What Is Wonder Core Twist?

By Tyler Cooper
HighYa Staff
Published on: Aug 19, 2017

Calling itself the ultimate total core workout, the Wonder Core Twist is an As Seen On TV exercise enhancer that features an adjustable resistance design and a precision rotating seat that the product claims will allow you to “twist away the fat.”

It’s not just for your core, however; the product promises to deliver a full body workout thanks to its all-in-one design, with the commercial showing users performing push-ups, scissor kicks, and even cardio cycling using the device.

The makers of the Wonder Core Twist say that it is lightweight and easy to fold away for storage or transport, so we reached out to customer service who told us that the product weighs “about eight pounds.” This seems to be manageable for many of us, but elderly individuals (or those with disabilities) might find it challenging to get around with, which is important to consider.

So, how is the device actually shown to work in practice?

How the Wonder Core Twist Claims to Work

The product’s commercial shows individuals using the Wonder Core Twist in a variety of ways, and the website claims that there are 12 total body exercises, including ab tuck twists, arm & shoulder presses, triceps extensions, ab tucks, and bridges.

In fact, the product comes with two separate workout DVD’s, as well as a printed exercise guide to help guide you through the movements associated with each workout.

The core functionality of the Wonder Core Twist lies in the dual resistance handles and the twisting base support plate. Depending on which exercise you are doing, you’ll utilize these in a variety of ways.

The creators of the Wonder Core Twist claim that the dual resistance handles push against you on the way down, and support you on the way back up, making each rep a bit easier than if you were doing them unassisted.

If you’re looking to maximize your workout efficiency, having something helping you on the way back up may not be ideal, because you aren’t working your muscles as much with each movement.

However, others may enjoy the fact that they can get more reps in than usual, as the manufacturer suggests. We reached out to customer service to inquire about the different levels of resistance, but none of the representatives we spoke to had any additional information about how many were available.

We also asked about whether or not the twisting base plate could lock into place, to which they replied that it could not. While useful for many exercises shown in the commercial, we could see this being potentially frustrating when performing stabilized exercises like sit ups, where the twisting motion may not be desired.

Having not tested the Wonder Core Twist ourselves, we aren’t sure if this would be an issue in practice or not, but it's something to consider going into a purchase.

At this point, we need to pause for a moment and consider the manufacturer's main claims for the product. Sure, they promise amazing results, but is there more to a rock solid core than just a good workout?

The True Cost of Six Pack Abs

There’s no debating the facts; working out is a vital piece of the core muscle equation, but new research suggests that it may not be all that is required to truly get the six-pack abs you’ve always wanted.

You may have heard the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen” before, but how true is this? According to sources like the New York Times, WebMD and Bodybuilding.com, reducing your caloric intake is an extremely vital piece of the overall puzzle. To their credit, the manufacturer includes a nutrition guide with the Wonder Core Twist that details a variety of calorie-cutting recipes that can help you towards your goal.

So, what does this mean for you? While the Wonder Core Twist may well provide an effective core workout, it’s important to have realistic expectations about what it actually takes to achieve those six-pack abs at the end of the day.

In general, sources like Bodybuilding.com and Mensfitness.com recommend doing the following:

  • Eat plenty of protein: This chemical not only helps you build muscles but also helps to burn fats and calories when it is broken down by the body.

  • Save the carbs for after your workout: Despite many who claim that carbohydrates are bad, they can actually be very beneficial when eaten after your workout, when they have the smallest chance of becoming body fat.

  • Eat healthy fats: Another common misconception is that all fats are bad.

  • Drink plenty of water: Staying hydrated allows your body to rid itself of toxins and excess salt, helping to combat bloat.

  • Focus on interval training: For instance, while cooling down from the treadmill, drop down and perform an ab exercise. This helps to burn fat and build muscle at the same time.

Obviously, the Wonder Core Twist can only help with one of these; the rest are dependent upon your diet. Still, understanding that the food you eat and the exercises you choose are closely related when it comes to improving your abdominal muscles is the first step towards achieving your goals.

Next up: how much will the Wonder Core Twist cost you?

Wonder Core Twist Pricing & Return Policy

Currently, the Wonder Core Twist is available exclusively through the manufacturer on the product’s main website. It is offered in two different payment options; a one-time fee of $99.75, or five equal payments of $19.95. In either case, shipping is free, and you’ll receive the following with your order:

  • Wonder Core Twist
  • Two Workout DVD’s
  • Exercise Guide
  • Nutrition Guide

As for the return policy, the terms lay out the 90-day guarantee on all orders, stating that items can be returned for a full refund, minus P&H fees. You’ll need to pay return shipping on the product as well. To initiate a return, you need to call customer service at 1-800-648-8891.

Wonder Core Twist vs. Other Core Training Devices

The Wonder Core Twist features a unique design, but does it stand alone on the market, or are there other, similar options for consumers to consider?

As it turns out, exercise assistants have been a mainstay in the As Seen On TV industry for years now. Here at HighYa, we’ve even covered products that feature very similar designs to the Wonder Core Twist, such as the Core Max workout system.

Though other ab workout devices exist, the Core Max seems to be the most similar overall. Just how comparable are these two products?

While the Core Max features a similar dual resistance design, it doesn’t work quite like the Wonder Core offering in that it doesn’t actually affect how much tension the springs will provide. Notably, it also lacks the twisting base plate, which is a critical component of the Wonder Core Twist’s design.

All of this said, the Core Max is a bit less expensive than the product in question, coming in at $59.90 as of this writing. If all you’re looking for is a simplified, less expensive workout aid, this might fit the bill.

However, if you’re looking for increased control over your resistance, or if the unique twisting action is an attractive aspect of the product, the Wonder Core Twist may be ideal for you in the end.

The Bottom Line: Will Wonder Core Twist Really Provide the Ultimate Total Core Workout?

Bringing together everything that we’ve learned about the Wonder Core Twist, it certainly appears as though the product has all the makings of an effective workout enhancer. The twisting mechanism seems to be unique relative to other products on the market, and the package includes everything you’ll need to begin working out effectively thanks to the instructional materials and guided DVD’s.

A quality ab machine should:

  • Be comfortable and easy to use
  • Provide a multitude of different workouts that you can do
  • Offer a wide range of muscle stimulation instead of just working out your inner core

The Wonder Twist’s 12 total body exercises provide this flexibility, and if used properly, we can imagine it being an effective tool to leverage on the path to six pack abs.

As mentioned above, it’s important to set the right expectations going into a purchase of a product like this. While the Wonder Core Twist may indeed be able to provide the ultimate total core workout, it may not be all you need to get those rock hard abs, as we learned earlier.

When combined with the proper dietary practices listed above, however, we can easily see how this product might be beneficial for many looking to take their fitness to the next level. And should you decide in the end that the device is not for you, there’s always the company’s 90-day satisfaction guarantee to fall back on.

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