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    • Mar 30, 2018
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    Hurricane Spin Scrubber

    Very disappointed

    I bought this with all hopes of it working as advertised and I charged it the 20 hours as required when you first but it. I mean, those hours were just awful because I had wanted to get this for a while but didn’t wanna spend the 40 bucks on myself.

    The next day after the initial charge, I was so excited to go clean my bathroom and it seemed to work great, except you couldn’t put much pressure on it for those hard-to-get spots without it flexing, so I got that all figured out and I was just shocked at what a great job it did. I went and cleaned the kitchen sink etc. with it until the battery went dead (I was so sad because I was on a roll).

    So I placed it back on charge for the 8 hours it said to, and it barely charged, and I wasn’t able to use it again. I have read several reviews about this happening. So I went back to Walmart where I bought and it and they refused to return my money or even let me exchange it. They told me I had to contact the company and they said 8 out of 10 sold were being returned because they are defective in some way.

    I called Telebrands, the company that makes them, and they wanted to give me the runaround, but I stood my ground with them and they said they're sending me a new one for free. We will see because I later got an email from them saying I had to take it back to Walmart. I called them again and she told me again she would send a courtesy one to me this one time. I said no, you will replace the junk one I bought.

    So we will see if they send me another. If they could just get a few things fixed on them, they would be perfect.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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