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Afraid of water damage that could cost you thousands of dollars? Wish there was a simple way to “stop running water in its tracks”?

Enter Water Snake. This super absorbent fiber roll uses hydrophilic technology (the same technology used to clean up industrial oil spills) to quickly wick water away, whether: 

  • Around doorjambs and windows,
  • In the basement,
  • On wood floors,
  • In front of sliding glass doors,
  • Underneath window air conditioners,

… the sky’s the limit! And once moisture comes into contact with Water Snake, it stays inside for good and dries out quickly, meaning it can be reused hundreds of times. With Water Snake, you’ll be able to say ‘no’ to leaks, towels, and buckets—just lay it down and it goes to work!

Ask yourself this: “Once all the marketing hype is cleared away, what exactly is Water Snake? How well can you expect it to perform? Are there other options that will provide a better value?” Great questions! We’ll cover it all here.

What is Water Snake’s “Hydrophilic Technology”?

Technically, hydrophilic is defined as “having a strong affinity for water.” In other words, hydrophilic substances or products are attracted to it (and in the instance of Water Snake, absorb it). This is in contrast to products like Espro Sports Cleaner and Block Out, both of which are hydrophobic (they repel water).

But what kinds of hydrophilic fibers is Water Snake filled with? We’re not told, although the company claims it can hold up to 8 pounds of water (which is only about a gallon). Are there other products like Water Snake that can help give us some insight? Let’s take a look next.

Are There Similar Products To Water Snake?

Because we review so many similar products, sometimes we feel like we sound like a broken record. But it’s important here to keep in mind that many ASOTV products are just slightly redesigned (and less expensive—more in a moment) versions of products that already exist. And Water Snake seems to be no different.

If you search online for “door water absorber” or “door water barrier” (there are several other variations you can use to get results), you’ll quickly learn that, although there aren’t a ton of options, several products closely mirror Water Snake. This includes the original Mr. Thirsty Water Eater.

In fact, it appears that Water Snake is a rebadged version of something originally manufactured by Miles Kimball

Unfortunately, there weren’t any online reviews yet for the new version, but what are customers saying about the Miles Kimball Water Snake?

What’re Customers Saying About Water Snake?

One of the most common complaints we encounter for As Seen on TV products  is failure to work as advertised (more about this in a quick second). But is this necessarily the case with Water Snake?

On Amazon, the Miles Kimball Water Snake had an average rating of 4 stars based on 45 customer reviews. There, many claimed that it’s an effective, inexpensive solution for soaking up water. On the other hand, some claimed that they only worked a few times (if at all), that it was too short to be of any use, and that it “becomes rancid” after just a couple exposures to water. 

On the Miles Kimball website, the previous Water Snake version had a similar 4.5-star rating, with main of the same compliments noted on Amazon. In fact, none of these ratings were lower than 4 stars.

Now, it looks like the older Water Snake version was priced at $9.99 for the regular size (38" long x 4" diameter), or $17.99 for the large size (36" long x 5 3/4" diameter). Comparatively, how much does this ASOTV version cost?

Will Water Snake’s Price Make You Feel All Washed Up?

One Water Snake (no mention of size) will cost you $10 plus $6.99 S&H. You’ll also be able to order a second at checkout for $6.99 S&H more. So, on the surface, it appears to be less expensive than the older version.

However, keep in mind that Water Snake comes with a 30-day refund policy, but this is less S&H charges. So, even if you ordered just one, by the time you shipped in back to the company, you’d probably lose more in S&H charges than you’ll get back.

If you’d still like to go ahead with your refund, you’ll need to call Telebrands customer service at 855-668-1655.

Before we wrap things up, this is a good time to quickly talk about the company behind Water Snake.

Is Telebrands a Good Company?

Telebrands is the oldest ASOTV company, having been in business for more than 30 years. As you can imagine, they’ve produced some highly popular products in that time, including recent examples like Hurricane 360 Spin Mop, Bullseye Pee Pads, Dump Cakes, and more.

Despite their length of time in business, most of the products seem to come with fairly low customer ratings (about 1.5 stars here on HighYa). Why? Common complaints include failure to work (as advertised, or sometimes at all), poor quality (even if they did work, many customers claimed they stopped working in a relatively short period of time), and poor customer service.

On top of this, as a company, Telebrands has recently been in some hot water with the NJ Attorney General’s office, and was forced to pay a $550K settlement for allegedly violating the Consumer Fraud Act. The company admitted no wrongdoing as part of the settlement.

Now, we’re not saying this is necessarily what you can expect with Water Snake, but we think it’s important that you understand the full picture.

Is Water Snake For You? Putting Their Claims Into Perspective

Alright, to bring everything home, let’s take a step-by-step approach to deciding whether or not Water Snake’s right for you:

How wide is Water Snake? This we’re not told, although the previous Miles Kimball version was either 36” or 38” wide, depending on model. Given the fact that most exterior doors are 36” wide, we’d expect Water Snake to be at least this wide as well (otherwise, it might not be of much use, right?).

What happens when Water Snake fills to capacity? After Water Snake becomes full (remember, it will only hold about a gallon), if water is still flowing from a pipe leak or an especially hard rain, it will probably just flow around it. In fact, in several of the demonstrations in the product’s video, you’ll notice that the sides are carefully contained to prevent this from happening.

Telebrand's Water SnakeThis certainly isn’t a real-world demonstration of Water Snake’s abilities, since the water is carefully restricted from flowing around it.

So, unless you have an airtight seal against your door, it’s still perfectly feasible to experience some water intrusion, even with Water Snake in place.

Are there better options than Water Snake? Given these concerns, if you’re looking to provide as much water protection as possible for an exterior door, we think there are more effective options. This includes door water barriers like Quick Dam

No, it’s not exactly like Water Snake, but we think it might provide more bang for your buck. But if you’re only looking to soak up moisture from a window A/C unit or from a refrigerator, a product like Water Snake might work well—assuming you don’t have an old towel laying around somewhere, which will cost you nothing.

But if you do decide to roll the dice on Water Snake, we’d recommend drying it immediately in a well-ventilated space, as quickly as possible (such as in direct sunlight), in order to avoid mold or unwanted smells.

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