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    • Nov 3, 2018
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    Total scam

    DraftKings uses avatars to fill contests. Have you ever been in a contest that had 100000 people? And it only had 50000 in it the day before the contest? Well, they use avatars to fill these contests. Faceless, no-name players that fill the contest with admins and roto grinders stat people. No one I know has ever won even a top 5 on a big contest ever. I have over 500 friends that play and none of them have ever won number one on ANY contest in over a year of playing daily.

    And when you're playing these contest, you cannot see the other 90000 players, at least not all of them. That's because they use those slots and autofill guys that are making points in Progress. So if you see yourself in a number one and there's nobody around you and all of a sudden there somebody tied with you with the next best guy you know where it came from. Some kind of algorithm that fills these contest when they don't sell enough slots. So my advice is not to play against computers because it is a computer after all. Stick to small contest with your own people, and then you might have a chance of winning something.

    But, all in all, the million dollar contests are all BS! I know nobody who's ever won.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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