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    • Jun 26, 2018
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    Bad customer service

    I have reached out to customer service and they take forever to respond. They said they corrected the issue and another one arose. It says it can find my last deposit to contact customer service...again. Now I’m waiting for them to respond...again. So frustrating. The first time I used it, it worked easily and quickly.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Oct 5, 2018

      Kimberly N.,


      We sincerely apologize for the troubles you've had, and we'd like to improve your experience moving forward. We sent you a support message (#1502720) to discuss this further, please check for our response.



    • Nov 16, 2018

      Ashley A.

      This app is THE best! I have never had any problems with customer service. They always respond to me right away and are super friendly and efficient. I never had any issues with cashing out. My money is always there when I need it. This app is truly useful for anyone with a steady job that needs that little "extra" from time to time. I don't understand the bad reviews. It seems like user error if you ask me. Download the app, you won't regret it.

    • Dec 22, 2018

      Aimee G.

      Will I get charged since I canceled my account? Is my bank account safe?

    • Dec 26, 2018

      Alicia C.

      It was a great app until I requested they don't debit my account, due to an emergency. I would need to mail in the payment or set up a different payment method. They still debited and refused to respond to any messages through the app, direct message or email. I filed a claim with my bank and the BBB.

    • Feb 2, 2019

      Sabrina E.

      I work for GrubHub for several months now. The only problem is that you get paid on Thursday of every week and I would like to get paid sooner than that. I decided to try Earnin app and it has been the biggest headache ever since. The process is not simple and easy as you would think. You have to screenshot your earnings in Grubhub but not only that you have to screenshot your account information once a week. Also, The app has a week delay from what your bank account shows. It's not worth it. I spoke with customer service 4 times and every time it's a nightmare.

    • Feb 19, 2019

      Shay C.

      The same thing that happened to someone else happened to me. I had no problems using this app at first. I even referred my two adult children to use it. I switched my bank account number only and had a slight issue, but they resolved it rather quickly.

      Here we are now a month later and they debited my account for their money of $100 and then turn around and say I can only take $4. I went back and forth with someone named Estella who seemed like she was copying and pasting her answer and not really listening to what I was trying to tell her. Then she got slick through the chat and I was outdone. I told her what I made and she all but called me a liar because I only have a portion of my check deposited into this one particular account. I have the right to have my check deposited wherever I want to. The other bank I have they don't support, so I use this account when I need some extra money, but my entire check does not deposit into it just a portion.

      Then I ask for a supervisor and they put some guy named John Q, which I think is just a name cover up. He repeats her basically the same copy and paste answers, telling me my account was set up wrong months ago and how he apologizes but that I need to put more of my check into this account to get $100. Are you serious? If I do that, what's the point?

      This app was a nice little way to avoid payday fees, but at least with a payday loan company you know what you are getting and there aren't any changes. It's pricey but at least they are clear cut and dry. Earning keeps changing their mind whenever they want to, and that is not customer service. He even said if I deposit 50% of my check then they can let me cash out again. Really dude. Maybe you should make that clear when people sign up. Normally I get great customer service from them but this time these two people were very disappointing and I am considering no longer using this app. I will also spread the word about this.

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