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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jul 16, 2017

The makers of the Water Jet claim that it sprays over 1,800 bursts per minute, allowing for a stream of pressurized water that cleans the teeth and gums, removing food particles and plaque as it goes.

The makers of the device say that it is easier and more comfortable than traditional flossing, provides a “complete clean” by getting into spots that regular floss can’t, and is waterproof, allowing you to take it into the shower with you for increased morning routine efficiency (something we could all use a bit more of).

Finally, they go on to state that it is ideal for those with dental implants, crowns, or bridges, as well as people with braces and even those with healthy, normal teeth.

This is all good information, but next, let’s take a look at how the company describes using Water Jet in their explainer video, as well as on their main website.

How To Use The Water Jet

Seeing as the device is cordless, using the water jet is reported to be as simple as filling the internal reservoir with water, switching it on, and choosing which of the three modes you’d like to use; normal, soft, and massage.

Once you’ve chosen your mode, you aim the detachable head at your gumline, spraying between each of your teeth in order to clear out harder to reach areas. We aren’t told specifically how Water Jet accomplishes this by the manufacturer and customer service didn’t provide any additional insight, though it would appear that the device builds pressure using the electrical charge provided by the batteries.

If you have multiple people using the same Water Jet, you can change out the tips as needed, as well as remove them for cleaning whenever necessary.

Ease of use aside, will water flossers like this provide any real-world benefits?

An Evidence-Based Look At Flossing

Now that we know a bit about the Water Jet’s design and functionality, how effective are these types of devices, in general?

As it turns out, the dental community seems to be a bit divided on the matter. Some dentists claim that, while these types of devices make for a good supplementary addition to your daily oral hygiene routine, they do not work as well as traditional floss when it comes to actually removing plaque from teeth and gums.

However, a study published by the National Institute of Health showed that, when compared head to head using a sample size of 70 adults, a popular water flossing product (which, like Water Jet, is also cordless and battery-powered) performed significantly better at removing plaque when coupled with a regular toothbrush, than when using a combination of traditional string floss and toothbrush.

Of course, one study is not necessarily enough to cement something as fact. But nonetheless, these results have shown that these devices can be an effective tool in your arsenal against the causes of gum disease.

Taken together, while there’s nothing wrong with regular flossing per say, there is some precedent for the assertion that water flossing systems, in general, can be effective for cleaning your teeth and gumline.

The question now becomes: Can the Water Jet specifically provide these results? More on this in a moment, but first, let’s take a look at how much the device will cost you.

Water Jet Pricing & Return Policy

As of this writing, the Water Jet was available directly through the manufacturer for $19.99, plus a mandatory $7.99 fee for the second double offer unit, along with a $7.99 shipping and handling fee and a $1 web service fee. All told, this brings your grand total to $36.97, which includes four interchangeable tips, two Water Jet devices, and two travel cases.

Note: We confirmed with customer service that the deluxe model is the only option available.

We also confirmed that the device is battery powered, though they are not included. Customer service did not have information on which type of batteries the device uses when we called.

As for the return policy, the terms state that the product includes a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, less shipping, handling, and web service fees. This means that out of $36.97, $27.98 is refundable. To initiate a return, you need to call customer service and get authorization at 866-446-4067.

Water Jet vs. Alternative Flossing Options

When it comes to flossing, for the past several hundred years, traditional string has not had to endure much competition. In recent times, however, that’s all changed with the invention of water-based cleaning devices like the Water Jet.

Looking around online, a simple Google or Amazon search for water flosser brings up dozens of different products, many of which share very similar designs to the Water Jet. For instance, many of these devices feature multiple pressure options, are cordless, and include interchangeable tips.

By far the most popular of these products (based on Amazon best-seller lists and number of reviews) are the Waterpik brand devices. Similar to Water Jet, the Waterpik Freedom model costs $39.99 (for one unit only) and is also waterproof. However, it only features two pressure modes, lacking the “massage” option that the Water Jet sports, and is available in white and black colors.

Comparatively, due to the fact that it was exclusively sold through the manufacturer at the time of our research, we were unable to find any verifiable third party online reviews of the device.

On the other hand, the Freedom came with over 1,000 reviews, 69 percent of which were four stars or higher. That being said, some reviewers noted that they had issues with the device failing after a period of several months, and that replacing the batteries did not solve the issue.

Additionally, the number one selling product on Amazon as of the time of this writing was a larger version of the Waterpik called the Aquarius, which is corded, due to it’s larger, standalone reservoir. The Freedom’s tank is six ounces, while this larger version is 22 ounces (we called customer service, who wasn’t able to provide Water Jet’s reservoir specs).

The Aquarius also features 10 different pressure settings and a massaging mode, and costs $58.89 for the white model and $69.99 for the black one.

What does all of this information mean? Ultimately, if you are looking for more water capacity, or have multiple users in your household, a larger model with a standalone reservoir might suit you best. However, if you are looking for a compact system, perhaps one better suited for travel, a smaller all-in-one unit like the Waterpik or Water Jet might fit the bill.

How to choose between these two, or others? As consumer, we’d look at the available reviews for the products you are comparing. Again, there were no reviews for the Water Jet (that we found as of this writing, anyway), but competitors like the Waterpik enjoy several hundred on Amazon alone.

One last important factor to consider? The water pressure–-often measured in PSI–-of the unit you are thinking about purchasing. Waterpik branded products list their pressure, and according to their website, the cordless models have a range of 45-75 PSI.

By contrast, we aren’t told the PSI for the Water Jet, and customer service did not have the information on hand when we reached out for clarification. Without this detail, we can’t reliably say that the device will be as powerful as retail models like the Waterpik.

The Final Verdict On The Water Jet

Overall, we have a few thoughts about the Water Jet that are worth considering for anyone going into a potential purchase. On the one hand, the device features a competitive price (two for the cost of one of some competitors), three pressure settings, and enough interchangeable tips for multiple users.

On the other, popular competitors have the support of hundreds of satisfied customers, with some featuring additional settings and larger water reservoir capacities, albeit at a higher price. There’s also the water pressure itself to consider, with popular competitors stating their pressure ranges while the Water Jet does not.

Should you decide to give the device a try, make sure that you keep the return policy in mind, as you could also potentially purchase an alternative water flossing device locally, possibly allowing for a more convenient return process if you decide the product isn’t for you. Not to mention that it could save original and return S&H charges.

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