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    • May 4, 2018
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    Bissell CrossWave

    Second replacement CrossWave in less than 12 months

    Today I called in my SECOND warranty failure on my $300 CrossWave.

    I purchased it in August 2017 and the first one failed in February 2018, less than 6 months after receiving it. The water fails to disperse through the two small nozzles

    I called for service information and was told to take a paperclip open and poke into the two water tubes at the base of the unit, nope didn't work. So, the instructions are to "cut the power cord" from the device and they will email me a return label for the electric cord, and once received, they will send me a replacement.

    Two weeks later the replacement arrived and it worked, I use it more for vacuuming, but the floors (hardwood and tile) are cleaned two a month or as needed.

    This afternoon the replacement fails, same problem, and I call into the service department. Same thing, paperclip and try and dislodge anything preventing the water from coming out. Nothing.

    As a NEW approach, I was instructed to "remove and reset the handle itself," I did so, and water came out only "once" than nothing, again.

    Same instructions, waiting for a return email, so I can cut off the power cord for return. I also made a point that my record was to reflect this is the last one, and if I have a third failure within one year I'm expecting a full refund.

    Since this is the second one, I asked for a similar Bissell apparatus to mimic cleaning the floors, and was advised "same for same."

    This will be the second one headed for the trash bin when replaced; good advertising, or neighbors think I'm rich.

    OH! One final comment - these are disposable units, you can NOT take them into an authorized Bissell repair facility, they won't touch it.

    It did an initial good job when first received, I liked the simplicity of the two in one idea. However, I am expecting reliability for $300 and I "ain't" getting it.

    Lesson learned for "a trusted name." I gave this two stars; the vacuum works, but that's NOT what I purchased it for.

    I will give the people in the call center five stars; very good and informative, helpful, and explained everything clearly. Great job.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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