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Using soft silicone touch points and over 7,000 pulsations per minute, VibraNew is a waterproof, handheld skincare device that’s claimed to deliver facial cleansing, anti-aging, and refreshed and rejuvenated skin in just one tool.

According to the manufacturer, VibraNew’s touch points accomplish this by removing dead skin cells, unclogging 99.5% of pores, and eliminating 98.5% of makeup residue. And when compared to other sonic facial cleansers, VibraNew’s nonporous silicone is claimed to be up to 35X more hygienic, and its brushes to never require replacement.

When you’re finished cleansing, VibraNew’s design allows it to be turned over and used to relax and smooth fine lines and wrinkles, which provides anti-aging benefits. As such, VibraNew claims to provide you with a “daily facial in the comfort of your own home.”

How Does VibraNew Claim to Work?

Based on the instructions on the VibraNew website, the facial cleanser should be used for one minute in the morning and again at night, and works over 4 steps:

  1. Remove all makeup and apply your normal cleansing product.
  2. VibraNew’s pulsations will pause every 15 seconds, allowing you adequate time to cleanse each area of your face.
  3. After application, rinse away your cleansing product.
  4. Finally, apply the anti-aging surface to fine lines and wrinkles for 12 seconds at a time. As with the second step, VibraNew will pause every 12 seconds while you transition to a new area.

According to the company, with regular use, your VibraNew will help you experience clearer, brighter, and healthier skin in just a few days.

Let’s be honest ladies; we’re all fed up with spending a ton of money on beauty products that ultimately offer more hype than real-world results (or in some instances, no results at all). So does VibraNew break this trend and provide visible benefits? And if so, are they in line with what you’ll pay? Consider the following:

What Will Your VibraNew Look Like?

First, during our research, we noticed that the image displayed on the VibraNew website features a distinctly different product than the one in the VibraNew commercial.

As you can see from the image below, the website version of VibraNew appears to have a slightly curved surface, while the other (shown in the product’s commercial) appears to have a more rounded appearance with different touch point patterns.

Are VibraNew & Foreo Luna the Same Product?

With this said, for all intents and purposes, the VibraNew design shown in the product’s commercial appears identical to the Foreo Luna, down to just about every detail imaginable.

Because of this, we might be left with one of the following conclusions. Either:

  • The Foreo Luna has been rebranded as VibraNew, and is now being sold at 1/10th the price (more about this in the Pricing section), or
  • A Luna was used in the filming of the VibraNew commercial, but you’ll actually receive the left-hand version shown in the above image.

If the latter is true, then it appears VibraNew’s silicone touch points are much shallower than the Foreo Luna’s and are placed on a curved surface, which may or may not provide the same level of cleansing power.

Can Sonic Pulses Really Provide Rejuvenated Skin?

Whether delivered through spinning brushes in more traditional sonic facial treatments, or through silicone touch points like with the VibraNew, what kinds of benefits can you realistically expect to achieve?

First, keep in mind that despite all the marketing hype used by manufacturers (such as claiming to be an in-home facial or to provide anti-aging benefits), these types of devices are simply designed to clean your face. But can the cleansing action provided by VibraNew really provide all of the claimed benefits?

TheBeautyBrains performed an in-depth analysis of some of the most popular sonic cleansers (including the Luna, which is basically identical to the VibraNew as noted above), and concluded:

If you have “normal” skin and you wash your face diligently with a washcloth, you may not see much additional benefit from any of these devices. BUT, if you have skin conditions like those that Dr. Draelos mentioned [facial scars, acne vulgaris, pseudofolliculitis barbae and seborrheic dermatitis], you may be able to more effectively and more gently clean your skin using a sonic cleanser.

Ultimately, despite their big claims, the vast majority of manufacturers (VibraNew included) provide little-to-no evidence to back them up. Because of this, it really comes down to personal preference, although you might be able to achieve the same level of cleansing using a washcloth.

Are Women Pleased with VibraNew’s Performance?

VibraNew was a very new product at the time of our research (URL registered January 2015) and didn’t have any online customer reviews available.

As we mentioned above though, if VibraNew is a rebranded version of the Foreo Luna and features a nearly identical design, based on more than 100 customer reviews on Sephora (as of 3/26/15), the Luna had an average rating of 4 stars, with common compliments citing smoother skin, ease of use, and that it remains charged for a long period of time.

On the other hand, some of the most common complaints cited poor product quality (consistently stopped working) and failure to experience any results.

As a company, VibraNew isn’t listed with the Better Business Bureau (as of 3/26/15), and there isn’t any manufacturer information provided on the company’s website.

VibraNew Pricing & Refund Policy

Two VibraNews (in either pink or blue) are priced at $19.95 plus $13.90 S&H (compared to the Foreo Luna, which costs about $199.99).

Important note: There wasn’t any refund or warranty information provided on the VibraNew website, so we contacted customer service at (203) 349-8609. Unfortunately, each time we called we were only offered the ability to leave a voicemail for an individual (in other words, there was no indication we were contacting VibraNew).

However, most ASOTV products come with 30-day refund policies, less S&H charges. In the instance of VibraNew, this means you could lose almost as much in S&H charges as what you’ll receive as a refund if you’re dissatisfied.

What Can You Really Expect from VibraNew?

Chopping to the Point: When it comes down to it, there are a lot of unanswered questions about VibraNew, including which product you’ll actually receive, as well as the company’s refund policy. This, in conjunction with the fact that sonic cleansers like VibraNew may not provide any more cleaning power than a washcloth, means that we’d recommend approaching your purchase with a great deal of caution.

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