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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Oct 28, 2014

Weight Destroyer claims to be a simple to follow, fully organized “total wellness guide” that uses simple, biology-based guidelines to help you achieve optimal health without the use of prescription medications, restrictive diets, calorie counting, or other weight loss products. Whether you’re looking to lose 7 or 70 pounds, Weight Destroyer claims to be customizable for each individual, and to “totally and permanently revolutionize your health.”

What’s the Story Behind Weight Destroyer?

Narrated by Michael Wren, who, after being given 6 months to live by his doctors because of his obesity, claims that he lost 53 pounds in 6 weeks using the Weight Destroyer program, which ultimately saved his life. With this said, there are a whole lot of claims thrown around on the weight destroyer website, but we’ll be sure to cover some of the most important here.

Michael claims that after his nephew, who was a biologist at a university-based laboratory in California, found out he was dying, he let him know about an unconventional method of melting away body fat in a short amount of time. Michael’s nephew is claimed to have written all the details of the plan on a yellow legal pad, handed it over, and told him to follow it closely.

After beginning the program, Michael claims that he began sleeping better and felt more mentally focused once a few days had passed, and by the time a couple months had gone by, he’d lost 53 pounds, reduced his biological age from 57 to 31 without drugs or surgery, lowered his blood pressure and cholesterol, and reduced his heart rate. In fact, Michael claims that his doctor told him that his heart tissue “seemed to be repairing itself.”

How Does Weight Destroyer Claim to Work?

Overall, the Weight Destroyer program claims to be based around dispelling 3 common myths:

  1. Eating low-calorie, healthful foods isn’t necessarily helpful, because it causes your body to go into “starvation mode,” which can cause physical stress. This also deprives your thyroid of the nutrients it needs to function properly, because fruits and veggies are low-density and low in energy.
  2. Exercising 4-5 times per week damages your body by not giving it enough time to recover, further depleting your energy reserves and increasing stress on your body.
  3. Drinking 64 ounces of water per day actually over-hydrates your body and leads to increased “shock mode.”

Instead, the Weight Destroyer program is claimed to give you the tools and knowledge you need to achieve an optimal level of health, and that can be individualized to suit your needs. This includes a list of surprising foods that can help you lose weight; how you can reverse the effects of aging in just a few weeks; as well as how you can “effectively create a new food pyramid.”

The Weight Destroyer program is also claimed to include a 30-day, step-by-step kick start plan to help you lose 30 pounds or more in a single month, in addition to a list of tests available from your local pharmacy, such as metabolic tests and internal health, that can help you monitor your health for less than $15.

According to the Weight Destroyer website, 79,411 others have used this “fat destroying” method to achieve weight loss, for an average first month weight loss of 37 pounds (we’ll talk more about this in a moment). The company claims that Weight Destroyer will work for everyone, regardless of age, body type, or current level of physical health, and that it’s also designed to make 100% certain that you keep the weight off for good.

Weight Destroyer Pricing & Refund Policy

Weight Destroyer is priced at $39.95, and is immediately downloadable after payment is processed.

As a Clickbank product, Weight Destroyer comes with a 60-day refund policy. While there is no phone number provided, you’ll need to send an email to support@weightdestroyer.com in order to request a refund.

Can Weight Destroyer Realistically Help You Lose Weight?

Sure, it’s a fairly good (if not extremely long) sales pitch, but when it comes down to it, can the Weight Destroyer program really help you lose weight? Consider the following:

How Much Weight Loss is Too Much?

At its most basic, Weight Destroyer claims to help you lose 30 pounds or more in a single month. And even if these claims were verified through clinical evidence—which they’re not—the CDC states that losing 1-2 pounds per week (or 4-8 pounds per month) is considered healthy. And at well over three times this amount, the Weight Destroyer program could be considered unhealthy, and could result in some serious health consequences.

Because of this, it’s important that you speak with your physician before beginning the Weight Destroyer program.

Marketing Tactics

Like several other weight loss products we’ve reviewed here at HighYa, the Weight Destroyer website uses a lot of conspiracy theory-esque verbiage to convince you to buy, such as telling you that you’ve been fed “vicious lies” by the health industry, that the presentation won’t be up for very long (e.g. some governmental power will shut it down soon), and references to “evil marketing masterminds” found at pharmaceutical corporations. In other words, a whole lot of story with very little facts to support their claims.

Speaking of story: Weight Destroyer’s story line is very thin, and ultimately doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. After all, if the program was so groundbreaking, wouldn’t Michael (or his nephew) want to share it with the world? And if it was so effective, wouldn’t the scientific community be falling over themselves to gain an opportunity to test it out?

Michael attempts to address this by claimed that his “total wellness” theory couldn’t be published by the university his nephew worked at, because it hadn’t been clinically tested and “95% of their funding came from the pharmaceutical conglomerates.” Ironically, Michael then gets mad for the university suppressing the information. After all, if he wanted it to be known around the world, then why is he selling it through Clickbank instead of giving it away?

Customer Feedback

Although the Weight Destroyer URL was registered in July 2014, there were no online customer reviews available at the time of our research. However, keep in mind that Weight Destroyer is an affiliate-based Clickbank product, so numerous affiliates can sell the same product, which means that many of them have set up fake review websites to lead you to believe that they’re legitimate.

Bottom line: Is Weight Destroyer Right For You?

Considering the marketing tactics used by the Weight Destroyer program, the fact that it is an affiliate-based Clickbank product, its very big claims without any supporting evidence, and the lack of customer feedback, we’d recommend saving your money and speaking with your physician about effective methods of losing weight and keeping it off (e.g. diet and exercise).

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