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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Dec 7, 2016

Varidesk manufactures a line of height-adjustable standing desks (also known as sit-to-stand desks) that work with your existing furniture, are super-easy to set up and adjust, and are affordably priced.

In order to “make it as easy as possible to stand up and take your work to the next level,” most Varidesk models feature a patented spring-assisted lift mechanism and dual handle design for “effortless” raising and lowering, along with a heavy weighted base that remains stable at any height.

Also, cleaning your Varidesk is as easy as wiping down the surface with a warm, damp cloth.

We’re told you’ll get innovation and ease with Varidesk, in addition to a direct-to-consumer business model that cuts out the middlemen, passes the savings along to customers, and eliminates back orders and lag time.

What’s up with this whole stand-while-working trend? Is there anything to it? And if so, will Varidesk help provide a balance between “health and productivity”? Is it your best option?

There are a whole lot of factors to consider before placing your Varidesk order. To help inform and empower you as a consumer, let’s discuss what we learned during our research.

Is Standing While Working a Better Option?

Most of us understand that sitting in front of the TV too often can have some negative health consequences. But did you know the same goes for your work environment?

According to the Mayo Clinic, any kind of extended sitting can be harmful to our health, whether it occurs on the couch or in the office.

What’s more, even if you go to the gym a few hours per week, this doesn’t seem to offset many of the health risks, including organ damage (heart disease, colon cancer, etc.), strained neck and back from poor posture, muscle degeneration, leg disorders, and more.

Given these serious risks, is there anything you can do? The Mayo Clinic tells us that the solution could be as easy as standing instead of sitting whenever you have the chance.

This includes while you’re talking on the phone or eating lunch, figuring out alternative meeting places (such as on a walk), as well as using standing desks like Varidesk.

Is There Clinical Evidence Linking Standing Desks & Improved Health?

With this said, we think it’s important to keep your expectations realistic. Why?

In a nutshell, because it seems there isn’t a lot of clinical evidence drawing a definitive link between standing desks and real world health benefits.

This is based on the findings of Dr. Jos Verbeek’s, a health researcher at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, who co-authored an exhaustive review of the available body of clinical research related to standing at work.

Ultimately, it concluded, “The quality of evidence was very low to low for most interventions mainly because studies were very poorly designed and because they had very few participants.”

One study that wasn’t part of Dr. Verbeek’s review, however, was completed in 2016 by Texas A&M University’s Health Science Center School of Public Health. It found that call center employees using standing desks were more productive than those who used standard seated desks.

This actually outlines an important point: According to a 2015 US News article, it appears what you do at your standing desk is just as important, if not more so, than standing in the first place.

In other words, to avoid any health consequences when standing, you should frequently move (such as adjusting your weight from one foot to another) and alternate between sitting and standing. And if you have a job that requires fine motor skills or long rounds of concentration, a standing desk might not be the best solution.

Finally, while it’s true that standing burns more calories than sitting, the difference is fairly negligible (about 100 calories a day). Standing will also tire you out more quickly, so you’ll have to decide whether the extra calorie burn is worth the added fatigue.

Varidesk’s Refund & Warranty Information

All Varidesk products come with free shipping within the continental US. Their desktop models arrive fully assembled and ready to go right out of the box.

Varidesks feature a 30-day guarantee—including return shipping—and a 1-year warranty. Customer service can be reached at (888) 532-5997.

Important Note: If you file your warranty claim outside the 30-day return window, you’ll be responsible for shipping your desk back to the manufacturer. And considering that some models weight up to 72 pounds, this might cost a pretty penny.

With all of this said, which Varidesk models are available? What will you pay to move yourself—and your working environment—toward better health?

Which Models Does Varidesk Offer? How Much Do They Cost?

Regardless of the model, all Varidesks feature their patented spring-assisted lift mechanism that allows you to raise or lower them in seconds, along with heavy weighted bases for stability at any height.

Ultimately, the differences between them come down to size and workspace configuration, based on your needs.

To provide you with a quick reference, we’ve summarized each models’ key factors below.

Varidesk Pro Series

Varidesk Pro SeriesAll Varidesk Pro models feature one flat work surface to configure as you choose. Image credit: Varidesk.

Varidesk’s Pro Series sit-stand lineup features a single, flat surface (no separate keyboard tray/mouse deck) and 11 height settings, allowing you to choose how to utilize your workspace. There are three models in the lineup, which differ only in their size and price:

Model Price Footprint Max/ Min Height Weight Limit Ideal For:
Pro 30 $375 30.0"W x 26.7"D 15.5" / 5" 35 lbs Single monitor or laptop, limited space
Pro 36 $395 36.0"W x 26.7"D 15.5" / 5" 35 lbs Dual monitors, more spacious work area
Pro 48 $495 48.0"W x 26.7"D 15.5" / 5" 45 lbs Multiple large monitors, maximum work area

Varidesk Pro Plus Series

Varidesk Pro Plus SeriesImage caption Varidesk’s most popular model, the Pro Plus 36. All Pro Plus models feature a separate keyboard tray and mouse desk. Image credit: Varidesk.

Compared to Pro, Varidesk’s Pro Plus Series provides a two-tiered design, with a separate keyboard tray and mouse deck, and 11 height settings, giving you plenty of room for accessories and making raising and lowering even easier.

Available in Black, White, and Butcher Block colors.

If you’re 6’ 1” or taller, Varidesk’s Exec models provide an additional 5.5” (13.97 cm) of height compared to other models, along with nine height adjustments. In fact, the company claims it's one of the tallest sit/stand desks available.

Model Price Footprint Max/ Min Height Weight Limit Ideal For:
Pro Plus 30 $375 30.0"W x 29.7"D 17.5" / 4.5" 35 lbs Single monitor or laptop, limited space
Pro Plus 36 $395 36.0"W x 29.7"D 17.5" / 4.5" 35 lbs Dual monitors, more spacious work area
Pro Plus 48 $495 48.0"W x 29.7"D 17.5" / 4.5" 35 lbs Multiple large monitors, maximum work area
Exec 40 $550 40.0"W x 28.0"D 23" / 4.75" 78.87 lbs / 45 lbs Those over 6’ 1” tall
Exec 48 $595 48.0"W x 28.0"D 23" / 4.75" 45 lbs Those over 6’ 1” tall, extra workspace needed

Varidesk Cubicle Series

Varidesk Cubicle Series Shown here is the Cube Corner 48 model, designed to fit seamlessly in any standard cubicle. Image credit: Varidesk.

If you or your employees work in a standard cubicle environment, their Cube series promises to provide a sit-stand solution.

The Cube Plus model is available in Black and White, and features nine height settings, a top display surface, tiered keyboard mouse deck, and a slim profile.

The Cube Corner model features 11 height settings and a triangular display surface, while remaining large enough for dual monitors.

Model Price Footprint Max/ Min Height Weight Limit Ideal For:
Cube Plus 40 $450 40.0"W x 23.7"D 17.5" / 4.5" 35 lbs Single monitor standard cubicle setup
Cube Plus 48 $495 48.0"W x 23.7"D 17.5" / 4.5" 35 lbs Dual-monitor standard cubicle setup
Cube Corner 36 $495 36.0"W x 33.5"D 17.5" / 4.5" 35 lbs Cubicle corner setup, single or dual monitors
Cube Corner 48 $495 48.0"W x 33.5"D 17.5" / 4.5" 35 lbs Cubicle corner setup, dual monitors

Varidesk Compact Series

Varidesk Compact Series The only model in the Compact Series, the SOHO, is portable and ideal for laptops and notebooks. Image credit: Varidesk

The SOHO model, part of Varidesk’s Compact Series, is designed to accommodate laptops and notebooks, using a single deck and nine height settings. Available in Black or White, we’re told SOHO pops up or folds down in seconds.

Model Price Footprint Max/ Min Height Weight Limit Ideal For:
SOHO $175 31.0"W x 14.0"D 15.75" / 2.25" 10 lbs Laptops & notebooks

Varidesk Pro Desk Series

Varidesk Pro Desk Series Varidesk’s standalone Pro Desk 60. Image credit: Varidesk.

Compared to other models, the full-size, height-adjustable Pro Desk 60 worktable is intended to replace your existing desk. As the name implies, you’ll have 60" of workspace for monitors or other hardware, along with nine different height settings.

Despite its much more substantial size, Varidesk tells us the Pro Desk 60 assembles in minutes, with no tools required.

Model Price Footprint Max/ Min Height Weight Limit Ideal For:
Pro Desk 60 $795 60.0"W x 34.0"D 43.5" / 30" 50 lbs Standalone desk applications

Varidesk Accessories

Varidesk Accessories Varidesk’s VARIChair, one of several accessories intended to complement their work surfaces. Image credit: Varidesk.

In addition to their desks, Varidesk offers nine different accessories:

VARIChair: $195 – Features an articulated pedestal design and cushioned seat that allow you to engage your leg, back, and core muscles while comfortably sitting or leaning. The Air-lift piston also gives users up to 220 lbs of support, from 23" to 32.75" in height.

Monitor Mount for Mac: $125 – Gives you the ability to tilt, swivel, and shift your large Apple monitor for better ergonomics and more workspace.

Single & Dual Monitor Arms: $125; $195 – Allows you to position your monitor(s) in the optimum location for ergonomic comfort. Features 19.8lb weight capacity, tension adjustment, and seamless integration with your Varidesk.

Dual Monitor Arm 180°: $125 – Allows you to lift up your monitors for more desk space, while providing an 180° range of movement. Ideal for cubicles.

Monitor Arm & Laptop Cradle: $195 – Here, you’ll be able to lift your display 12" above your desk, along with tilt, swivel, and shift capabilities. Can hold your monitor and 15” or smaller laptop in the same position (also compatible with Apple monitors).

The Mat (34" & 36" models): $50; $60 – A 5/8" high-density standing mat designed to support your feet, knees, hips, and back.

The ActiveMat: $95 – Made of the same material as the original Mat, the ActiveMat features sloped edges (or a “dynamic shape,” as the manufacturer calls it) that can help you comfortably stretch, shift, and stand in a variety of positions.

Varidesk’s App

Available for Windows PCs, Macs, and iOS and Android devices, Varidesk’s app was developed to help ease you into the process of standing while working, as well as alternating between sitting and standing.

Achieving positive benefits from a standing desk will require developing new habits, and it seems Varidesk’s app can help start you off on the right foot.

Varidesk's AppA screenshot of Varidesk’s iOS app, showing the time remaining, total hours spent sitting and standing, and calories burned. Image credit: Varidesk.

Varidesk tells us that you simply need to download the app, set the amount of time you want to spend standing and sitting, and it will alert you at the appropriate times.

You can also enter your weight (available in pounds and kilograms) and the app will track your total calories burned for each session.

Varidesk Reviews: Are Customers Improving Their Health or Working More Efficiently?


On their website, most of Varidesk’s products seemed to come with nearly 5-star ratings, based on more than 2,000 customer reviews.

There, common compliments referenced health benefits (improved energy; reduced back, hip, and shoulder pain), quality construction (ease of use, sturdiness, no motion transfer, versatility, etc.), and great overall value for the price. Remember this point, because we’ll come back to it in the final section.

Amazon Varidesk Reviews

Varidesk’s Pro Plus 36 model had a similar average rating of 4.8 stars on Amazon at the time of our research, based on more than 1,000 reviews. Most compliments mirrored those found on the company’s website, while most complaints referenced preference-related concerns.

Work While Walking

On the other side of the coin, Work While Walking provided some insightful advice based on their experience with The Varidesk Pro model (although no size was listed).

Overall, they seemed to like its foolproof installation, its stability, and its 11 different height settings. Their list of drawbacks, however, was much longer.

They didn’t like Varidesk’s heavy base (recommending that you’ll need two people to move it to another desk), the fact that minute adjustments can’t be made in height, as well as its arc adjustment motion, which can unplug cables and make parts of a desk inaccessible.

In the end, they concluded that the “VariDesk Pro is easily outmatched by other standing desk converters” that deliver better value (more about this next).

Are There Any Varidesk Video Reviews?

While you’ll find dozens of online Varidesk video reviews, one of the more popular ones is from YouTube user Conrad Sykes.

They ultimately gave the Pro Plus 36 model a 5 out of 5 stars, although he admitted it might no be perfect for all users. If you have a couple of minutes to spare, it could be well worth your time:

What About Reviews for the Varidesk App?

On both iTunes and Google Play, the Varidesk app had an average rating of 2.5 stars. Compliments were similar between both websites, with many users enjoying the helpful reminders while they eased into standing while working.

On the other hand, many users seemed to dislike the fact that you can’t track your history over the course of weeks or months, as well as frequent bugs/crashing.

How does this feedback compare to the competition?w

Are There Other Standing Desk Options?

If you search online for “standing desk converter” or “sit stand desk converter,” you’ll quickly learn that you have many different options, including popular models from manufacturers like Ergotron, UPLIFT, Victor, and more.

If you add freestanding desks into the mix as well, you’ll have hundreds more options, many of which come with similarly positive user feedback.

From a price perspective, Varidesk’s converters are at the upper end of the spectrum. In fact, while you might lose some of the quality and/or adjustability, you can find sit-stand desk converters online from third-party manufacturers for as little as $70.

What’s more, if you’re handy (and a little lenient in your needs), you might even be able to build a DIY standing desk for less than the cost of a desktop converter.

Which option is best? To help you narrow down your choices, we’d recommend reading LifeHacker’s The Complete Guide to Choosing (or Building) the Perfect Standing Desk. Not much time? Here’s the Cliffs Notes version:

  1. Take measurements. How large you want your workspace to be, how large of a floor footprint your space can accommodate, your height, keyboard placement, and more. Don’t forget space for cables and accessories!
  2. Buy or DIY? This depends on the amount of time you’re willing to commit to the project, your skill level, as well as your overall budget.
  3. On-desk attachment or whole desk? If you decide to buy, should you go with an attachment, like most Varidesk models, or a standalone desk? Again, this will largely depend on the size of your workspace and overall budget.

We’ve covered a lot of territory here, so let’s bring it all home.

Does Varidesk Deliver a Solid Value?

Do Varidesk’s sit-stand models represent a fairly large investment? Sure.

However, as we’ve discussed on many occasions, the price is but one component in overall value.

In other words, will Varidesk help you work more efficiently? Reduce pain and fatigue? Provide years of reliable service? If so (and this will certainly be different for everybody), then the steep price could easily be offset by the long-term benefits.

On top of this, Varidesk provides free shipping and a 30-day return policy on all their standing desk converters—including return shipping—so you might have little more to lose than some time for giving one a try.

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