What is VaporX5 Neuro?

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Feb 7, 2017

VaporX5 Neuro from MuscleTech is a 5-in-1 powdered pre-workout supplement with a blend of researched ingredients that claims to deliver enhanced mental focus, explosive energy, and extreme muscle pumps. How so?

Each two-scoop serving of VaporX5 Neuro’s supercharged neurosensory matrix promises to amplify nitric oxide production in the body and deliver just the right amount of caffeine to get you amped up for your toughest workouts.

All you have to do to experience these benefits is mix two scoops of VaporX5 Neuro with cold water and consume 30 minutes before your workout.

Even if VaporX5 Neuro is flavored in one of the world’s top flavoring houses and third-party tested, does this necessarily mean its ingredients will provide any benefits? Even then, will they deliver results in line with the supplement’s price?

That’s exactly what we’re here to help you uncover, without all the hype. And there’s perhaps no better way to judge effectiveness than by looking at the clinical evidence for VaporX5 Neuro’s ingredients.

Which Ingredients Does VaporX5 Neuro Contain? Are They Effective?

According to the label listed on the MuscleTech website, two scoops of Peach Mango Neuro contains:

Important note: At least one popular affiliate website also listed Nitrosigine and betaine, although these weren’t listed on the Neuro website at the time of our research.

According to authoritative websites like WebMD and Examine.com, there is some clinical evidence that taking 3.2g-6.4g of beta alanine may help improve physical performance related to high-intensity exercise and strength training.

Similarly, anywhere from 10-35g daily of creatine (loaded for a period of 4-10 days) may also help improve athletic performance. Keep in mind that the effectiveness seems to largely depend on “the fitness level and age of the person using it, the type of sport, and the dose.”

Anywhere between 500mg and 2g of acetyl-l-carnitine per day is listed on authoritative sites as possibly effective for a number of conditions, including improving memory, reducing nerve pain, treating male infertility and symptoms of age-related testosterone deficiency, and improving blood flow to the brain.

60-400mcg of huperzine A per day may help improve symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and age-related mental decline, while caffeine can temporarily improve mental alertness.

As you can see, authoritative websites report that there are many clinically substantiated benefits for several of the ingredients included in VaporX5 Neuro.

But will it provide the level of energy, mental focus, and extreme pumps promoted by the manufacturer? At least according to authoritative websites, this might not be the case.

It's also important to point out that most of VaporX5 Neuro's ingredients are part of a proprietary blend. So, even for those ingredients that might provide some benefit, we can’t know if the supplement contains enough to deliver results.

What Side Effects Might You Experience With VaporX5 Neuro?

While the exact results they’ll provide remains to be seen, the good news is that we’re told most of VaporX5 Neuro’s ingredients probably won’t cause anything worse than mild, temporary digestive upset—if anything at all.

The most common side effect associated with niacin is flushing, while higher doses of beta alanine may also cause flushing and tingling.

Stimulants like caffeine may cause rapid heartbeat, nervousness, and insomnia if you’re especially sensitive (again, we’re not told how much VaporX5 Neuro contains).

Note: Because of this stimulant content, MuscleTech recommends that you not consume VaporX5 Neuro within five hours of bedtime.

Hawthorn and l-theanine seem to be safe, although it’s reported that long-term safety isn’t fully understood (longer than 16 weeks and three months, respectively).

Finally, in rare instances, WebMD tells us that yohimbe has been linked to severe side effects like irregular or rapid heartbeat, kidney failure, seizure, and heart attack.

Are There Other Supplements In the VaporX5 Lineup? How Do They Compare to Neuro?

Neuro seems to be the newest supplement in the VaporX5 lineup, which also includes Next Gen and Ripped.

Next Gen is also classified as a pre-workout supplement and contains all the same ingredients as Neuro, with the addition of betaine and arginine. Arginine is converted inside the body into nitric oxide, a gas that’s shown to widen blood vessels and improve circulation.

As a result, it’s listed as possibly effective for addressing chest pain, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, and some types of inflammation.

Ripped combines a pre-workout and a weight loss supplement, with the addition of Robusta coffee and rosemary, neither of which authoritative websites indicate are meaningfully effective for shedding pounds in humans.

How Much Does VaporX5 Neuro Cost?

MuscleTech makes VaporX5 Neuro in Peach Mango and Blueberry Lemonade flavors. They didn’t sell it directly, and the only website that listed the supplement at the time of our research was Bodybuilding.com, where 30 servings were priced at $39.99.

Even there, the supplement was listed as “Coming Soon.”

While no refund details were listed on the MuscleTech website, since they don’t appear to sell products directly, the exact details will depend on where it’s purchased.

Do MuscleTech Products Come With Positive Online Customer Reviews? Are Preworkout Supplements Effective?

MuscleTech manufactures a fairly extensive line of supplements—including powdered protein, amino acids, weight loss, multivitamins, bars, muscle builders, and pre-workouts—which seem to come with mostly positive customer feedback on websites like Bodybuilding.com and Amazon.com.

As with any pre-workout supplement (whether from MuscleTech or a third-party company like BioMuscle XR, Maxx NO, Superior Muscle X, and Blackcore Edge), the most common customer complaint seemed related to no results.

Obviously, this doesn't mean you'll experience the same with VaporX5 Neuro, since this depends on many biological factors that will differ with each individual.

However, according to Jordan Moon, an exercise physiologist and sports nutritionist at the US Sports Academy and Concordia University Chicago who was interviewed for a LiveScience article, pre workout supplements generally contain ingredients that will boost blood flow, increase heart rate and focus, and even make the skin tingle.

But that doesn’t mean these supplements will “make people bigger, stronger or faster.” In other words, they’re intended to “give athletes the perception that their workout is supercharged,” but not necessarily to make a meaningful difference in fitness.

Is MuscleTech’s VaporX5 Preworkout Supplement Worth the Money?

There are hundreds of different factors that can affect your overall satisfaction with any product you purchase. But when it comes to VaporX5 Neuro, you want to know: Will it provide solid results based on what you pay?

Again, while the supplement contains several ingredients that come with clinically substantiated benefits, authoritative websites report that you probably won’t experience the “extreme” results promoted by MuscleTech.

In other words, might VaporX5 Neuro temporarily (and mildly) boost alertness and physical performance? The clinical evidence seems to point in that direction.

But will it immediately turn you into some kind of ripped animal? It doesn’t seem like the clinical evidence—or feedback from professionals—reflects this reality. Granted this seems to apply to any pre-workout supplement; not just Neuro.

Fortunately, VaporX5 Neuro will be sold through several reputable, national online retailers upon release, so getting your money back if you’re dissatisfied probably won’t be a problem. Just keep in mind you’ll probably lose a few bucks in S&H charges.

What did you think about the results provided by VaporX5 Neuro from MuscleTech? Was it worth the money? Give us the inside scoop by writing a review below!

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