Vigeda Shower Head Review

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Feb 13, 2019

The Vigeda Shower Head combines resin pellets, activated charcoal and a laser-cut showerhead to eliminate elements in your water that can damage your skin and hair as well as save you money by maximizing water pressure.

The showerhead is one of the trending types of showerheads that include various materials in their neck and head, whether it’s filtration pellets or Vitamin C.

The company who sells the shower head is referred to as “pure-eco-spa” and the address to which you send returns is based in the United Kingdom, which leads us to believe the company behind the product is based in England.

The claims that the company makes about their Vigeda Shower Head are striking enough to warrant an analysis of how it works and what its pellets and charcoal do.

“The innovative showerhead from Vigeda restores and protects the natural oil layer of your skin and brings dull and lifeless hair back to life,” the site says.

In our review, we’ll analyze how the shower head works, the big claims the company makes, the shower head’s pricing as well as how the Vigeda compares to similar showerheads found on Amazon.

How the Vigeda Shower Head Works

As we mentioned earlier, there are three distinct parts to this shower head, the neck, the head and the spout from which the water comes out.

The neck of the showerhead is filled with clay-colored resin pellets the company claims will filter out chalk and magnesium. They say that these two water ingredients “are the reasons why your hair feels brittle and dry.”

The activated charcoal pellets included in the head behind the spout are intended to remove chlorine and bacteria, the company says, which, in turn, helps your skin to return to its “natural balance.” The website quotes a dermatology expert they call “D. Fisher,” saying that chlorine in the water can break down “the natural oil layer of your skin and hair.”

The spout has 250 laser-cut holes that the company claims create enough pressure from reduced water use that you can “save up to 60% of water” in comparison to the average showerhead.

It’s important to point out that the company doesn’t say its showerheads can replace self-care products that promote soft hair and healthy skin.

Examining the Effectiveness of Resin Pellets and Activated Charcoal

To understand exactly how resin pellets and activated charcoal clean water, we headed to a great article by Minnesota-based Premium Water Technologies.

The company’s in-depth explanation reveals that resin pellets’ molecular structure is such that it can trap things like calcium and magnesium. We believe this corroborates Vigeda’s claim that the showerhead’s pellets can filter out chalk (calcium-based build up) and magnesium.

The article goes on to say that resin pellets’ lifespan is based on which percentage of molecular strength they have. The Vigeda site doesn’t say what the percentage of their resin is. Our typical course of action is to call the product’s customer service line. In this case, no number was listed on their site, fine print included.

We also know through research of this product and others that activated carbon is specially processed to be able to trap contaminants and chemicals on a microscopic level. Exactly how effective it is in cleansing your water is hard to say because most activated carbon/charcoal is something you see in a residential water filtration system as opposed to a showerhead.

Our research indicates that, in general, it’s hard to know how many minerals and other microscopic objects the Vigeda’s pellets and activated charcoal can filter out. So, we can’t make any sure statements about the product’s ability to keep your hair shiny and protect the top layer of oil on your skin.

Vigeda Shower Head Pricing and Return Policy

The Vigeda was available for purchase at the time of publishing for $59 along with free shipping in the U.S. and Canada. Two showerheads were $88 and three showerheads were $117.

Taking into account the fact that resin pellets and activated charcoal wear down over time, it would be a nice perk to be able to buy replacements on the Vigeda website. However, we could find no way to buy replacement pellets on the site.

As for returns, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to return your purchase. Now, if you decide you want to make a return, you have two choices for how to get your money back: refund or exchange.

The only way you’re able to get a refund is if you return the showerhead unused. If you’ve used it and don’t like the results, then you’re eligible for an exchange.

The final important piece to the return process is shipping. The return address is in England, which means you’ll pay at least around $15 in shipping just to return the Vigeda.

If you want to start the return process, you’ll need to email the company at The mailing address for returns is: Capybara Labs Ltd.; 71-75 Shelton Street; Covent Garden, London, England; WC2H 9JQ.

The Final Word: Pros, Cons and How the Vigeda Showerhead Compares to the Competition

As you look over our analysis, it’s important to point out that how good of a value the Vigeda is – all things considered – really has to do with how much other similar showerheads cost. Our research indicates that there is a multitude of showerheads that feature water-saving spouts and two types of pellets to filter and soften water.

The Luxsego Ionic Showerhead is a good example of some of these competing products. The product helps dry hair and skin via ionic pellets. The showerhead costs $18.95 and had nearly 1,000 reviews at the time of publishing.

The showerhead also had the Amazon’s Choice designation given to products with good pricing, good reviews, and fast shipping.

All things considered, we think the strength of the Vigeda showerhead is that the resin pellets and activated charcoal it uses have the potential to remove calcium, magnesium and other elements from water.

How long those pellets and charcoal last are hard to pin down, particularly because there was no way to reach the company by phone to find out the effectiveness percentage of Vigeda’s resin.

The downside to the showerhead is that we found several similar products on Amazon for much cheaper.

We believe that this showerhead could actually improve your skin and hair, provided the components in the shower neck and head work like Vigeda claims. However, we believe, based on our research, this product may not be worth the investment considering the variety of more affordable alternatives elsewhere.

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