About Water Glide

Water Glide says if you use its liquid product you can wash your car in 10 minutes or less and the water will glide right off (hence, the name). They claim it works on glass, chrome, and painted surfaces – afterwards you won’t even need to towel it off.

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Water Glide is another new product from the folks at Telebrands. They are the mother of all direct marketing companies as they have been in business 30 years and even invented the “As Seen On TV” logo. They are accredited by the BBB and have an A- rating.

How Water Glide Works

Water Glide is a special cleaning solution for your car (but its actual ingredients are not listed). To use Water Glide, add a cap full to a bucket of water; then wash your car. They claim not only can you do this in 10 minutes or less, but you won’t even need to use your Sham Wow (not included) to dry it off. They add it works on glass, chrome, all painted surfaces, all types of vehicles, and will leave no water marks anywhere.

The infomercial shows a red car hood – one side washed with “regular” car wash cleaner and the other with Water Glide. They pour multiple buckets of water over both sides; on the side with Water Glide, water just beads right off. A testimonial from an unnamed car salesman calls Water Glide the “industry standard” for cleaning cars on big lots.

Water Glide includes:

  • Water Glide “double offer”
  • Pocket Hose Ultra (extra S & H)

Water Glide Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

Water Glide sells for $10 plus $7.99 shipping for a total of $17.99. They claim this is a special “double offer” enough for 30 car washes. When purchasing you have the option of adding a 25 ft Pocket Hose Ultra for an additional $7.99. Telbrands has a very specific return policy for their consumable products: they do NOT accept used merchandise. If you do want to return Water Glide, make sure the product remains unopened and return within 30 days for a refund, minus S&H. Note: you must also include a written “detailed explanation” as to why you are returning the product or your request could be refused.


  • Wash car in 10 minutes
  • No towel scuffs


  • Ingredients not listed
  • Can’t return open merchandise
  • As Seen On TV products sometimes have disappointing results

Bottom Line: Is Water Glide a Scam?

Telebrands releases lots of products of varying quality, but the main problem we have with them is their lousy return policy. You cannot return this product once it’s opened. That means, even if it doesn’t work as advertised, you are left holding the bag (or in this case, bucket.) If the idea of Water Glide does appeal to you, we suggest buying the same product from Walmart or Amazon when it becomes available, companies which have smaller shipping fees and a more generous return policy.

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