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    • Jan 19, 2018
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    Cerebral Success

    Used almost 3 bottle, kept detailed log, and we independently tested this product.

    I have a vast knowledge of the supplement industry and have been involved for the past 12 years. I review hundreds of supplements as well as our own. I am not here to bash the product in any way, but I believe at $69 per bottle customers deserve to know the TRUTH about the ingredients along with what to expect.


    This product contains small amounts of a few popular health supplements that make up about 5% of the dose. The other 95% is contained in the proprietary blend. Even though it lists what's in the blend, it does not tell you how much of each ingredient is included. Common sense will tell you what I can GUARANTEE, that it's overloaded with the cheapest ingredient and has trace amounts of the most expensive one. Companies that use "high-quality ingredients," like Cerebral Success claims to, proudly list them on the bottle.


    So you will start to feel a slowly building clean energy once it kicks in, and as the product peaks, your overall sense of well-being increases as well. You will feel more alert and motivated to get things done that you might not have wanted to before you took your dose.

    In keeping with my honest review, I'll tell you that I will never buy this product again or recommend it. If you think the effects listed above sound good, and you wonder, why? Do those side effects sound familiar? If they do, then it's because you get the SAME EXACT results with a $1 cup of coffee as you do with this $69 supplement, LOL. The only thing you will actually feel in this product is the caffeine, and the slight rush or hot flash you feel is the flush from niacin (which is in Red Bull). You will achieve these same results with a cup of coffee, or go buy a bottle of caffeine pills for $10 at GNC along with a bottle green tea extract and a multi-vitamin. Spend $20 max and I guarantee you will be getting better and more healthy vitamins than are in this product, hands down, and the best part is you will know exactly how much of each ingredient your putting in your body. Something you can NEVER know when taking their proprietary blend.


    Literally, ANY claims of short or long-term improved memory functions, even more amazing is the claim of reduced anxiety, and that false claim is what pushed me over the edge to write this review. Picture someone having an anxiety attack, with those symptoms you're telling people that a product with caffeine and niacin that speeds up your heart rate will REDUCE IT!? Not only a blatant lie, but actually dangerous.


    We had this product tested at our lab to break down the "proprietary blend" for better insight and to be able to write this review. Like I said, I'm not here to just bash this product for fun at all so I will not post up our results or breakdown of ingredients to be fair to the company, even though they are not being fair to you. But just for our own consciences to be clear, PLEASE read this crazy rambling review before you throw away $69 (haha).

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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