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    • Jul 5, 2018
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    Do NOT join HomeAdvisor as an advertiser!

    Overall Experience:

    I joined only two weeks ago. They took my $348 for membership, and after another week, they started sending me "leads." In five days time, I received six leads at an average of $80 per lead. Only one of those leads was I actually able to contact and estimate a job. Of the remaining five, three of them I could not make any contact at all (did not answer phones or emails and did not return calls). One of them was given to me completely outside the scope of work I do, and one could not do the job at all due to an electrical junction box location. I used their request credit link and was given a credit for two of them. Great! Right? I gave it a few days to see if any of the other three would call back, they never did. One of these "customers" had an address less than 2 miles from me, so I drove over there to find it was a dilapidated trailer park and the lot number the "customer" listed was a vacant lot!

    I called my rep at HomeAdivsor to be told that the gist of it is if the phone number for the "customer" is real then they charge for the lead. That is NOT a lead! It is not a lead if you NEVER EVER get to communicate with the customer at all. Further, I looked at my directory listing, the only thing you get for your $348 per year, and they had a phone number listed, which isn't even my number! I called the number to see that the call goes to HomeAdvisor (in care of my company). They do this so that when I am lucky enough to get someone to look me up and find me directly, they still get ran through the HomeAdvisor system so that I can be charged for a lead fee! You got that? You get to pay twice for those customers! Of course, as soon as I sent my HomeAdvisor "rep" an email about this, they immediately put my real phone number there.

    When you call them and complain they let you know that it clearly states in their umpteen pages of terms and conditions that I agreed to pay for any garbage they throw at me. Here's the real question though - how many other contractors received those same garbage leads that I did? Just exactly how much did HomeAdvisor make from these jobs that were never going to materialize for anyone? Their business model is awful and predatory, and they don't care one bit. On to the next poor contractor to pilfer his advertising budget. Shame on these chiselers!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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