About VIZR Heads-Up Display

By J.R. Duren
HighYa Staff
Published on: Dec 21, 2018

VIZR is a heads-up display that allows you to see navigation directions without distracting you while you drive.

The product is manufactured by FIXD, who produces vehicle-based navigation and diagnostic tools. Their VIZR provides a solution for people who are using phone navigation to get to their destination but don’t want to have to look over at a phone, whether anchored in a phone holder or laying on a seat.

Using the device is as simple as placing your phone on the VIZR and opening up a HUD-enabled navigation app. We’ll get into the details of exactly how the device works in a few seconds.

In this review, we’ll talk about how the product works, discuss its pricing and return policy, then compare it to other similar products.

How VIZR Works

The VIZR sits atop your dashboard and has two main parts: the phone platform and the HUD (heads-up display). When you install it in your card, you’ll need to screw in one piece and attach another piece before you can place it in your car.

Once the VIZR is put together, you can remove the adhesive underneath the base, their help site says, and then “firmly press” it on your dashboard. For best results, FIXD recommends cleaning on the surface where you want to stick the device, then pressing the device’s adhesive spot for 10 seconds before letting go.

According to FIXD, the base is 6-3/8” inches wide and the glass upon which your phone displays navigation is 2 5/8” high by 5 15/16” wide. Because the device has a large screen, the company says it’s compatible with “all phone makes, models and sizes”.

Because the device is relatively small and adheres to your dashboard via an adhesive, it can fit in any car that has a wide enough dashboard to fit the base. Also, because the screen is nearly six inches wide, it works with virtually any smartphone.

At this point, you’re ready to roll. As VIZR points out, you’ll have to download a HUD-enabled navigation app on your phone in order to use the device. Their website recommends HUDWAY Go, an app that’s available for both Android and iOS phones.

At the time of publishing, HUDWAY Go had more than 500,000 downloads in the Android store and has an average rating of 3.4 stars from 2,200 reviews. The app gets an average of 3.2 stars from more than 250 reviews in the iTunes store.

Pro tip: Non-HUD navigation apps like Google Maps will not work with VIZR.

VIZR Pricing and Return Policy

VIZR is available for purchase at Fixdapp.com/vizr. At the time of publishing, the VIZR website sold the device for $39.99 for a single unit, $59.99 for two and $79.99 for three.

We went through the checkout process and discovered that standard shipping was free whether you bought one, two or three VIZR’s.

If you can’t afford to pay for your VIZR device, the company offers interest-free financing through a company called Affirm. We looked at the fine print and found that interest rates start at 0% but could go higher.

Affirm will run a credit check and if you have low scores – 650 and below – there's a good chance you won’t get an interest-free offer but, rather, you’ll have to pay a certain amount in interest in addition to your three payments.

You have 30 days from the date of purchase to return your VIZR if you aren’t happy with it. According to the company's fine print, your refund will be the cost of the item minus taxes and shipping.

If you want to start a return, then you’ll have to send an email to support@fixdapp.com. In that email, the company says you’ll need to include “your receipt or proof of purchase”. Without it, you cannot request a return.

Once you confirm the return with FIXD, you’ll send the device and the original packaging to: FIXD Automotive; 75 5th St. NW, Suite 380; Atlanta, GA 3008.

How VIZR Compares to Other In-Car Hud Displays

When you’re shopping for these types of devices, you find basically two choices: a clip that holds your phone horizontally or vertically, or an actual HUD device like VIZR.

We took a quick look at the above options available on Amazon and sorted them in order of those that were highest-rated.

The highest-rated HUD is a device that only reveals data about your drive (speed, RPM, gas consumption) and doesn’t serve as a navigational tool. This particular device was priced at $79.99.

As far as phone clips go, the Kamisafe Car Phone Holder is a clip that attaches to your dashboard just above your steering wheel so that, as your phone provides directions, you can keep your focus straight ahead and occasionally glance down to see where you’re going. This particular device was $9.99.

The product closest in function to VIZR was a dash-mount HUD device that was priced at $19.99. This particular device had more than 125 reviews and an average rating of 2.4 stars, with common complaints being that it was hard or impossible to see.

We mention this VIZR-like product to point out that one of the main complaints about VIZR-type products is that the on-screen visibility can be difficult. VIZR’s website notes that if you’re having difficulty with their product, adjusting your phone’s brightness should alleviate the problem. They also recommend adjusting the angle of the HUD display.

As far as pricing goes, many of the HUD devices similar to VIZR were priced between $16.99 and $18.99. Based on this data, it seems as though VIZR is priced a little higher than competing devices that claim to provide the same functionality.

Are HUD’s Safe?

While using a HUD device helps you keep your eyes looking at the road ahead, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a distraction.

At some point, you’ll most likely look at your HUD screen long enough to be distracted from what lies ahead. This certainly isn’t specific to the VIZR – it’s a hazard common among all HUD devices and electronics in general.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, navigation systems count as a driving distraction:

“Distracted driving is any activity that diverts attention from driving, including talking or texting on your phone, eating and drinking, talking to people in your vehicle, fiddling with the stereo, entertainment or navigation system—anything that takes your attention away from the task of safe driving.”

With this in mind, remember that HUD systems don’t make you invincible – they merely lessen the distraction of your navigation system. Instead of having to look to the seat next to you or the dashboard above your center console, you’re averting your eyes for a split-second to look at your dash mounted HUD screen.

The Final Word: Pros and Cons of VIZR

Our research of this product indicates that the VIZR’s main strength is that it provides you a HUD readout that keeps your eyes looking straight ahead instead off to the side, for example, to view the navigation system on your phone.

Also, we like how the device is compatible with all phones.

However, one of the VIZR’s biggest drawbacks is its price. It is more expensive than similar products on Amazon. And, as we found in our research of various HUD devices, there’s a consistent complaint that displays are hard to read.

In general, we believe that the VIZR and similar devices offer a better alternative, safety-wise, than leaving your phone on the seat next to you or using a clip that doesn’t affix your phone to the dashboard above your steering wheel.

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  • 6 out 6 people found this review helpful

    Do not waste your money

    • New Zealand,
    • Apr 17, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    As I said, don't.

    I contacted them about a question about Hudway Go. They replied for me to contact Hudway as it's their issue. I contacted Hudway and the reply was VIZR was a copycat (inferior at that) of their own product and they couldn't help me.

    So my $39.95 product that was charged on my Visa at over $70.00 is at the dump.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 13 out 14 people found this review helpful


    • Missouri,
    • Mar 21, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    I didn't have a chance to use it during the warranty period so returning it is no option. The program is difficult to navigate through. I can't return to the previous screen by hitting the back button. You have to upgrade to premium to get their full services. Mostly, however, you cannot read the screen. The reflection is so low, both day and night, all I can see is the road in front of me. Good idea, bad design. I would not recommend anyone purchase this product.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 14 out 20 people found this review helpful

    Horrible customer service

    • Texas,
    • Mar 14, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    I ordered three VIZRs as gifts in November. Two of them cam back to me recently, as one person soon got a car with GPS and never used it. The other preferred Waze on the phone.

    Two days ago I contacted VIZR telling them the situation, wanting to return two and get a refund. The repeated response has been:

    We have two warranty policies.

    1) If you are unhappy with the product for any reason, you have 30 days to return it - no questions asked.

    2) We offer a one-year replacement warranty for the VIZR itself. If there is any defect with the device, we will send you another one free of charge.

    Clearly this does not work for me. I said I would publish their bad customer service and inflexibility and that’s what I am doing.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 22 out 22 people found this review helpful

    VIZR Heads-Up Display

    • New York, NY,
    • Mar 1, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    Overall, a very bad experience with this product.

    1. The base is poorly designed, since it does not have any rubber pads that will stay in place on the dashboard. Instead, it uses one-time use adhesive pads, where you have to peel off a protective cover, requiring you to "permanently stick" the base onto the dashboard. You cannot use this with rental cars or friends’ vehicles where portability is needed.

    2. It can only be used with a few apps that reverse the screen view so you can see a readable reflection. You need to download these onto your phone. Not being able to use Google Maps or Waze is a problem.

    3. The mirror simply reflects the phones light emission, with no light enhancement. As a result, the reflection is not very strong and not easy to see in daytime lighting conditions. Very ineffective. Overall, not worth the money.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 24 out 25 people found this review helpful

    Would not recommend

    • United Kingdom,
    • Feb 5, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    Highly overpriced for what it is. I am no novice but found it messy to set up using the apps suggested.

    Not very well made - mine was delivered with a crack in the screen. Also, no protective covering on the screen as there should have been, so suspect it was one that had been returned, so as I said, very badly made.

    To sum up, save your money. It is utter rubbish, just a gimmick that does not work.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 23 out 25 people found this review helpful

    VIZR Heads-Up Display purchased through FIXD

    • Oldsmar, FL,
    • Feb 5, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    I ordered this online on 12/16/18 for a Christmas present. Supposedly a 30-day return. Considering it was a Christmas order, it was not opened until the 25th and it took 6 days to be delivered. So 1/3 of our warranty was gone before we opened it. This was not disclosed that the warranty started on the day you ordered. Which is very dishonest.

    We started trying to use it on the 27th of December and there was very little information with the unit. We could not make it work and had someone else try. We went on their site (FIXD) and tried to look up solutions. Nothing worked so by the 24th of January we tried to get the refund form from their site. It refused to open after three days of trying. It would look like it was going to download with a little green wheel that went around and around and never downloaded.

    Finally, on the 28th I sent emails to FIXD and told them we had been trying to install it and it didn't work and would like a refund. That is when we were first told that the warranty period started on the day of shipping. So they have refused to provide us with a refund slip and basically said we are stuck with it.

    Reading other reviews it is a piece of junk. The person I talked to, Sarah J, told me in my original email that this was a new product and they were continually working on it. This was no help to us. She offered to send us a sensor, but I told her we could not make the unit work and just would like a refund. As of now, the FIXD company has stuck us with the $50 piece of junk.

    Please read all the reviews before you buy from this company! They are dishonest in telling you that you have a 30-day warranty and then the website does not work when you try to get a refund form!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 25 out 25 people found this review helpful


    • Miami, FL,
    • Jan 27, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    I purchased three units for Christmas. I cannot use with Google Maps. Must download HUDWAY. Must grant HUDWAY access to contacts. WHY? Cannot transfer all my saved addresses from Google.

    The VIZR unit is very difficult to read in the Florida sunshine. The only clear reading is the paint stripes on the road in front of me. I cannot see the road or the names of the turns I need to make.

    I am having extreme difficulty navigating around HUDWAY program. When I typed in my home address, I was told it did not exist. I cannot even input my home address!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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