel makes a very effective punch (or toe cutoff tool).

    This handle/sweeper interface is very poorly designed. The handle should not pull out of the sweeper with no effort whatsoever. They should have designed it with a hole in the shaft on the sweeper, and a spring loaded pin in the handle that locks it into the sweeper. It came out repeatedly when I was playing with it when it first arrived.

    I have never called a Personal Injury Attorney in my life, but am considering it for tomorrow.

    Recommendation: Inspect your handles and see if the end that goes in the sweeper has a very sharp edge. If so, file it down and/or make a plug for the end that no longer allows it to be an open tube (punch tool).

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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