About Wet Block HD

Wet Block HD is spray-on waterproofing they promise protects almost anything. They boast it was originally developed for the military and uses “super hydrophobic nano-technology” that make liquids literally bounce right off the surface.

Wet Block HD is sold by Idea Paradigm, based in Ocean Springs MS. There is no other information or rating available about the company on the BBB website. This product uses the same “nano-technology” as Mighty Gard and the videos certainly look impressive, but there’s something missing…

How Wet Block HD Works

They call Wet Block HD “super hydrophobic nano-technology” and in the infomercial they use other pseudo-phrases like “unwettable” and “super water hater” to describe this product.

Basically, Wet Block HD creates a special protective layer that repels liquids and they do not specifically list its ingredients. They show a tank emerging from the water to emphasize it was created by the military to give added value in the consumer’s mind.

They exclaim it’s as simple as spraying one coat and letting it dry. They add that once cured, Wet Block HD is non-toxic and can be used indoors or out, including to de-ice driveways. They brag these treated surfaces are now anti-corrosive and metals won’t rust.

To prove to you how “super nano awesome” this coating is, they coat half of a concrete brick with Wet Block HD. Then they spray the whole thing with dirty water; the side with the Wet Block stays completely dry. They do this trick on a number of other items, including white canvas shoes, wood, and paper.

Wet Block HD Pricing and Returns

Wet Block HD costs $19.95 plus $5.99 S&H for a total of $25.94. If you would like the can of Wet Block Fab (which they say is for fabric, but other than that it’s unclear what the difference is) you can add another $3.99 in shipping. You have 30 days to try Wet Block HD. If it doesn’t repel liquids “like the lotus leaf” as the label touts, return for your money back, minus any fees and what it costs you to send back.

Bottom Line: Is Wet Block HD a Scam?

The problems we have with Wet Block HD is a) it’s expensive at almost $20 a can and b) they don’t tell you how big the can is. (A call to customer service was unable to clear this up.) This makes it difficult to assess how many cans you will need to spray all the variety of surfaces they claim you can use with Wet Block HD. Our guess is that it’s probably good for a few pairs of shoes and other small items and great as a party trick, but if you’re going to do a large project like your driveway, it’s going to take quite a few cans to cover completely.

What do you think? Did you purchase Wet Block HD and you loved it or hated it? And please let us know much surface it covers below.

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