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    • Oct 16, 2017
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    Guide to Lenders

    Suspicious, credit stolen

    I attempted two online checks to get an idea if I could be approved for a loan before applying. I used Lending Tree and this Guide To Lenders.

    The next day or two, I get an email from Avant saying I have an application on hold for me to finish. Note, I have never actually applied for the loans. This one is fine, may be part of the "checking" process. I also get an email from LendingPoint (not Lending Tree) saying that my APPLICATION was denied. I called them, and sure enough, there was a legit application for a Small Business Loan. I was checking out personal loans, but the bank the information was processing for was a bank that only does auto and SBA loans in Utah. They said the company that the application was for, however, was Quin Street. I look them up, and they are in California, like Guide to Lenders, while Lending Tree is in New York. Also, Guide to Lenders shows both Advant and LendingPoint as one of the companies they work with right on the page you use to check.

    So the evidence points to Guide to Lenders, but I can't say exactly which site did it. But having an actually SBA in your name is serious stuff, which I now have to get removed and see how much my credit information is in jeopardy. So I learned my lesson, anyhow.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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