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    • Jan 7, 2019
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    Cyclone Rake

    Arizona high country

    Overall Experience:

    I was needing a heavy duty piece of equipment for cleaning up ponderosa pine needles. Up here in the high county I don't have a green grass lawn with pretty maple tree leaves falling. Ponderosa pine has 9-11 inch pine needles and pine cones the size of my hand. I needed something heavy duty to help clean this up and not some weekend Tonka toy. I checked all different brands of lawn vacuums and selected the Cyclone Z-10. I wanted all the extras options such as electric start, 10" hose, pick up and discharge hose. I didn't want to have to buy options later. I don't have a large place to clean up, only 5 acres, but very heavily wooded.

    In the past years, it was taking me and my wife 3-4 weeks of raking plus 8-10 6 yard dump trailer loads of debris to dispose of. My new Cyclone cut clean-up time to 2-3 days. This machine is a real beast. Naturally I have to pick-up brush that is finger size or larger, and baseball size rock.

    Use common sense with the machine or you can turn a great piece of equipment into scrap parts quite quickly. There is no machine that I am aware of that can clean-up rock or brush. If there was, I would own one. I use a mulcher blade on my mower and the Cyclone mulches everything up again as it goes into the trailer bag. Then I spread it out using cyclones loading hose. It then mulches things a little bit finer. The debris is fine enough, I use it as compost in my pasture. It has taken a lot of research with trial and error but, I grow red top clover and alfalfa using the mulch made from my Cyclone.

    You may have noticed I only gave Cyclone three stars. There are things that could stand some improvement. If the bag is too full, it is too heavy to pick up to dump. The tail swing is 12' and the bagger trailer hits trees trying to turn. The Cyclone is very dusty, make sure you are wearing a full face respirator. Cyclone advertises the Cyclone can be stowed under a bench or hung on a wall. This claim I believe is being stretched somewhat, but I've never tried hanging a 10 HP engine on a wall.

    Is there room for improvement, yes. Is the Cyclone well built, yes. Do I personally like or recommend the Cyclone, yes. Do I recommend the purchase of a Cyclone, yes, depending on the purpose and use.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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