About Walk Right

Walk Right Insoles claim it is a revolutionary product that cushions and massages your feet with every step. They tout that Walk Right’s liquid-filled sole will fit any shoe and relieve your tired, throbbing feet.

Walk Right Insoles are championed by Michael S. Clark, MD, FACS, a member of the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery and the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. However, there is no information, accreditation, or rating for Walk Right Insoles on the BBB website. (The Walk Right web store is created by Digital Target Marketing.)

How Walk Right Insoles Work

They claim Walk Right Insoles are a rubber shoe insert that contain an “inner pocket of therapeutic, comforting liquid” that they say will make your feet feel good. (No further information on the composition of the liquid is provided.)

To use Walk Right Insole, put in your shoes - they say they will slip right in to any type. Then, go about your day. They boast that the sole follows the natural motion of your feet which they claim will provide cushioning and gentle massage every step you take. They say this will help you “walk away from sore feet and stiff muscles”. They suggest you can use them to support your feet at work, while running errands, or taking a stroll in the park.

People whom they claim are first time users of Walk Right Insoles say it’s “like walking on a cloud”, or that they “really, really like” them, and even that their feet “are having a serious party” - or, at least the ones in their commercial did. Dr. Clark claims he is a runner who uses them in his shoes and finds them very comfortable. He is also quoted as saying they have been very successful with his patients.

Walk Right Insoles claim they are less expensive as well as more effective than what they call “department store insoles” because they won’t wear out. They claim you will save more than $50. If you use their product in your shoes every day, they promise you will have no more aching feet.

Walk Right Insoles comes with:

  • 1 pair Walk Right Insoles (XS, S, M, L, XL, XX)
  • 1 pair “free” (same size, extra S & H)

Walk Right Insoles Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

They say a pair of Walk Right Insoles can be yours for $10 plus $7.95 S & H but they automatically add another $7.95 S & H for a “free” pair making the real total $25.90 for 2 pair. They promise to ship your order within 30 days and once you receive them, you have 30 days to try Walk Right Insoles. If they don’t put the spring in your step, return  (you pay for the stamps) and they will refund your initial $10, but not the $15.90 in S & H.

Bottom Line: Is Walk Right Insoles a Scam?

Purchasing special shoe inserts are always a good idea, especially if you are on your feet all day. These seem to be good for comfort (not athletic support or orthotics) but we question the excessive S & H. You may want to shop and compare with other brands.

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