About VegieFresh

VegieFresh encourages you to stop wasting food and “be a part of the solution” with its package of minerals you put in the fridge next to your fresh fruits and vegetables. They tout it contains Zeolite, which eliminates the Ethylene Gas emitted by these foods as they decompose. They result, they say, is you will spend less money on groceries and help save the planet from harmful emissions.

VegieFresh was invented by Steven Gerson, a former chef who has 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry. But aside from the fact that his company RD Fresh is based in Midlothian, VA, has 2 employees and an annual revenue of $130,000 no other rating or information is available from the BBB.

How VegieFresh Works

VegieFresh comes in a package which they say contains a 100% natural mineral mix that includes Zeolite. This is a highly absorbent compound, which is also sold in the marketplace as a health supplement, and it’s also a common ingredient in detergent. (Yum!)

They claim Zeolite will soak up the Ethylene Gas that emits from fruits and veggies as they ripen and subsequently rot in your fridge. It is said that presence of this gas accelerates the degradation process, and by removing it, VegieFresh claims it will extend their useful life by 50% (but it is unclear where they get this number). This, they say, will not only save you money on food every month, but is also good for the environment.

The VegieFresh Environmental Claims

Vagie Fresh says its product is 100% biodegradable, except for the plastic packaging itself, which they note can be re-used, recycled, or returned to DuPont, its maker. They tout this makes it a “zero footprint food product”.

They also claim by reducing your individual waste of food, you can decrease the amount of garbage sent to the landfill, thereby reducing the amount of methane released into the atmosphere; methane has been determined by the EPA to be more harmful than carbon dioxide. They list some startling numbers: around 30% of food goes to waste in the US, costing $48 billion dollars and landfills account for 34% of all methane emissions. By using VegiFresh, could you or your family’s personal reduction help? In the words of your Uncle Morton: “It couldn’t hurt!”

VegiFresh Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

VegiFresh retails for $14.95 with free standard shipping, with 2 or more at 12.48 each. They say they will give you a full refund and give no specifics as to a time limit. They ask you send them an email with “as much detail as possible” and they will comply with your request.

VegieFresh includes:

  • Vegi Fresh packet (lasts 3 months)
  • Free shipping

Bottom Line: Is VegiFresh a Scam?

VegiFresh is really nothing new, in spite of the claims by its inventor as there are several other companies out there with products using similar ingredients; but in greater quantities at a cheaper price. We suggest you help reduce harmful, wasteful dollar emissions from your wallet by shopping for these products at Amazon.com. 

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