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    • Feb 22, 2018
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    Nuraphone, very very good headphones

    Nuraphone started on Kickstarter and it’s their first product, so expect some minor teething problems. I’m sure the next release will be an improvement.

    From a sound reproduction point of view, they are excellent, the best headphones I have ever heard and I have a collection of Audiotechnica, B/W and Sennheiser.

    Because of the sound customization, no headphones in their normal state can come close. The only way to compare other headphones is to do it using some sort of equalization on those headphones.

    Samsung has an app called "adapt sound" which is very good. I have done some comparisons and even with equalization Nuraphones have a wider soundstage and better bass.

    If you want to hear every note crystal clear, and every instrument distinct, smooth vocals and amazing bass, then Nuraphones are for you. If you think you know your song collection, think again, re-listen, and you will hear elements in those songs you didn’t hear before, like instruments and subtle sounds.

    The rave reviews on the internet have been described by some as "hype" and exaggerated, the YouTube reviewer "unbox therapy" was commented on as "what a paid reviewer can do" and dismissed.

    These reviews are NOT exaggerated, you need to try these for yourselves to believe it. Some say the price is too high, but I think they are just right given the technology that has gone into making these headphones.

    They easily sound like $600 headphones. However, without the "personalization" turned on they do sound dull, and comments have been made that $50 headphones sound better. I have tried them without "Personalization" and they do sound dull, however when I turned on Samsung’s "adapt sound" they were great, but not as good as with "personalization" turned on.

    I have concluded that Nuraphone are the only truly "flat" headphones and that even $50 headphones have some built-in EQ bias. That’s why people shop around for different headphones until they find the ones that sound best for them, no headphones are flat, so when you find ones you like, you are getting headphones that have a sound signature that best suits your hearing profile. You don’t need to do that anymore because Nuraphone measures your hearing profile, so the music is delivered to you the way you hear.

    The Nuraphones come with a variety of cables, including: USB A & C, micro USB, Lightning, and analog. Even though they sound great with Bluetooth, the digital cable gives the best clarity and soundstage. I was also surprised by how well the analog cable works with vinyl given that the signal goes through A/D then DSP and then D/A. The Nuraphone has a chip that supports 24 bit, 48 KHz conversion which makes the vinyl sound very good; I’m sure vinyl audiophiles would be skeptical.

    The sound delivery system is both its asset and its weakness, the in-ear and over-the-ear design delivers sound to your ear like no other headphones, but prolonged use may irritate your ear canal and outer ear.

    I can wear these for about an hour before I need a break. The app still needs some work as it doesn’t work without an internet connection which I think is a limitation. Outside the house, the pre-set buttons can randomly fire off one after the other, and the buttons don’t work with every music app.

    If music quality is your major concern then these are amazing headphones. If other issues about portability and prolonged use are more important to you than the music quality, then why are you reading this?

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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