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    • Apr 26, 2018
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    Oclean One

    Terrible customer service

    I must first say that I truly like the toothbrush. What I don't like is the inability of the company to back the quality of their product nor treat customers as they are customers.

    I bought two brushes, one in each color so that my partner and I can know which is which. I also ordered a number of additional brushes, in each color. I received all white brush heads and when I asked whether they could be exchanged for a black and white toothbrush, which looks kind of goofy to me, I was told that I could make the "additional purchases" on Amazon ("only one color could match the extra brushes but today you can buy any color on Amazon:"). The fact that I asked for four in each color was not their concern. The additional sale was.

    Then after two months, the charger stopped working. It kept saying something along the lines of charger not correct and eventually the brush ran out of juice and stopped working. Again, I contacted customer service and was told that I would need to take a video (of what a toothbrush that didn't work or a charger that was not engaging, I'm not really sure) and to provide the serial number. Now I assume that most people don't write down the serial number of items they buy unless they are extremely expensive. I do assume that a company has the serial number of the item they sell. In other words, they should have it whether I have it or not.

    They basically then told me that they couldn't help me. To say that I find their service bad would be kind. There are a number other similar toothbrushes out there. My suggestion is to go explore other options. I was going to buy one for each of my children, not anymore. Companies that don't stand behind their product and treat people poorly don't deserve the business.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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